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I'm not well-versed in movie credits. What do you mean by tier A and tier B? Can we tell much about roles from this?

Billing is super weird. Order does matter and grouping matters, but it also depends on contracts and money and… egos. Straight off you can just take a straight line down the billing and just say Harry has 4th billing and that’s super great. You can break down the order in different ways though, especially if we see promotional material start to come out that has all the men’s name grouped in particular ways or presented in a specific order.

Here’s an article about it

One way it might be grouped:

  • Top billing: Fionn Whitehead
  • Second group billing (in alphabetical order): Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles
  • Third group billing (in alphabetical order): Aneurin Bernard, James D’Arcy, Barry Keoghan
  • Prestige ‘with’ billing: Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance
  • Extra prestige ‘and’ billing: Tom Hardy

Alternatively, you can go by lines and get a slightly different result:

  • Top billing: Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden
  • Second line billing: Harry Styles, Aneurin Bernard, James D’Arcy, Barry Keoghan
  • Prestige ‘with’ billing: Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance
  • Extra prestige ‘and’ billing: Tom Hardy

If there are promo materials with their names grouped a certain way, that can tell you something. Also if there are front titles at the beginning of the film, usually that will give you an idea of who sits where in the ranking order.

It quite simply can be that he’s 4th or it may be a grouping.

It’s high enough for it to be valid for him to be a promo horse for the movie though. Like he’s being interviewed in LWL ahead of others because 1. he’s a big name and 2. his role is significant enough to justify it.

CipherPines Headcanons 36-50

(Sick themed headcanons requested by fazbear-co1987. Enjoy!)

36. When Dipper gets sick, Bill often makes him alphabet soup and whenever he gives it to him, it spells out dorky messages. Dipper doesn’t know how he does it.

37. Dipper and Bill rent movies when one of them is sick, usually a series of movies like Harry Potter or Home Alone. One time they had a binge of old Disney movies and by the end of it they knew way too much about Disney princesses and the songs were stuck in their heads for weeks.

38. Bill doesn’t get sick very often, maybe at most three times a year. But when he gets sick, he goes all out. Stuffy nose, sneezing, fever, chills, throw up, soreness, random bursts of fire or magic, hell, one time he spent the entire day in the bathroom due to diarrhea. Dipper usually takes care of him and is really sweet about it.

39. When Bill does get sick, he’s very quiet expect for the sick noises he tries to hide. He doesn’t like people knowing he’s kind of weak at the moment so he tries to not complain about it. Dipper knows all the time when he’s sick and spoils him.

40. Dipper gives Bill back massages when Bill’s sick. Dipper’s really good at back massages and Bill will sometimes purr.

41. Bill is the first to know that Dipper’s sick. He can always tell and it’s vice versa. Though they try to deny it constantly.

42. Usually after Dipper or Bill gets better from being sick, the other will wake them up with a ‘special kiss’ and then a ‘pony ride’. Really wakes them up and gets them ready to be back in action. -eyebrow wiggle-

43. Dipper gets awful fever dreams when he’s sick. Bill has found singing Demons by Imagine Dragons seem to get them to go away without using drastic means. He still doesn’t know why it helps.

44. Dipper gets really clingy when he’s sick, more so than usual. He likes to hug on Bill while he’s sleeping but Bill gets uncomfortable because of how hot he is. And mostly since when Dipper is sick and hot, he wears only boxers.

45. Bill chugs down soda like nobody’s business when he’s really sick. Dipper has to lock the fridge just to keep his sodas from getting stolen and so he can give Bill something real to eat and drink.

46. Dipper is almost sugar sweet to Bill when he’s taking care of him. Like, sweet enough that you should fear him. He’s very patient and does a lot of things to make sure Bill is comfortable. Mostly because of what he gets to have after he gets better.

47. Bill and Dipper generally try to keep each other away when sick because the other is usually disgustingly clingy and sweet and that’s uncomfortable while you’re sick.

48. Dipper has, one time, threw up just before he and Bill were going to get it on. Dipper is still horribly embarrassed about it and Bill will bring it up when there’s absolutely no turning back.

49. Bill sneezes fire and coughs smoke. There’s a fire extinguisher by his bed.

50. Dipper, when he first start learning magic, got sick and whenever he sneezed, green-blue sparkles came out. Bill isn’t really sure why. But it was adorable and Mabel wants to be around whenever he does.

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Today was the first day of the course I’m taking on Old Church Slavonic. I’m only taking this class because it’s a requirement for the PhD, but you know, it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff. So far, the thing that’s really caught my interest is the Glagolitic Alphabet, the first writing system developed for Slavic language. It was created by missionaries specifically to bring Byzantine Christianity to the pagan Slavs, and there is religious symbolism coded write into the letters themselves.

Take, for instance…

This is one of the most symbolically-loaded letters in the whole alphabet and it’s a goddamn triangle.

It’s also the letter “s,” known as “slovo” (the way A is called “alpha” in Greek). “Slovo” also means word, or The Word. Pretty big deal. Could be the most powerful letter in the alphabet in symbolic terms.

It’s also the second letter in the special pair:

These corresponding letters stand for I. S., which is the Greek abbreviation for Jesus. The triangle stands for the holy trinity and the circle symbolizes eternity. A sacred triangle in an eternal circle. It’s not hard to read that as just an inside-out eye of Providence, really.



Bill’s Alphabet

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