#THTV Episode 5: A Tiny Penis In The Woods

#DMZurich (27.03.2017) #KOS

Source: @HazelKVL

-  Tom played some songs and we had to guess which one he played. “down on you” was kinda difficult. And the ones who guessed right got a whisky shot

-  I told Bill that I don’t drink alkohol and he was super suprised like “how can you have fun without alcohol? ”

-  The guys are in a very very good mood! Bill & Tom still drinking tea :)

-  Bill started singing “Black” but switched to “Schwarz” after a few sentences but he totally enjoyed the song

-  10 KoS and 4 DM people. Looks like everyone wants to go on stage…

-  Bill told that Tom was looking for motorbikes yesterday.

-  When we said “yeah, cool” he was like “good, if an accident happens it’s your fault since you said it’s ok ”

-  Tom mentioned that he is still sick but just a little bit.

-  Pumba will join the tour in Leipzig  Bill is scared ‘cause he thinks he won’t recognize him

-  It’s soundcheck time before the “official” soundcheck now - playing Stop, Babe

-  Soundcheck: As Young As We Are playing

-  Soundcheck: playing Easy

-  They played Black, CCS and Something New during the soundcheck