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Samberg used to stand like right next to the camera with his arms folded and just stare at him like this (shakes his head) while the segment was going on.
—  John Mulaney on trying to get Bill Hader to break character while playing Stefon on SNL | From Late Night with Seth Meyers, 4/4/14
The Mindy Project: Season Two - Network Television's Best Sitcom

The Mindy Project has everything a great sitcom has: a cast of unique characters, romance, and above all, big laughs. Not only was the show able to maintain its tone, the second season outdid itself with character development and wittier writing. 

Writer, producer, and star Mindy Kaling is essentially the lead in a romantic comedy in television form. As Dr. Mindy Lahiri, she’s on a never-ending quest for love in New York City. There isn’t much to add about Season One story-wise aside from the subtle hints that she and her co-worker/best friend Dr. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) will ultimately become an item. 

Season Two heightened the romance, which allowed a handful of guest stars, including Anders Holm (Workaholics), who was introduced in Season One as the reverend-turned-DJ Casey, Ben Feldman (Mad Men) as the sophisticated critic Jason, Timothy Olymphant (Justified) as the sexy skater Graham, Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as the cocky lawyer Cliff, and Tim Daly (Private Practice) as the rugged detective Charlie. However, none of them can even compare to our man Danny Castellano.

The show went on a very-lengthy hiatus from December to April and us Mindy fans couldn’t wait to see where things would pick up after Danny finally kissed her. Unfortunately, their love affair caved in on itself almost immediately and practically pulled a Ross & Rachel for the rest of the season. But fortunately, they’re back on track as of the finale. 

If Mindy Lahiri was played by any other actress, she’d probably come off as unlikable. Judgmental, selfish, and narcissistic are some of her characteristics, but Mindy Kaling’s personality gives Lahiri humanity, showing the goodness in her and the everyday struggle to be the best happy-go-lucky person she can be. Oddly enough, this optimistic gal blends and clashes perfectly with Danny, who has the personality of a crotchety old man. Chris Messina’s charm and sense of humor save his character from being simply a miserable doctor.  

This season gave the supporting cast much-deserved attention. Former MadTV star Ike Barinholtz as Morgan Tookers is truly unpredictable. The things he says and does gets some of the biggest laughs. His silliness rivals newly added cast member Adam Pally (Happy Endings) as the very bro-tastic Peter Prentice. Most fresh characters have a difficult time blending with the others, but Peter’s the perfect fit. Xosha Roquemore doesn’t get much screen time as the dimwitted Tamra, but she does earn many of the show’s best one-liners. Ed Weeks, Zoe Jarman. and Beth Grant round out the great cast. 

This season was filled with guest spots. In addition to all those familiar faces, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn, Bill Hader, Jenna Elfman, Ellie Kemper, and Kevin Smith all graced their presence on-screen.

Fox was wise enough to renew The Mindy Project for a third season despite the not-so-high ratings. To those who are still mourning over the horrific series finale that is How I Met Your Mother, look no further. The Mindy Project is the best sitcom on network television. Period. 


We could watch Trey Parker and Bill Hader break character for hours.