bill x christa

Although we have a great marriage, it is as trying as anyone’s. People have maybe, sometimes, said that I can, occasionally, be a teeny bit edgy and judgmental. And Bill may very well be the most annoying human being on the face of the planet. He opens his eyes in the morning, wide awake, and full of questions. “Do you think we’ll ever move back east?” “Do you think Charlotte will attend Sarah Lawrence college?” (She’s 11.) “Are we going to still play tennis together when we’re old?” I don’t know Bill, it’s 6:30 a.m. He can’t turn off lights, he has lost his keys and wallet every single day since we’ve met, and he argues with our 11-year-old daughter as if they are both 13 years old. He sulks, complains and doesn’t know how to turn on the heat. It’s like he is trying to find ways to be less sexy!
—  Christa Miller on Bill Lawrence