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President Trump responds to Obama’s criticism of Senate health care plan

  • Fox and Friends aired a pretaped interview Sunday between President Donald Trump and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth in which Hegseth gives Trump the opportunity to respond to former President Barack Obama’s criticism of the Senate’s draft health care proposal.
  • “It’s [unprecedented] for a former president to come out the way President Obama has. He came out on Facebook. You may have seen it. He said it’s not a health care bill; it’s a massive transfer of wealth. It’s gonna harm Americans; it’s mean,” Hegseth said, referencing a message Obama posted to Facebook Thursday.
  • “He actually used my term — ‘mean’ — that was my term because I want to see, and I speak from the heart, that’s what I want to see. I want to see a bill with heart,” Trump responded. Read more. (6/25/17, 11:04 AM)

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Sadly for me I'll be disappointed whether or not Bill survives, because on one hand it cheapens the Cybermen so soon after they're gotten their credibility as a threat back (which I've been waiting 84 years for), and on the other we lose Bill. I'm also really annoyed that people insinuate that it was an attack on the LGBT community for the same reason I was about people doing the same about race with Rogue One.

I mean, I don’t think Bill surviving would cheapen the Cybermen at all. The whole reason the Mondasian Cybermen are so horrifying is how close to human they actually are. If Bill managed to overcome that, not only would it be an incredibly empowering storyline but I think it could easily be her ‘special’ moment, because god who has more heart than Bill Potts? Who wears her emotions on her sleeve more than Bill Potts? If ANYONE can overcome a cyberconversion, it would be her. 

If Bill dies, it’s tricky. Because it perpetuates the dead lesbian trope. She joins the horde of queer women that have died in the last year or so on TV. That’s not an insinuation, that’s a fact, that we’ve been watching the women that are like us die for this year, and we’re fucking exhausted, honestly, and it isn’t fair. 

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an attack. If Bill does die, then it’s not Moffat hurting us deliberately, I’d actually be fairly certain that it would mean while he knew how important representation was, he wasn’t deeply enough involved in the community to know about the problematic trope, you know? 

Moffat’s intentions are good, extremely good, but we know that they don’t always pan out in the right way, and I’m just worried that this might be one of those times. Dude ain’t perfect, after all. 

He might be one of only two straight white cis male writers I trust (the other is Chuck Wendig), but he’s still, you know… that. Fuck ups happen. I just… hope in this case they don’t. 

After today’s ep, I just think Twelve needs some handholding….

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and cheek-palm consoling…

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and definitely some hugs.

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remember than alice in wonderland pic… mm yeah…. this happened


…. i couldn’t stop…. i tried to 2 hours ago… then i turned the CPU back on and continued like i didn’t just lay on my bed for 30 minutes…. why…

weeelllcome to wonder falls!

fluffy to valentines~!

Doctor Who Official on Instagram: After this evening’s episode – World Enough and Time - finishes you can head over to BBC One’s Facebook page and watch a live Q&A with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat! The Q&A starts tonight (Saturday, 24th June) at 7.30pm!
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I love this! Perfect to have when it’s the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (May 26, 1967). Also fitting when Peter is a huge fan of rock n’ roll! 😎🎸