bill jordan

Okay, but imagine...

The Weasleys at Ikea. Just think of that for a bit.

  • Ginny in the showroom area (where they arrange furniture to look like rooms) deciding on which one is her favourite and just chilling there, greeting passing Muggles while wondering how the hell they managed to get a hold of moving pictures
  • Ron and Bill just hanging out in the food court area, trying to translate Swedish words based on context and laughing at the rather weird ones (ex: kakor chokladflarn)
  • Charlie in the kids section playing with the stuffed dragon toys, getting defensive when people say “they’re for kids” because dragons are for everybody dammit!
  • Percy and Hermione looking at bookshelves and desks deciding which ones would be best in their rooms and having complete freakouts because “OMG did you see that one made of the redwood? It would look amazing with that desk over there!”
  • George, Lee (cuz you know they would bring him), and Fred making pillow forts and having food fights and just all around being themselves in the somehow magical Muggle place
  • Molly wandering around the kitchen area, looking at all the amazing kitchen ware, and “Goodness, this cutlery is just fantastic!”
  • Harry keeping an eye on Arthur as he practically skips through the area that is like nothing but lamps and shit and trying to keep him calm so he doesn’t draw attention while also answering his millions of questions and “Harry! Look at this one! It changes color!”

Just imagine their reactions to Ikea and other Muggles things like Disneyland/world or Universal whenever you feel down


What is true dominance? Sweeping all of the MVP awards in one season - the All-Star, the Season, and the Finals MVP. Only 3 players have accomplished this feat:

  • 1970 - Willis Reed, the first one to officially win the MVP treble. Before that, Bob Cousy (1957) and Bill Russell (1963) won the All-Star and Season MVPs plus the title, but not the Finals MVP, since it wasn’t introduced until 1969.
  • 1996 - Michael Jordan, in his first full season out of (semi) retirement.
  • 1998 - Michael Jordan, in his final Bulls season.
  • 2000 - Shaquille O’Neal, the last winner of the MVP treble.