Netflix is giving Bill Nye a new show!

Bill Nye is coming to Netflix with a new talk show, Bill Nye Saves the World. The series is slated to premiere in spring 2017, with each episode tackling “a topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths and refuting anti-scientific claims.” Nye revealed some of the issues the show will touch on including climate change, vaccines, and that big parenting problem.

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Bill Nye Explains The Connection Between Climate Change And Terrorism In Paris

President Obama made headlines Monday when he said during his remarks at COP21 that the climate change conference taking place in Paris is an “act of defiance” against terrorists who attacked the city earlier this month. Later on the same day, Bill Nye took that link a step further, explaining to HuffPost Live that the brutality in Paris was “a result of climate change.”

“This is just the start of things.”