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Band of Brothers Headcanons

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                    Hickey Headcanons

Richard Winters- He only leaves one at a time and makes sure you can cover it up my lord.

Lewis Nixon- Intertwines his fingers with yours and pins you up against the wall and leaves like 5 dark hickeys.

Carwood Lipton- He leaves them down your chest, right between your collarbones. That a way it’s easy for you to cover up but he can spot them when you’re switching in and out of uniform.

Denver “Bull” Randleman- He starts really soft and gentle and then he gets rougher and so much more passionate (not enough to hurt you).

Joe Toye- Drags his tongue all over your neck, his teeth will find old marks and he will leave like 20 on your neck I kid you not.

George Luz- He does it just to make you laugh and then a moan slips out and all hell breaks loose. He continues and continues until you’re a mess for him and he makes sure he has some so you can ‘match’ as he says.

Eugene Roe- He will literally leave a hickey in the shape of a heart don’t fight me on this.

Joseph Liebgott- Makes sure people can see them and he smirks, “yeah thaTS ALL MINE”. He takes his time, makes sure to make you whine.

Lynn “Buck” Compton- Will do it in the shape of a L so evERYONE KNOWS and they’re all like ‘ooookaY I see you Buck I see you, hold it down”.

Donald Malarkey- Very very faint little marks. He doesn’t want to get you into trouble but makes sure he can still tell their still there.

Warren “Skip” Muck- He’s so playful it starts off very jokingly and then he actually ends up leaving a few hickeys around your collarbone and you’re both like “oops lmao”

William “Bill” Guarnere- “I can do this duh pft” but he’s so nervous and ends up leaving small marks littered all around your neck in a mess.

Darrell “Shifty” Powers- He will literally ASK if he can give you hickeys like just to e sure and he does it closer to the back of your neck so you can hide it if you need to.

Frank Perconte- Does not give a shit, he leaves huge hickey marks like diagonally across your neck. You were gonna cover them up?? haha you can try.

Ronald Speirs- He leaves them on your thighs omg. Ron wants to be sure it’s something intimate just between the two of you. Besides, if the guys knew they would tease him endlessly.

Edward “Babe” Heffron- Leaves small hickeys but their super dark bc he swol and everyone calls him out and he just sits there like a tomato.

Chuck Grant- Will give you hickeys in front of people he wants to make sure everyone knows that you’re his.

Floyd Talbert- He makes a long trail of them down your neck some he spends more time on than others because he likes to create a ‘masterpiece’ that doof.

David Webster- You do it to get his attention and then he starts to get his revenge by doing it back and you’re both having a competition on who can give the other more.

Harry Welsh- A gentleman bean, hickeys aren’t his forte but when he does leave them he makes sure they don’t hurt you. He leaves them in places very hidden because it’s a secret just for the both of you.


best friend:
first kiss:
asks you out:
shares a foxhole with you:
hides a bottle of VAT 69 in your footlocker: we all know who that is
too shy to tell you they like you:
gets wounded while saving you:
misses you after the war:
who you marry:


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Slow Dancing with Easy Company

A simple preference with some of the boys :’)

Richard Winters:

Who initiated it: him

Winters is very simple when it comes to dancing, just a simple sway. Every so often he will press gentle kisses on your forehead, just appreciating the moment he gets to spend with you.

Lewis Nixon:

Who initiated it: him

Once he sees everyone starting to dance hes like “um yeS” of course, following after Winters who starts it all. He loves staring into your eyes when you dance, it’s a intimate moment. There are times when you’ll glance eat your feet and tilts your head back up to meet his eyes and will not break it until the dance is over.

Carwood Lipton:

Who initiates it: him

A classic man he is, he offers you his hand and then guides you out onto the floor. His hand is gently on your back guiding you both, humming along to the song as he leans his cheek against yours.

Denver “Bull” Randleman:

Who initiates it: you

He immediately jumps up when you offer though. Bull will wrap his arms around you, hugging you to his chest. He feels safest when he knows he can protect you, plus he can kiss the top of your head alot easier.

Joe Toye:

Who initiates it: you

Asking him to dance might get you a smirk and a sarcastic “I would be honored.” Though it wasn’t his idea, he wanted to make sure he was doing right to impress you. He presses his body against yours and gets as close as he can to you, you ended up having to put some room between you two yourself.

George Luz:

Who initiates it: him

He makes a huge deal, strolling over to you and doing an overdone bow. “Would you mind taking my hand in this dance?” After agreeing, he pulls you out and he is beyond over dramatic. Constantly spinning you around, dipping you just to hear that laugh that he loved hearing.

Donald Malarkey:

Who initiated it: you

He’s taken a little off-guard when you ask him but he agrees eagerly while Muck sends him a wink. This sweet boy is really not sure how to go about starting it so he simple grabs hold of your sides, sliding his hands to your back as he whispers sweet compliments and such into your ear.

Warren “Skip” Muck:

Who initiated it: him

Muck is very sweet but can also be a bit goofy. He sways along with you but also takes time to dip you slowly, bringing you back to kiss your nose which leaves you both in big smiles.

Lynn “Buck” Compton:

Who initiates it: him

As soon as he sees everyone else out there he glances over your way and gestures, “Let’s show them how its done.” Buck make sure everyone’s watching, showing you off and how good the two of you look together. He goes for the all time “one hand on your waist and one in your hand” pose.

Joe Liebgott:

Who initiates it: him

Wow, can he dance. Lieb won’t tell anyone but he really knows how to work a dance floor. With that smirk of his, he takes your arm and you both just blow everyone away. Your bodies work in perfect harmony and everyone’s just like “that’s Lieb right??”

Eugene Roe:

Who initiates it: you

He’s super reluctant because he’s not used to being around all the guys all at the same time. You literally pull him out there and within a few seconds you become his main focus, his arms settling around your waist, pressing soft kisses to your shoulder and looking at you with those puppy eyes.

Bill Guarnere:

Who initiates it: him

Bill isn’t much of a dancer but as soon as he saw others looking at you he pulled you up from where you sat and took you with him. His arms wrap around your waist and pull you flush against him as his lips meet yours to make sure everyone knows who they are looking at.

Darrell “Shifty” Powers:

Who initiates it: him

He gets very little time with you so when an opportunity is presented he makes sure to take it. He’ll squeeze you softly and close his eyes trying to take in everything he can at that moment to just enjoy having you in his arms.

Frank Perconte:

Who initiates it: him

Really he just wants to have a good time with you. It doesn’t matter if you look like dorks as long as you’re both smiling. Perco will be spinning you around while whooping, “I’m blown away!”

Ronald Speirs:

Who initiates it: you

Ronald comes off as v v intimidating to the boys and wanted to keep it that way but when you asked he really could not say no. He attempted to keep up the tough guy thing until he looked your eyes and just melted. His face buried into your neck, rocking with you as your arms hold him in a comforting grasp.

Edward “Babe” Heffron:

Who initiated it: you

When you approach him he is literally looking around like “wait me?? mE?” Babe puts all of his attention on you, his eye studying all of your features as his hand comes up to interlock with yours, holding it against his chest as if it was treasure. Which you were to him.

Floyd Talbert:

Who initiates it: him

He’ll glance across the table at you, “What do you say, Princess?” He interlocks your hands, looking into your eyes as he shamelessly starts to list of how beautiful you are just to make you blush which only encourages him.

David Webster:

Who initiates it: you

This shy bean will be nervous to ask so when you do he just lets out this breathe of relief, “Yes, of course.” When you two start to dance, everything seems to fade away and its just the two of you. He presses his forehead against yours as his thumbs rubbing soft circles on your waist.

How They React to You Joining the Company

Anon: Hi, I love your blog. Can I ask for headcanons of reactions for you (a female) joining the companies as a sniper with an impressively high kill count. Specifically for generation kill, with Nate Fick and Doc Bryan and Ray Person, and BoB, with Gene,Toye, Guarnere, and others if you want?

Richard Winters: He knew about you before you joined. You were kind of a legend among officers. He kept quiet about your accomplishments, though, because he wanted the men to like and respect you because of who you are rather than what you’ve done. He has great respect for you and does not look at you differently because you’re female.

Lewis Nixon: He knows about your accomplishments and doesn’t give a shit. All he cares about is that you’re willing to take a joke and you don’t bother him about meaningless problems. He enjoys hanging out with you from time to time, but in public he tries to keep his distance so that no one starts associating the two of you together (even though secretly he loves the nights when you two talk about the crap you’ve been through).

Ronald Speirs: He thinks you’re a badass, and treats you as such. Granted, he was VERY surprised when you turned up and you were a woman. When he heard stories about an incredible sniper going through Germany taking out enemies, he figured that you were a guy. That being said, his opinion of you didn’t change in the slightest when he met you.

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which easy company member should YOU fight?

Richard Winters

who wins: Winters

two days before d-day 1st lt. raymond schmitz challenged winters to a wrestling match and dick told him to go away and schmitz wouldn’t and dick got so annoyed that he gave in, but little did schmtiz know that dick was a wrestler in college and he threw schmitz down too hard and cracked two of the guy’s vertebrae

don’t fight winters

Harry Welsh

who wins: Welsh

harry got busted down to private for fighting more times than i can remember; it does not matter if you could pick him up and put him on your shoulder (looking at you, buck), he’s scrappy and will mess you up

Lewis Nixon

who wins: you

i don’t think you could actually win, considering you most likely didn’t go the through sobel-hell training that nix did, it’s just that i doubt nix has the time, energy, or interest to fight you

Buck Compton

who wins: you

buck would let you win, let’s be honest (the first time; when you then demand a fair fight, he would decline because he’d never hurt one of his guys even in fun)

Ron Speirs

who wins: undetermined

everyone is always talking about how tough speirs is and i believe that, there’s not a doubt in my mind that ron speirs is one crazy son of a gun, but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t want to see someone shoot some spit balls at his neck (what happens after that is your funeral)

Carwood Lipton

who wins: Lipton

have you SEEN lip’s shoulders? probably, but to refresh your memory:

those shoulders are broad enough to carry a medium sized town on. not to mention that lip isn’t afraid to climb a tree to fight you

Bill Guarnere

who wins: Guarnere

you will probably not win this fight because bill’s a scrappy street fighter from the streets of south philly–remember that time he tried to headbutt liebgott:

but PLEASE, for the love of pete, although the odds are stacked against you, fight bill guarnere. please do it, this man may be my husband but i’ll fight him any day. this face is just asking to be punched

Joe Toye

who wins: you know the answer

“this guy with arms like pistons” “toughest guy in the unit, period” “these two strapping arms came at lowery from behind, lifted him up, spun him around, pinned him to the wall, and clamped a hand to his throat”

i think malark about summed it up, but if you ever get the urge to fight joe toye, think of this picture:

Don Malarkey

who wins: Malark

i will once again rely on a visual aid:

when it comes down to it, though, malark doesn’t want to fight you. he doesn’t want to fight anyone

Joe Liebgott

who wins: Liebgott

lieb may be the skinniest little dude in the company but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in attitude, pent-up rage, and a sassy mouth. also he’s a machine gunner so he’s gotta be strong as hell to lug that thing around

Eugene Roe

who wins: n/a

didn’t your mother teach you better than this

David Webster

who wins: you

we’re talking about the man who literally yelled “THEY GOT ME” when he was shot in the leg. this was not the hollywood version he actually said that. fight david webster

Johnny Martin

who wins: Martin

you know that textpost that’s like “i gotta stop telling people to fight me, i’m 5′0 tall″ that’s johnny. if you upset johnny, he’ll just glare at you until you start to get really uncomfortable, and then he’ll rope you into going on a patrol which is worse than fighting him hand-to-hand

Frank Perconte

who wins: Perco

perco doesn’t actually fight you, because when you start to get really excited about a fight, he starts going off on you and chews you out until you’ve lost the motivation to fight him

Skip Muck

who wins: Skip

skip was an expert mortar man so i wouldn’t take him on, personally. but literally every single person was in friend love with skip and his sideways banana smile, you could spend your whole life trying to come up with reasons to fight him and not think of any

George Luz

who wins: you

the trick to fighting luz is strategy. if you’re intent on taking him down, you need to do it at the opportune moment, such as when it took like half the company to shove him into the plane because of that 180000 pound radio. alternatively you can just smack him in the mouth

Babe Heffron

who wins: Babe

babe fought the whole war as a machine gunner with severe hand problems, not odds i’d want to challenge tbh. also, the only person allowed to fight babe is bill

Smokey Gordon

who wins: Smokey

i would never ever fight smokey. ever. this is why:

Shifty Powers

who wins: Shifty

you COULD fight shifty, but i mean, do you really want to? is there anything in you that can justify fighting shifty

Floyd Talbert

who wins: Tab

winters said somewhere that if he had to take one soldier into a fight with him, he’d take tab. i’m going to trust winters on this one. plus, if you piss tab off, he’ll steal your car and conduct “experiments” on it

Chuck Grant

who wins: Grant

grant falls into the revered category that skip and shifty also reside in, which is, don’t fight grant, he never hurt you, and he deserved so much better than what he got. there are no reasons in the world to fight chuck grant

Bull Randleman

who wins: Bull

we know what bull can do, let’s not test him

IN SHORT: don’t attempt to fight easy company, or joe toye will grab you by the throat before you can even get in a fighting stance

Literal Band Of Brothers AU

So if you’ve been in any band you know that certain instruments have certain personality traits. Here’s what the BoB crew would play if they were in a high school band (based on my personal experience)

Dick Winters: Alto sax. Always seems to know whats going on and what is going to happen next, even though the directer doesn’t even know what’s happening. Is pretty popular but kind of an introvert.

Lewis Nixon: French horn. Never really seems to be paying attention to the sheet music, but always knows where and when to come in (which is?? honestly amazing).

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anonymous asked:

Everything you've done so far is amazing and I was wondering if you could do headcanons for being the only girl in Easy Company and how the guys treat you? Love your writing

Oh jeez, thank you! I kinda mixed this one up and have some based on the specific guys and others are more general headcanons. Hope that’s cool.  I know I’m most likely missing people but I’m worried that it’s far too long XD


  • The first two you meet are Muck and Malark. They see you stumble into Camp Toccoa and decide to give you the what’s-what. It’s kinda a whirlwind tour but you manage to glean the basics from what they tell you. Mess-hall over there, showers over there, big ass mountain you have to run up six times a week right over there.
  • Before you know it they’re introducing you to the other guys. They’re loud and kinda messy, but you already feel at home with them.
  • Luz, Tab, Guarnere, Buck and Bull are your go-to’s for just about anything. They always have your back.
  • Almost half the guys have spilled a drink on you. They don’t mean to, they’re just clumsy and all over the place and you somehow are always in the wrong place at the wrong time.  
  • A bunch of the guys started a betting pool on how many time Bull could benchpress you. He made it to 22. (He swears he could do more and was just having an off night.)
  • Buck’s hates being called Lynn, but you jokingly call him it all the time. It’s your own little way of yanking his chain and you’re the only one he lets get away with it.


  • Winters - Trusts you fully. If he wants something done right and done now, he will definitely put you on the squad. He has faith in all his guys of course, but there is something about your presence that he thinks really pulls everyone together. Also likes having you as his runner because it gives him an excuse to see you.
  • Nixon - Not that Nixon would ever share his precious Vat 69, but if you’re a drinker he will happily share another drink with you. If not, he’s ok with that too. It just means you’re once less person he has to worry about you guarding his alcohol from. He was a little skeptical about you at first, but soon found the intelligence checked out.
  • Speirs - Man, woman, three-headed donkey, he doesn’t care. If it’s breathing he’s going to try and intimidate it and you are no exception. If you don’t show fear he’ll just try harder. If that still doesn’t work he’ll probably just give up and be vaguely friendly to you, just not around the other guys.
  • Lipton - He grew up with a bunch of sisters so honestly he’s more used to having girls around than not. He almost intuitively understands what you need. Cold in Bastogne? He’ll get you an extra blanket and some coffee. Can’t sleep at night? He notices and tells you how he gets himself to calm down and go to sleep. He tries not to baby you, but he’s a caring guy.
  • Roe - When you make the jump on D-Day you land near Doc Roe. You two hadn’t talked much before that since he mostly kept to himself. However, your shared experiences in the early hours of that June 6th morning leads you to having a pretty decent bond after that. You find yourself coming to his aid when he needs another pair of hands and you often check to make sure he’s ok underneath that quiet exterior.
  • Muck, Malarkey and Penkala - They are your welcoming party every time you return to the line. When Muck trips and hurts his ankle on Currahee, you and Malark support him the rest of the way, despite Sobel’s warnings. This was enough proof for most of the guys that they could rely on you just as much as you could rely on them. Lots of jokes about Hinkel.
  • Randleman - You joke with him that you could use him as a human shield, given that he’s probably about twice your size. He smiles and replies that you’re welcome to stay behind him whenever you need. He often looks out for you both on and off the battlefield. (He’s also always there when you need something off a tall shelf. Just bat your eyes and shoot him a smile and he’ll get whatever you need.) He often refers to you as “Little Lady”, even if you’re not small.
  • Martin -  He watched you like a hawk at first. He wasn’t sure if you were gonna cause trouble or not. When he saw that you were actually a good fit with the guys he relaxed. After that he basically turns into a very stern dad. If he ever sees you do anything he doesn’t remotely like he shoots you his classic disapproving glare and you know it’s best to just back away very slowly.
  • Guarnere - Once during a nighttime march, you found out your canteen was leaking. By the time you got back you knew your canteen would be mostly empty and Sobel would keelhaul you for it. So Guarnere swapped canteens with you and repeated the march himself. He wouldn’t hear any argument from you.  That’s how Old Gonorrhea is with you. He’d also fight anyone for you.
  • Toye- You’re convinced for the longest time that he just doesn’t like you, despite the rest of the guys assuring you that he’s just quiet and gruff with everyone. It’s not until one night just after D-Day that you’re sitting around in hole, with Guarnere fast asleep across from you, that he nudges you and offers you the rest of his Hershey bar and some water. Maybe you were wrong about him all this time?
  • Liebgott - He’s a little put off by you at first. He’s not really sure how or why you’re there. After you prove your mettle in battle it becomes a lot clearer to him though. Still, he gives you the hardest time out of the whole company. But let’s face it, he’s pretty surly with everyone. He’ll have your back when it counts though.
  • Luz and Tab - They both jumped when they heard a girl was joining Easy. They flirt with you often, but in a friendly banter sort of way - unless you want otherwise? ;)   You usually share a foxhole with one of them and it’s never really a dull moment.  You are also bestowed the honor of being god-mother to Tab’s dog Trigger.
  • Webster - This huge nerd, he hears a girl is joining and his first thought is “I wonder if she likes books?” If you do, then you just made his day. He’s dying to have someone else around to talk about literature and have intellectual debates with. A lot of the other guys didn’t finish college or high school, and that’s fine, but Webster wants someone he can relate to. So he’s game to start a book club if you are.
  • Buck - You were part of Easy before he was, so you actually help him learn who’s who and what’s what. The tables turn several times between you over the course of the war. Sometimes you’re taking care of him, other times he’s watching out for you. You like to think it’s a pretty even relationship. If you don’t know how to play darts, he’s happy to teach you. If you do know how to play darts, he’s happy to beat you.