bill knot

Harry had not gotten any work done this week. 

It was Thursday, and he’d been sulking listlessly since Sunday night, when a conversation he’d thought would end in joy had instead wracked him with the most terrible guilt. 

He halfheartedly crossed out bullet points on a piece of parchment in Ginny’s heavy hand, knowing that sitting in his office and scribbling on parchment wouldn’t get him anywhere, but he didn’t have it in him to do anything about it. 

A knock at the door startled him, and he called, “Come in,” dully to his secretary, a recently graduated Hufflepuff named Gordon. 

“Mr. Potter,” Gordon said with a barely contained smile that annoyed Harry beyond reason. “There’s someone here to see you.” 

“Is it important?” Harry asked, scrubbing a hand through his hair, then his stubble. Merlin, with the way he looked right now, he’d probably scare off whoever needed him to initial a form or green-light a mission. 

“I’d say so, sir,” Gordon said, and pulled the door open a little further. A small bundle of red-headed energy came bursting through the door, and onto Harry’s lap with a cry of “Harry!” 

Astonished, he ran his hands through his godson’s rapidly darkening hair. “Hey, Ted, what are you doing here?” 

Gordon had disappeared, and Bill Weasley took his place at the door of the office. “Teddy and I had a little talk about what you told him on Sunday,” Bill began, but the five year old interrupted him, “’m excited ta be an older brother, Harry, I can’t wait ta give hugs ‘nd advice ‘nd love like Bill said.” 

The knot that had been in Harry’s stomach since telling Teddy about him and Ginny having a baby in six months loosened a little bit, and the crushing guilt he’d felt when Teddy refused to talk to him afterward began to lift, even a little. He looked at Bill, who grinned conspiratorially at him, then back at his godson. “I’m excited for that, too, laddo,” he told him. “I’m glad to hear you say it.” 

“’m sorry I was awful,” Teddy said sheepishly, looking at Harry with eyes so green they made Harry hurt. “I didn’t want you ta stop coming ta see me ‘nd taking me ta fun places like the zoo ‘nd the dragon ranch and ‘nd on picnics and -” 

Harry cut him off by squeezing him in a fierce hug. “That’s never gonna happen, kiddo, ever. I love you, even when me and Ginny have our baby, we’re always going to make time for you. That’s what your dad asked me to do when you were a baby and I’ll never stop doing that.” He felt the words with everything in him, felt love for his godson at the same time as the realization that he needed to do a better job showing that love if he was to be a good father. Relegating another generation to the un-honed skills Harry had observed in childhood was not an option, and he’s grateful to be learning already. 

“I know,” Teddy answered, when Harry released him. “I told Victoire about it on our playdate this morning ‘nd she said she loves being a sister ‘nd that her mommy and daddy don’t love her less ‘nd I know you’re not my dad, but her dad said it’s the same thing.” 

“He was right,” Harry said, and glanced up at Bill, again, grateful. “It’s the same thing. I won’t love you any less when Ginny and I have our baby. And you’re gonna be a good god-brother to them, aren’t you?” 

Teddy nodded, then tucked his head under Harry’s scruffy chin, adjusting himself until he was comfortable on Harry’s lap. Harry, so relieved it almost hurt, put his hand on Teddy’s small back. 

“I’ll just leave you two to it, huh?” Bill said, smiling. “Unless you have work to do, Harry, I can take him home if you need.” 

Harry glanced at the stack of paperwork at the edge of his desk, and suddenly it didn’t seem so unconquerable. “Nah, I can start in on this tomorrow. For now, I think, Ted’s gonna help me sort through Ginny’s list of names and see what he likes the best.” 

Bill met Harry’s eye with a wink, and Harry gave him the most grateful look he could muster. “It takes a village,” Harry’s oldest brother-in-law said with finality, and slipped out of the room, leaving Harry finally reunited with his godson….and excited once more at the prospect of growing the little family already wriggling excitedly on his knee. 

Take a break | A/R one-shot

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

Pairing: Laura Roslin & Bill Adama

Rating: T

Timeline: Unfinished Business, Season 3

A/N. So… my first time writing in this fandom. Yes, I’m scared shitless. Also, it’s all @thisisamadhouse‘s fault. This is probably one of the fluffiest stuff I’ve written in my life (enjoy it while it lasts, can’t make any promises for the next story, it’s BSG after all).

The Moustache.


She couldn’t tell who had started it.

All she knew was that, one moment her head was resting on his shoulder, deliciously swimming in the lingering effects of weed, senseless and sensible words about life and death pouring out of her mouth, and the next, the world was upside down and she was melting in Bill’s embrace, drowning in languid kisses That seemed to go on forever.

She tore herself away from his mouth to take a much needed breath, licking her lips in slow consideration of what had just happened, that drew a groan out of Bill. She smiled, and gently raked her fingers through Bill’s hair, her body sizzling with delight and disbelief as he began to gently map her face with his mouth, breathing words of desire into her ear, carrying on his thorough exploration down the arched column of her neck.

An involuntary burst of giggles bloomed in her chest as the hair of his moustache tickled the most sensitive skin there.

She felt him smile against her, which didn’t help her current predicament.

“I missed that sound.”

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ok honestly. i need bill and dipper needlessly mothering eachother.

i need bill picking out the knots in dipper’s hair, reminding him to take his medication, always making sure he’s eaten. i need dipper putting band-aids on bill when he scrapes his legs, i need him kissing his forehead and making him lemonade. i need them to love eachother and care for eachother. i n e e d it.