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Written by Brian Jones
Art by Bachan and Alex Guimarães

It’s about friendship.  It’s about love and loss.  It’s about the ever-expanding universe and the steady creep of time slowly closing the icy grip of death around you.

I am completely kidding.  Death is actually a really nice guy even when you beat him at every game in the universe.  He’s also an accomplished bassist and best friends with Bill S. Preston, esq. and “Ted” Theodore Logan.  Yeah, THE Bill S. Preston, esq and THE “Ted” Theodore Logan.  

And since we’re talking about the most righteous heroes in the known universe I should tell you they’re back with a new series!!  Bill and Ted Save the Universe #1 is here with an all-new wild adventure with the Wyld Stallyns!  The expanding canon attached to this most legendary pairing is stepping into its next big chapter, so now is the right time to jump onto their adventures!

With the clever comedy writing of Brian Jones and the illustrative prowess of Bachan, Bill & Ted’s music spreads across the cosmos to end all wars and suffering, but a mysterious new force seeks to halt the harmonious peace times left in the wake of the Wyld Stallyns.  They’ve been to Heaven, Hell, and most places throughout time on earth.  Now they’re headed for the stars.

Get on this series now, because crazy things happen all the time.  Abe Lincoln got a lightsaber in the last one, so there’s that.


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If I could have an convention....

We’d hold it on the moon, in the Crystal Palace with Queen Serenity overlooking the whole event. OBVIOUSLY The Doctor would be in attendance, seeing as he hasn’t visited Queen Serenity’s Queendom in quite some time. Luckily with him being there, he would have brought some of the greatest, and most well known people from across time and space. 

Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan, along with Rufus will have followed The Doctor through the Time Vortex. They are the musical guests for the Con, nothing is better than Wyld Stallyns playing in the background.

The Doctor nabs Dean, Sam, and Cas, trying to prove that aliens are in fact real, and Dean’s fight dissipates as he sees the Sailor Scouts….. Then Cas glares at him because Cas is the only one for Dean <3. 

Somehow The Doctor was able to jump dimensions! Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and the rag-tag group of dwarrows stumbles upon the event. (That is after being picked up in a blue box and confused out of your mind… Bilbo definitely doesn’t know if he likes this adventure thank you very much! And Thorin’s being Thorin and glaring at every person in the room, especially the Queen who he believes is an Elf.)

Then crossing through his own timeline The Doctor obtains every single companion he has had to date, including his own granddaughter.

Yet, I am not done. The crew of Serenity realize that something is not quite as quiet in this area and come to investigate. Kaylee and Sailor Jupiter become fast friends, while the others wander about. 

Kili and Fili end up running about with Bill and Ted, causing all sorts of trouble, and the citizens of the Crystal Millennium watch in awe as all of the newcomers astound and surprise them. 

This convention will go down in history as the most ridiculous, amazing thing to happen in the history of the Crystal Millennium. And during all of this, The Doctor sat back with Sarah Jane, Rose Tyler, Romana, and his many other companions catching up, and appreciating the greatness of the convention.