bill wiley

yo ! i’ve been around for a while so i figured it’s about time i introduce myself woo


  • bray (not my actual name,, it’s for caution’s sake lolol)
  • 16
  • infp personality
  • she/her pronouns
  • ravenclaw (with some slytherin tendencies)
  • junior in highschool 
  • bilingual (and just bi in general)
  • main blog that i’ll follow + like from


  • drama (i’m club historian + i was bill wiley last year from the bold, the young and the murdered ahh i’d love to go into acting)
  • literature (i love reading !! school novels and classics are gr8 but i’m very into fiction even though the last time i read leisurely was like 38763552930 years ago + i love fanfiction lol)
  • writing (…fanfiction)
  • film (i’m a fandom geek ohmygod)
  • art (literally any type of art,, i’m probably interested in it + i love creating)
  • history (just interesting)
  • psychology (taking AP psych next year hopefully !!)
  • astrology (wow i love hogwarts 1!1!!!11!1!!)

classes 2017-2018:

  • anatomy & physiology
  • adv. algebra ii
  • ap u.s history
  • ap english language
  • ap spanish language and culture
  • adv. art iii: drawing

this studyblr will hopefully include 100 days of productivity and some updates on classes and stuff i dunno lol ahh i’m just excited (,: