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The way her hair flew in the wind making her appear as an angel. She’s not real. She’s put here in my presence to test me of my strengths. If I fail all I know will blast out in fire and the flames will melt away into the fantasy world. The fake one. Where I have no control of my world.

Girls and gay guys what is with us liking the crazy killers

We like him

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And him

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Then we started to like his “twin”

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And we love him

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You what after looking at this list I understand myself now we all just need these babies

I now have some new ones to add

And him

Okay I can dead happy now


when you see the object of your fantasies

Roman Godfrey Headcannons

Roman Godfrey in a stable relationship is a sight to behold; here are some head cannons for him when he’s off the market.


  • Due to his troubled upbringing, Roman has difficulty with expressing his emotions. His significant other should not expect him to be declaring his love for them from the onset and throughout their relationship, although that does not mean that he won’t warm up to the idea. Just give the guy some time; he’ll come around in his own way.

  • Roman is very protective of his partner, sometimes so much that it could become a little too unbearable which could potentially cause problems for the two of them if his significant other is not aware of the supernatural. An example of this would be that he would want / need to know how long for, whom with, and where his partner is if they are out and about, especially at night, without him.

  • He doesn’t have malicious intent, its common knowledge that Hemlock Grove doesn’t have the lowest mortality rate when compared to other towns; he just wants to keep his significant other safe.

  • With keeping that in mind, he’s definitely the type of boyfriend who will tell his partner “text me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”

  • Roman’s one of those tall guys that will use his significant other’s head as an armrest.

  • Green eyes are very fitting for Roman due to how easy it is for him to become jealous. He doesn’t come across as it, but he can be a little insecure and sensitive at times. If he just so happened to catch his partner talking to another guy then he’d be all clenched fists and staring the offending person down.

  • He’d then traipse on over and put his arm around his significant other, pulling them close and making it very obvious that they were his and most definitely off the market.

  • “Hey, babe, who’s this?”

  • It’s not that Roman doesn’t trust his partner, he does, he just doesn’t trust everyone else.

  • Roman takes on the position of the big spoon in the relationship but he isn’t against being the little spoon once in a while. If he’s had a bad day and is feeling down, he’d find comfort lying in his partner’s arms.

  • Even though it doesn’t seem like he listens most of the time, he does. If his significant other mentioned in passing that they had seen a particular dress or piece of jewellery that they liked, but couldn’t afford, then he’d surprise them by leaving the dress on their bed with a handwritten note or gift the necklace to them in the midst of one of their dates. He can be quite romantic when he wants to be.


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Bill shows the reader how pleasure can be punishment.

Warning: SMUT.

This is my first piece of writing and I hope you enjoy. Although I am using Bill Skarsgård; this does not represent him personally. Only his looks are being used, the rest is just from my imagination. 


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Welcome Home

Request: “Hi! I love your stories so much! I don’t know if you do these but is there anyway you can do a story with Bill Skarsgard and the reader having their first child. Like them finding out their having a baby and watching the pregnancy develop and finally they get to meet the baby when it’s born?”

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: YASS I finally finished with all of the 20+ requests I had in my inbox, it took a week but that’s an ACHIEVEMENT I’M SO PROUD of myself😂😎

You and Bill had been together for 4 years before he finally decided to pop the question. You, your friends, and your family were very happy for you. They all loved Bill and since he made you happy they were happy. Six months after Bill proposed you both got married in front of all your closest family members and friends. It was an amazing wedding and you looked very beautiful with your white big wedding dress.

Bill thought you looked like a princess straight out of a fairytale. He even cried as you walked down the aisle with your father on your right side. Bill couldn’t contain his happiness and excitement, he was very emotional. After 4 years he finally was going to marry you. The love of his life, his entire world and many other more beautiful things. 

Once the wedding was over you went to Paris for your honeymoon where you both made love to each other and conceived your first child. A couple of weeks passed and you both were finally back at home in your beautiful mansion. You had been feeling nauseous and couldn’t keep your food in your stomach.

Worried, Bill went to the doctor with you where you both received the news that you were expecting a baby! Bill obviously not being able to contain his excitement spun you around in front of the doctor. The doctor being fan of both of you thought it was very cute and considered you a very lucky women to have such a supportive and loving husband. 

Once you got home Bill started ordering baby furniture and clothes. You giggled at how you had only been a couple of weeks pregnant. You still had 9 more months to go until the baby arrived. Bill just shook his head and kissed you only replying, “It is never too early to start preparing.”

After that Bill called all of his friends and family telling them about the amazing news. He was literally jumping and spinning around the house as he spoke on the phone this man was more then excited.

Time had passed and you were now 8 months pregnant. You had been surprised with a baby shower that had been planned by you and Bill’s family members and friends. You all spent an amazing time and were given A LOT of gifts enough to last you all until the baby went to school.

A little bit more time passed and finally you were 9 months pregnant. The journey had been amazing. Bill was an amazing husband he was always caring for you whether it was tying your shoes, picking up something you dropped or satisfying your cravings he was there to make sure you were happy. 

“There’s my beautiful wife.” Bill smiled as he walked up to you and kissed your lips.

“Hey handsome your son is abusing his mom, he keeps kicking me.” You frowned.

“Little one you better stop kicking your mommy, she’s made a lovely home for you these past 9 months the least you can do is not kick her.” Bill said as he pressed his ear onto your stomach and spoke to your son.

Soon after Bill finished speaking the kicking stopped causing Bill to smile.

“Holy shit you’re amazing how on earth?” You asked in disbelief.

“It’s official I’m the baby whisperer.” Bill said bowing causing you to giggle.

All of a sudden you felt a warm liquid run down your leg your eyes widened to the size of saucers causing Bill to become worried.

“Y/N what’s wrong are you okay?” He asked.

“Bill my water broke the baby is coming.” You smiled. Bill kissed you passionately before helping you out of the chair.

“Alright I have the bag and I’ve got you let’s go to the hospital and have us a baby.” 

“We’re having a baby Bill he’s finally here.” 

After a couple of hours dealing with contractions and pushing out your baby. You had finally given birth. Bill had been there for you the whole time from the moment the doctors injected the epidural into up until now that he sat next to you as he carried your son (S/N= Son’s name).

“Welcome to the world S/N your mommy and I are very happy that you’re here. She’s asleep right now but once she wakes up she will also be very happy to see you.” Bill whispered to your son as he held his father’s finger with his tiny hand.

“We’re all going to be very happy together and maybe once a couple of months pass you could eventually see yourself becoming a big brother.” Bill cooed.

“Don’t get your hopes up mister after what I just went through we’re waiting a year until that happens.” You said drowsily as you woke up.

Bill chuckled a placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Is that?-”

“Yes honey meet S/N he’s been waiting to meet you.” Bill smiled as he handed you your son.

“He is so precious just look at him, look at what we made.” You cooed as a couple of tears slid down your face.

“He really is, we made something absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Y/N you have made me the happiest man on this earth. I love you and S/N so much and I will always be there for you both.” Bill said as he held your hand.

“Bill that’s so sweet, I love you too baby and you as well have made me and happiest and luckiest woman on this earth.” 

Bill crashed your lips together and they moved in perfect sync. A couple of doctors that passed by outside your hospital room smiled to themselves. They were more then happy to see a beautiful couple starting their new life together. 

The Bill Skarsgård aesthetic

Bill posing in front of paparazzi.

Bill Skarsgård:

= low brow stare (intense levels OVER 9000)

= dresser

= legs that won’t quit

= playing with or clasping hands 

= chewing gum or biting the inside of his mouth

= biting or licking those plump lips


= melting like butter on hot toast

= We all tingle down here, YES WE DO!

= hnnnnnnnnnffffff

Baby, You’re a Star

Author’s notes: Made this could be a part 2??? Idk I feel like there could be. Thank you, Anon, for sending me down this windy road to hell.

Word Count: 2,258 

Warnings: Smut. Good ol’ fashion smut. And most likely grammar mistakes that will make me cringe for weeks. That’s what happens when you write out of passion.

You stared at your reflection and let out yet another groan. You were now completely convinced that the wings of your liner were uneven, but despite the large amount of makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs, you couldn’t figure out at which point the geometric shape went wrong.

“Baby, you look beautiful. I don’t know why you’re throwing such a fuss.” Bill whispered from behind you, placing both hands on your shoulders, squeezing them slightly in hopes that you’d relax. But how could you? This was one of the biggest events of your boyfriend’s life and you wanted everything to be perfect. You gazed back at the man through the reflection. He was utterly beautiful. He kept the haircut from Atomic blonde that you adored so much, even got the edges retrimmed. The longer parts he had slicked back, looking like a dangerous combination of sexy and suave. The stubble that covered his face a few hours ago, giving away to his previously relaxed state, was now replaced with smooth, almost flawless, skin. But his suite. God, the suite, was the cherry on top. The well-tailored black material hugged Bill’s tall but lean frame too perfectly that it angered you a bit. Bill moved his attention from your shoulders to your blank face. He could tell something was off about you, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Why are you so quiet, love?” He asked, genuinely concerned. You shook your head and let out a sigh as you took hold of his shoulder, giving you the leverage you needed to put on your heels. Bill turned you around once you were finished, and cupped your face into his hands.

“What’s wrong?” He asked persistently. Finally, you gave into him and told him what had been bothering you all afternoon.

“This is our first movie premiere together, as a couple, what if people don’t like me? What if the magazines say I’m not good enough for you? God, I don’t think I can do this.” The last part you whispered to yourself more than to him, but he heard it anyways. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit which surprised you a bit, throwing a stern look his way. Bill had always admired your confidence, so to see you worried about what complete strangers had to say about you or your relationship to him seemed incredibly out of character. “Babe I don’t give a fuck about what they have to say about us. I’m here today because of your support and encouragement. If they can’t see how incredibly beautiful and amazing you are, then that’s their loss. I’m never going to leave you because some magazine determined you’re not good enough for me because you’re wearing last season’s shoes.” You couldn’t help but break into a smile. He always knew how to make you feel better and you started feeling a bit guilty that you took ruined an evening meant to celebrate Bill’s accomplishment to whine selfishly. You apologized to him, but Bill being the gentleman that he was, shook his head and said “Nonsense. You never have to apologize to me for expressing your feelings” before kissing you on the forehead and leading you to your awaiting limo.

Once you were comfortably seated in the back of the limo, you felt your nervousness return again. But you tried to play it off, hoping that when Bill had returned from talking to the driver through the partition, he wouldn’t notice your heart beating a mile a minute.

“Thanks, man!” Bill yelled as his larger than life form attempted to crawl back to his seat. You watched him, laughing quietly as he rubbed the top of his head. For a man so smooth, he was incredibly unaware of how much space his body actually took. “So the driver said that with rush hour traffic and all, we should be able to make it to the theater in an hour, give or take 15 minutes,” Bill reported as he buckled up his seat belt. You nodded and turned to face the window. The first few minutes of the car ride was relatively peaceful.You watched the city speed by with your hand in Bill’s and you tried focusing on regulating your breathing. But the moment you shifted in your seat, the mood in the back of the limousine completely changed.

You had crossed your legs. An innocent movement with no ulterior motives, but it caught Bill’s attention. He had been watching you most of the night. Originally he was doing it to make sure you were over whatever nerves had come over you back in the room, but as he watched your chest rise and fall with your breathing, and your nipples harden due to the cold air and the satin material covering them, his goodwill had soon vanished.

Bill took his hand out of yours and placed it on your thigh, rubbing the skin there for a second before uncrossing them.  Your thoughts of the city were broken and your attention was now on his face, that had trouble written all over it.

“Bill” you whined in a warning voice. “We can’t. The driver is right there.” You whispered as he began kissing your neck. He was so happy you decided to go for an updo this evening, it gave him complete access to the spot underneath your ear that made you whimper. And just like clockwork, the moment he pressed his teeth to the spot, your body gave way to his antics.

“Driver? You mind rolling up the partition!” He called out. Unbeknownst to them, the driver had already started rolling it up, figuring the couple would want some privacy before their stop. When it was clearly just the two of you sharing this moment, Bill didn’t hesitate to unbuckle both your seat belts. Once freed, the brunette pulled you across his lap, so your legs were on either side of his torso. The black slip dress you were wearing was quickly becoming his favorite article of clothing you owned. It took very little effort for him to slid both straps down your shoulder, revealing the pert nipples that had been teasing him all evening. He quickly locked on to the left one, biting and sucking on it, as his large hands took the unattended one into his grasp, so he could pinch and flick at it. The combination of pain and pleasure, had you aching to grind on his thighs, but you knew something Bill didn’t. So when his free hand moved to your hips to push you down on him, you had to warn him.

“Wait, I’m not wearing any underwear.” You said breathlessly. This confession caused Bill to release you from his mouth and look you in the eyes in complete shock. You looked down guiltily. For some reason, your lover was not completely convinced you were telling the truth. But when he slipped his hands under your dress, dragging them up your thighs, to meet the dampness of your opening, he was in complete awe of you.

“Fuck, you’re gonna kill me” he whispered. And with a whole new level of determination, Bill took the wetness from your opening and dragged it to your clit so he could manipulate the bundle of swollen nerves.You couldn’t help but grind on his hands, leaning over so you could wrap your arms around his neck for leverage. Bill kept moving his fingers in a circular motion for a few more seconds.

“Mmm look at you, you’re like a little kitten, rubbing yourself against me,” he whispered in your ears, making your bit your lips and nod in agreement. “Well, let’s see if I can get this little pussy to really purr” without any warning at all, he slipped both of his fingers away from your clit and straight inside your waiting opening. Causing your clench around his fingers as he pumped them mercilessly inside of you, curving them slightly to give you slight stretched you loved so much.

“Fuck Bill, please, I need you inside me,” you begged. All the thoughts about the premiere and your nervousness vanished once he grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you into a bruising kiss. He lifted you up slightly so he could unbuckle his belt and pull himself out of pants, that were now down at his thigh. After a few fast and half-hearted pumps, being way too impatient to be inside you, he placed himself at your entrance.  And with a desperate groan, Bill pushed inside you in one long, deep, thrust. You felt so good and so full you couldn’t help but let your jaw drop and your eyes close. You didn’t see the way your lover was looking at you. With scrunched brows and blown pupils, the Swede was so entranced watching you ride him. Your head was thrown back pushing your breasts upward and he watched in fascination as they bounced in time with the movement of your hips. You were so enraptured with using him for your own pleasure that you didn’t even notice him struggling to hold on for you. However, keeping the roll of your hips consistent was beginning to tire you, but he had no issue with taking over. Two large hands moved their grip from your hips to under your ass, holding you up just high enough for him to piston his hips with so much force you had to hold on to the glass window behind his head to keep you from falling over. Bill was thrusting so hard inside of you it almost felt like his sole purpose in life was the insurance of your orgasm.

“Ah, fuck, come on baby. I know you’re there, just let go. I’ll take care of you” He promised you. With all the strength you could muster, you opened your eyes so you could watch him as he hit every spot he knew consistently. His face was flushed, lips swollen, and his slicked back hair was starting to fall into his eyes, but he never looked more beautiful. Then a loud smack was heard, causing you to freeze your movements. The stinging of his hand hitting against your ass causing your orgasm to hit you harder and faster than you were prepared for. Holding onto him, your whole body began to shake as you lost yourself in your pleasure, which triggered Bill to fall into his own euphoria, spilling into you with each shallow thrust.

The two of you stayed in that position for a minute, before the cheers and chaos outside reminded you that you were minutes away from arriving at your destination. Frantically, you both tried to make yourselves presentable, tucking yourselves back into your clothes, fixing your hair and cleaning up whatever lipstick had ventured off from its original destination. You could still feel the evidence of Bill’s orgasm inside and you tried your best to clean up the mess you made in the limo.

“Make sure to give him an extra tip,” you commented, making Bill smile. You threw a bottle of hand sanitizer his way, explaining that he was going to be shaking a lot of hands tonight. Bill was going to make a snide remark, but the driver interrupted. He gave you two to a warning knock on the partition, signaling that he was going to open the door soon. Quickly, Bill licked the last of you off of his fingers, watching you suggestively, before cleaning his hands with the disinfectant and a napkin. You wanted to jump over the seat and taste yourself on his lips, but it was too late for that. The door had opened and Bill was stepping out of the car, shaking his director’s hand before turning back to you to help you out of the car. Once your hand was safely enclosed in his, screams erupted.

“Bill! Bill! Who’s the gorgeous young lady you’re with?” one of the photographers asked.

“Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” yelled a journalist for W magazine.

Bill looked back at you and you were glowing, smiling back at him with a shrug. He could tell you were still nervous about all the attention, but you never looked more beautiful to him. The actor knew the moment you stepped into his life you were the only one he could see standing beside him, supporting him with your entire being. And watching you, handling the crowd with the confidence and grace he fell in love with, made him wish he was back at home, so he could have you all over again.

Once you two had walked through the initial crowd of the red carpet and were safe behind the glass doors of the cinema, questions were being asked before the showing. Since Bill had a relatively minor role, he was only asked a few questions here and there. So in the meantime. He made it a point to tell you exactly what his intentions for you were.

“As soon as we get home, I’m ripping that silly little dress of yours off of you, and I’m bending you over the nearest surface,” he whispered once, pretending to be listening intently to the director’s answer about his hopes for the movie’s success.

“And now that I know my baby girl likes a little pain, I’m going to  beat that ass so good you can’t sit for a week.” Bill didn’t look at you, despite your jaw almost hitting the floor. You tried to get a hold of yourself as the cast dispersed to their seats. While everyone else was preparing to enjoy their hard work coming to end, you were preparing yourself for the longest, and best, night of your life.

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Vampires and humans are forced to mate with the intention of making a superior society. Roman Godfrey AU + SMUT.


Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I made a one-shot or imagine. I actually had this weird idea in my head for a long time so I’m happy to finally showcase it. It’s currently 4am here because I am on holidays, yay, so apologies for any mistakes! Hope you enjoy; the smut is towards the end but nothing too crazy since I had to get the plot down. Hold on for Part 2 though.

Also since this is an AU (alternate universe), some facts are a bit different or have changed, this is just my own original story so even though I’m using Roman, it’s not related to Hemlock Grove and you don’t need to watch it to understand the story. :)



Turning 18 was a dream for many. In some countries being 18 meant you could have your first alcoholic beverage, you could drive and even get into clubs.

However, turning 18 in Hemlock Grove was a nightmare.

When the prominence of Upirs (vampires) grew, the Government and Hemlock Health Society had become infatuated with the idea of a stronger-superior human; enhanced strength, better tolerance to pain, the ability to heal quickly; all of these traits had humans envious of Upirs.

Which is why the Government and Health Society devised a plan to implement a program; Every time human turns 18 in Hemlock Grove, they are forced to marry and mate with an Upir to breed out the weaker species and create a generation of Upirs.

I was quite a sheltered child; innocent but not naive. I had planned numerous ways to get out of this predicament, however, there was no use.

Now I stand, in a soft yet long white dress, ready to be ‘delivered’ to my husband.

I had no idea who my husband/mate was going to be, I was highly intimidated and the lack of information made me shake in my shoes.

I had endured a long journey up a gravel driveway, the mansion in front of me was marvellous, yet I could not sit in awe for long as I was forced out of the car and guided to the front door.

“Can you please give me some information?” I plead with the man- my guide. He was quiet the whole ride, increasing my anxiety.

“Please be patient, miss.”

I huffed in annoyance, tears forming in the corner of my eyes. I guess the reality of it all hadn’t hit me until now.

“I beg of you… please,” I whispered. I guess my defeated tone had prompted some guilt in the man, finally, he decided to speak.

“Your mate is Roman Godfrey, he is one of the more experienced Upirs, which means he has a lot of self-control. Consider yourself lucky,” he mumbled. I nodded in understanding, registering every piece of information.

“But,” he continued, “Roman has been opposed to the idea of mating for a long time, I am worried your visit will be highly obtrusive for him.”

My heart rate started to accelerate, each step up the stairs to the door felt like a lifetime, was it too late to run?

“Why bring me here then?” I questioned.

“Because Roman is strong and the Government and Health Society wants only the strongest of children; life expectancy rates are expected to increase by 50 years.”

It did seem logical… however, forcing me to mate with a stranger was highly unethical. Hemlock Grove wasn’t one for ethics though…

“Anyway, that’s enough. We are here now so be silent.”

The guide rang the doorbell of the mansion, my body was still yet my heart was beating violently against my ribcage. Once I entered these doors, I would be property of Roman Godfrey. I didn’t know who he was, or what he even looked like. The idea of him being old, or even abusive had me on the verge of fainting, yet each thought was dismissed when the door opened.

Out came a man in his early to mid-20’s; he didn’t seem much older than me at all, however, he was definitely much taller than me. His all-black attire and long coat gave him an essence of mystery and danger; especially in juxtaposition to my pure white dress. His hair was slicked back neatly, and his eyes were a blazing green. He was absolutely gorgeous.

“What do you want?” He spat, eyeing the guide with disgust. He slowly diverted his eyes to me but his expression was indifferent; it seemed like he had no opinion of me at all.

“Sir,” the man started, I could sense how tense he was. “This is your new mate, Y/N”.

“To hell she is!” He spat, eyes widening just a fraction. He was growing livid and I was growing terrified.

“Sir… it’s the rules.”

“Fuck the rules!”

It suddenly became silent. Neither the guide or I had any idea of what to reply. The air was becoming suffocating and Roman’s presence wasn’t making anything easier. I remained in my position, awkwardly fiddling with my fingers, unsure of what the next move would be.

“On second thought,” Roman murmured, walking closer to me and placing a finger under my chin, moving my face till our eyes had contact. “I could use a bit of fun.”

My heart sank lower in my chest, this couldn’t be good.


I was left alone in Roman’s ‘lair’ once the guide left. Roman introduced me to his home, yet he was quick to disappear within the house and I was left to my own devices. Most people would wander the premise and adventure, however, I was too afraid to do that. I wasn’t sure of what Roman wanted from me, were we forced to mate? I wasn’t ready for that. Before the guide left he handed Roman a few papers with details; like my blood type, birth date etc. His eyes widened when he saw that I was marked ‘virgin’, a smirk made its way to his lips and he looked at me, asking if it was true.

I gave him a small nod in response, and his smirk grew wider.

“Guess I’ll have to train you” he replied, and that’s when he left me alone.


I was situated in the library; Roman still nowhere to be seen; the cracks from the blinds were not gleaming anymore and I could tell it was becoming nighttime.

The library was the cosiest place within the house, as I know of, and I found the fireplace relaxing. I felt as if I could let my guard down for a bit.

My eyes slowly began to droop, the room was the right temperature and my body was beginning to sink into the floor. I was so comfortable, and before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleep.


There was a full moon tonight; the only light shining through. I was in a garden, Roman’s garden. I could see the outline of the mansion behind me. Was this a dream? It felt so real, I couldn’t tell…

“Y/N” a husky voice whispered; I turned around and rested my eyes on him. Roman.

My mouth slightly widened as I saw him. He looked so beautiful, especially in the moonlight, his eyes glistened and he looked so… welcoming. I felt safe in his company, even though he was just a stranger.

My white dress blew with the wind, I hadn’t noticed the cold or the goosebumps on my body until Roman brought his fingers to my thigh, touching me lightly, like his hand was a feather.

His hand trailed up my leg, I gasped quietly when his fingers ghosted over my underwear; shivers ricocheted through my body. I was melting in his hands and he had all the power. I gazed up at his tall stature. Our eyes never leaving each others, his eyes holding dominance and control, while mine were furiously examining him. I had slightly slouched forward, my head nearly resting on his chest, I felt like I couldn’t hold myself up, and he only touched me once.

“Relax,” he whispered. “Look at me.”

He brought his hands from underneath the dress and made his way to the straps. He quickly worked on each strap and yet I was frozen in place, no words leaving my mouth. He slowly pulled down my dress until I was left in nothing but my underwear. He maintained contact with my eyes, searching one another. I could feel myself silently pleading for something, was it safety…?

He slightly nodded his head, as if it was confirmation, and I then became compelled to move, my hands immediately reached up to caress his face, feeling his skin in my own hands, I traced my fingers over his soft pink lips and worked my way up to his eyebrows. He was relaxing into my touch and I felt as if we were connected.

He closed his eyes and reopened them with such intensity, I was forced to gasp. He looked so authoritative yet hungry, and I felt willing.

“Close your eyes.” He demanded, and I obliged happily; submitting to any order.

He lowered his head and prepped kisses along my jawline, I titled my head back and sighed, giving him more access to my neck.

“Mmm,” I moan as he begins to kiss down my collarbones, all the way down to where I needed him most. Within seconds, my underwear was removed and I was left naked in front of him.

I have no idea what spell he had over me because if this was any other circumstance, I would be screaming. I had never been naked in front of a boy before.

“Oh my…” I gasped as I felt his hand begin to teasingly rub my throbbing clit, my body shivered in response and I brought my hands to his shoulders, trying to steady myself.

“I want you… so bad.” I whispered, so quietly that I wasn’t sure if the words had even left my mouth.

instantly, I was on the floor of the soft grass, the sensation was so comfortable and nice, I felt so… warm despite the cold. Roman made his way on top of me, this time he was naked. He leaned in, kissing me hard on the lips as his hands trailed down my body, grasping each breast in his hand, rubbing circles around my nipples.

I didn’t know any of this could feel so good, I was gasping silently as my head rolled from one side to another.

“You’re mine now,” He whispered, and I nodded in agreement.

He positioned himself at my entrance, pushing his member into me. I reached out and intertwined my arms behind his head. The feeling was so foreign and unfamiliar yet I felt so whole.

“Do you want this?” He questioned, and I nodded again.

The world had suddenly faded to black and my arms were empty. What? I leaned my head back into the grass and felt my eyelids droop.


I blinked, absorbing my surroundings. I was back in the library. It was all just a dream, but it felt so real. I slowly sat up and looked down at my attire, I was still in my dress and it was still dark outside. It was just a dream… I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not about it.

“Enjoyed yourself?” A voice questioned, and I stood up startled.

I slowly turned around and saw Roman standing there nonchalantly, a hint of a smirk on his face. He was wearing all black again, however, this time he had on a black dress suit, buttoned all the way to the top. His hands were in his pockets and he looked so tall and intimidating. The fact that I had a sex dream about him caused me to go all red, oh god, does he know?

“I asked you a question and I expect you to answer.” He repeated, and I was instantly knocked out of my trance.

“I was… I was sleeping.” I replied timidly.

“I know,” he smiled, “I compelled you to.”


“I told you I was going to train you… get you accustomed to my touch, I had to start slow, so I sent you into a dream.”

I didn’t know how to reply, he forced my mind into a sex dream so he could train me to grow an insatiable attraction towards him. I wasn’t sure how to feel, and I felt ashamed that apart of me liked it.

He stalked closer, the height difference becoming increasingly prominent within proximity. He was so calm, yet I was so shaken.

“Just you wait till the real thing.” He smirked. “I’ll have you when I know you’re ready.”

To be continued…

Six foot four Swedish boyfriend

Pairing: Bill Skarsgård x reader

Plot: the reader is apart of the avengers cast and dating bill skarsgård and during a panel at a fan convention the person hosting the panel starts flirting with the reader while bill is in the audience and stellan (for people who don’t know stellan is bills dad) is sitting next to her.

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