bill marshall

What if

try to imagine if Tom the demon, Marshall Lee and Bill Chiper were like best friends or something like that and spend the day talking about their baes and stuff and Marco, Gumball and Dipper be like *facepalm* 

please someone actually draw it i’m dumb i can’t

my dash is pretty dead right now so

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Bill:Prepare for trouble

Tom:And make it double

Bill:To cause this world devastation

Tom:To unite all demons within our nation!

Bill:To cause the evils of deceit and lust

Tom:To extend our hands to the dorks above



Bill:Team Demon, fangirls fawn at the speed of light

Tom:Surrender now or its a kiss goodnight

Marshall-Lee:Marshall that’s right!


A Gravity Falls and Adventure Time crossover AU that I made. I call it Candy Falls (:

In this AU, Dipper is Prince Gumball, Bill is Marshall Lee, Mabel is Fionna the Human, Waddles is Cake/Jake, Jeff the gnome is Ice King, and Tad Strange is Peppermint Butler..except he’s a purple starburst instead of a peppermint (:

These pictures are based on my BillDip fanfiction, Candy Falls:


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