Hey guys. I don’t do this often, I don’t often cross out of the point and focus of this blog, but I think this is important. It’s a film about Bill Nye, one of my personal heroes. Many of you know I am an engineer: He’s the reason I even like science.

If I wasn’t a scientifically curious person, I wouldn’t care about animal welfare or the environment like I do. The whole reason I do is because Bill Nye helped me see the fun and fascination and beauty and awe in science, in the world, in humanity. I wouldn’t think humans are as responsible for the welfare of their animals without all of this understanding of our capability and our place in the universe, a place we are making for ourselves.

I firmly believe that Bill Nye is one of the few people in a position to make real and definitive change. Change that we need right now. And I know this film puts him in the perfect place to not just talk about his life, but to talk about wonder the wonder found in science that is losing its grip on education and political discourse even today.

So please! Help out the Kickstarter! Even a single dollar goes a long way, my friends. :)


A clip from everyone’s favorite science guy about women in STEM and his Enigma code breaking mom. 

“I would remind us that half of the humans are girls or women. So then why don’t we have all half of the scientists be women? What the heck?”

when bill nye came to cornell to give a speech for the 150th anniversary it was literally the funniest thing bc the topic was space exploration and he would not stop talking about sun dials, i kid you not he talked about his father’s sundial club and how his passion for sundials eventually got one on the moon

I want a movie where for some reason it’s up to a bunch of television personalities to save the world and most of them deal with like what it really means to be capable/authoritative/heroic vs. just acting it on tv except Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson who just high five and go work on the science side of things because they totally know this shit.

Bill Nye inspired a generation to love science. Now, two filmmakers are making a documentary about the real person behind the Science Guy, and his quest to change the world.

Bill and the creators of The Bill Nye Film (now live on Kickstarter!) will be answering your questions about science, climate change, space, the film, and more on Wednesday, July 29 starting at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

Have a question for Bill or for the filmmakers? Ask it here, and follow the answers on Wednesday here!