bill shatner

When I was doing the series, I was quite a bit huskier…and Shatner was always with the barbells, and he’d come in [flexing and posing], and every day when I got off, I’d go and take the makeup off, and you strip to the waist and get all this stuff off. I’d come back through. He’d be sitting in his little chair, you know…I’d flex, and I’d walk by him every day. One day he says ‘Look, cracker-ass, why don’t you knock that off?’ …I called him bubble-butt.
—  DeForest Kelley [x]
Okay Trekkies

Bill Shatner won’t be able to attend Leonard’s funeral. I saw his tweets about it and this one gave me an idea:

How about we make this a thing: tomorrow, march 1st, everyone who’s on twitter, post nice things about our Leonard. Art, drawings, poems, texts, pictures… whatever you have, whatever you feel is appropriate. And tag your tweets #leonardnimoy. Even if you don’t have twitter, you can ask a friend to post your stuff for you. Let’s do exactly what Bill said: celebrate Leonard’s life and remember him. 

After each days shooting, we’re tired. We just want to go home, have dinner, and relax before going to bed. We’re usually asleep by nine o'clock, because we have to be in make-up at the crack of dawn. Lenny has a trick he sometimes pulls. He calls Bill and me at about eight-thirty and reminds us to go beddy-bye.
—  DeForest Kelley on Filming Star Trek [x]