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Five Nights At Freddy's "Explained"

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Somewhere in the game, it is shared that at one point five children went missing
maybe twenty years before the game takes place, then either revealed or suggested
that they were murdered by the owner of the early Freddy’s restaurant, who lured
them into the back rooms dressed up as Fazbear the mascot himself. He murdered the kids,
and hid their bodies. He was eventually caught, and confessed to the crime, but no one
could find the dead children. After a couple days, the animatronic characters began to
give off a bad smell and started to leak blood and mucus. After the realization, Freddy’s
was shut down; but the family who owned it didn’t get rid of it. Now, twenty years later
, the family decided to reopen it and discovered, via the ‘Bite of '87’, that the characters
had come back in a dark, aggressive way. With their endoskeletons made of a nearly
indestructible reinforced steel, they couldn’t be destroyed. The only way the family
could get them to stop was to play with them. They kept Freddy’s open to the public
to keep the apparently child-soul- possessed characters entertained during the day,
but during the night, when no one would come to visit the restaurant, they hired a night
guard for low pay to act as bait for the children, so they don’t run outside and murder
everyone. Told that they would only work as guards, the whole low-power system and doors
were actually purposeful, because if the guard were to be impossible to get at the
characters would lose interest and escape. The guard on the voice mail,
the one who worked before you, died on the fourth night of his last week–
the act of stuffing people into animatronic suits wasn’t because the characters
saw you as an undressed skeleton, but because that was how they were murdered and
sort of the embodiment of their rage. It’s theorized that the guard is either in the
Chica costume or in Golden Freddy– Chica (the duck) because it looks like she has a
second set of teeth and more dead-looking eyes, and Freddy because he’s more of a
ghost figure. However, Chica really has more of the regular eyes and that second teeth
set looks to just be her bill hinge. I think that out of the two, Golden Freddy would
be the costume as occasionally Freddy’s face will flicker on the screen with the words
'It’s Me’, as if he’s trying to tell you that it’s his body stuffed into the suit.
In addition, there’s the idea that each suit at Freddy’s moves like it does because
that’s how the children acted before they died. Bonnie is so aggressive because he put
up a fight; Chica has her mouth constantly hanging opened because she screamed the
whole time; Foxy dashes to your office because he tried to run from the murderer;
Freddy only comes out in the dark because he hid in the back room until the owner
turned out the likes, luring him out with a false sense of security. And Golden
Freddy, Freddy’s brother or twin brother, laughed hysterically as he was killed
and forever stood out to the psychopath as a ghost haunting him for the rest of
his life. There! That’s pretty much all I know.

Gravity Falls: A Game of Chess

So, in the week following the finale my roommate and I came up with a theory / explanation of sorts for the entire storyline of Gravity Falls - using a combination of Chess and Stratego. 

I want to put this out there for posterity before the chess theories really get rampant. I am by no means a chess expert, these are just some parallels my roommate and I figured out and put together (mind you, this was a three-in-the-morning conversation that lasted two hours and had us playing through a game of Chess with Stratego pieces, so take it with a grain of salt).

Now, onwards to madness!

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