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Hi! Do you have any recommendations for a less stressful, more lighthearted Keanu movie? I like seeing him in pretty much anything but sometimes I get overwhelmed with too much action and drama. Thanks so much & love your blog by the way!

I LOVE Keanu’s lighter roles!!! Here’s my personal faves, anon!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure–two goofy high school best friends have a fun romp through time to gather historical figures for their history report!

Swedish Dicks–this is a Swedish comedy show that Keanu has a recurring role in. He’s hilarious.

The Night Before (1988)–a comedy about a high school kid who wakes up the night after prom not remembering anything that happened the night before. Has some action/mild peril but it’s mostly comedic.

Something’s Gotta Give–Keanu plays Dr. Julian Mercer, a very dashing doctor. Supporting role but he’s in it a lot.

Henry’s Crime–mild action but it’s overall a very fun comedy.

The Lakehouse–a little bit of a tearjerker at one point but very sweet–and it has a happy ending!

The Replacements–a football team goes on strike, so a ragtag team of players gets thrown together to replace them. Fun sports movie.

Parenthood–Keanu is a supporting character in this, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Some drama but mostly lighthearted.

Babes in Toyland (1986 TV movie)–This is SO damn funny in a not-on-purpose kind of way. And Keanu’s adorable in it.

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Star Sign:

i dont have a damn clue my dude, other than pisces

Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first four songs that pop up:

She Moves Like a Knife — Perturbator

fill;avoid — The Color Morale

Preying — Vanna

Bloody Stream — Coda

Grab the nearest book to you and turn to page 23, what line is 17?

u think i got books 


jk im just too lazy to get up sorry lmAO

Ever had a poem written about you?

ye! one time my good friend sent me one,

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