bill self

previously on grown woman loses her mind over ice skating anime we met my children, i made some bad jokes, and there was some serious nip slippage going on 


we are not even 5 damn minutes into the episode and this is what i have to deal with  h o n e s t l y

fuck you and your heart shaped mouth u fucking fuck

………….is he for fucking real……………

is he

for fucking real

is this air headed, obnoxious, grown ass man for fucking real right now


omfg this scene kid ass looking child he looks like a 2007 hot topic threw up on him 

BREAKING NEWS local scene kid gets lost on his way to Escape the Fate concert. more at 11.

wait i love that this angry rebellious child who wears all black and threatens crying people in bathrooms—no matter how mad he is that his mentor forgot about him and abandoned him when he needed Victor the most—won’t scream anything but words of support and encouragement because he knows Victor’s very doubtful of himself right now oh gosh

ur fave scene queen could never

yes hello 911 i just witnessed a double homicide committed by a man who sparkles and gets excited about ninjas

also am i going to have to deal…with the fact that…one of these goobers…is GOING TO LOSE because i didn’t sign up for this shit  

The last time Kansas wasn't Big XII Champions...

… George Bush was in his first term as president.

… Usher’s “Yeah” was the No. 1 song (LISTEN HERE).

… Shrek 2 was the No. 1 movie.

… The final season of Friends aired.

… Jason Sudeikis hadn’t joined the cast of SNL yet.

… LeBron James had just begun his rookie year in the NBA.

… Nobody tweeted, but everybody wanted to be in your Top 8. 

… The most popular phone was the Nokia 2600.

… Wayne Simien was the leading scorer.

… Kansas advanced to the Elite 8.

… Bill Self was in his first season as head coach.

… and Tyler Self was 9.