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The Gift Dilemma

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It’s Sunday. Half of the cul-de-sac is at church and the other half remains in bed. Damien, however, was taking a stroll in his garden, debating on whether or not a bouquet would be an appropriate gift for someone like Robert. Robert had fixed Damien’s kitchen sink the day before, and the poor goth was unsure how to show his gratitude. The only things that came to mind were bouquets and gifts for Betsy.

He decided he needed a second opinion. Mary was at church, so asking her would be impolite. Joseph, Brain, and Hugo were all attending church as well. Sona was most definitely on his morning run with Craig by this time.

Then he realized that the Coffee Spoon was open on Sundays and Mat was probably tending the shop. He exited the gate in his backyard and made his way to the coffee shop.

The door opened with a bell, and Damien was greeted with a bright smile and a positive attitude.

“Hey, man. Good morning. What are you having?” Mat said as he leaned on the counter.

“Hmm, I believe a cup Godspeed You! Black Coffee would satisfy me for now. I would also like your opinion on something.” Damien said as he slid Mat a five dollar bill and put the change in the tip jar.

“Yeah? Let me get you your drink and we will talk, since the place is dead right now.” Mat replied as he began working on Damien’s cup.

Minutes later he sat across from Damien at a table near the register. “So, what’s on your mind, brother?” Mat inquired as he slid Damien his coffee.

“Ah.. well, you see, Robert recently repaired my kitchen sink… He would not accept monetary payment but I still believe he deserves something.” Damien sighed. “What do you think I should do? My bouquets won’t quite do– he’s not a flower person.. and getting something for Betsy is not a gift for him.”

Mat chuckled. “No, it’s not, you’re right,” he began. “But maybe you can treat him to a meal or something.”

Damien sipped his coffee thoughtfully and nodded after a moment. “I have the perfect idea! Thank you for your inspiration, Mat,” he grinned. “I will see you soon!” He practically jumped towards the exit, excited to begin his project.

“Damien you left your–” Mat hollered, but it was hopeless. He stared down at the coffee cup for a moment before shrugging and downing the rest of it.


As soon as he got home, Damien texted Robert and told him to come over for dinner that night. He had Lucien bring him a few things on his way home from a friend’s house that afternoon and Damien got to work.

Robert was there early, and Lucien answered the door. “Dad is still working on dinner,” he said simply. “But.. come in, I guess.” The teen stepped aside, rolling his eyes. “Dad! Robert’s here!” He called out on the way to his room.

Damien strolled out of the kitchen. His hair was up in a messy bun and his t-shirt and pajama pants were covered in splotches of flour. “Welcome!” He said with a grin on his face, using his cleaner forearm to push his glasses back to the bridge of his nose. “You’re early! Oh, no matter. Have a seat while I put dinner in the oven and clean up a bit.”

Robert raised a skeptical eyebrow but complied, sitting in the living room and admiring the paintings as he usually does. When Damien returns, hands clean but clothes filthy, Robert chuckled. “Did you wrestle a flour bag? You’re like the snowman of baking…. Stuff.” Smooth, Robert.

Damien smiled. “I’m sure I do look a mess. It’s my first time making pizza from scratch… And putting pineapples on it, I’m afraid.”

The gruffly man’s eyes went wide with excitement. “It better be good. You cannot forsake the great combination that is pineapple, ham, and mozzarella.”

“I hope you enjoy it.. It is my thanks to you for yesterday.”

“He was going to get Betsy a new custom made bed with her name on it!” Lucien shouted from his room.

“Really now?” Robert eyed Damien to confirm.

Damien felt his face get hot and he bit his lip. “I-I’m going to check on the pizza. Excuse me.” He rised and scrambled back into the kitchen.

Robert sat in the living room in silence until he and Lucien were called to dinner. They gathered around the table with a huge Hawaiian pizza between them. Robert immediately dug in, enjoying every last bite, and scolded Damien for trying to use a fork to eat pizza.

After Lucien had retreated back into his bedroom and the two were left alone with full bellies, serene silence, and a bottle of wine, enjoying each other’s company in the living room.

Much to Damien’s surprise, it was Robert who broke the silence. “You know… While I prefer this, the dog bed wasn’t a bad idea. Also, you look great tonight. I love the casual look on you as much as your usual goth stuff.”

Damien blushed. “Thank you,” he said before taking a swig of wine.

“I’m serious… You’re uh… Beautiful.” Robert said softly. “And.. I’m just glad you feel comfortable enough around me to dress differently than normal.” He played with a stray strand of hair falling from Damien’s bun.

Damien’s grip on the wine bottle tightened, and he held Robert’s gaze. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Robert’s chapped lips, his rough stubble grazing the other man’s chin. When he pulled away, Robert had a shit eating grin.

Suddenly, Damien felt extremely self conscious. Yet again, his face flushed bright red and he began to scoot away from Robert.

“No, no, no, please don’t move. Sorry. I noticed you still had flour on your face this whole time and you look ridiculous.” Robert said as he brought his scarred thumb up to Damien’s cheek to wipe it away. He pulled him into another kiss.

When Robert finally pulled away, he sighed. “I should probably get back home. Gotta feed Betsy.” He caressed Damien’s chin and dropped one more quick kiss before getting up and brushing himself off.

Damien grabbed his jacket for him, and as Robert shrugged it on he turned to Damien. “Next time.. let’s go out on a date, yeah?” he suggested lightly before smirking and heading out the door.

Damien was left there, heart beating so hard he could feel it in his ears and lips still warm from the other man’s touch. He smiled to himself and went to his bedroom, heart filled with happiness and feeling like a teenager all over again.

derbelisca  asked:

Prompt: Tony analysing Valerie's suit (after Technus upgraded it).

“You look like a rip off of Vision. Red suit, bright green visor-gag-and-what are these? Leather? Hunny, you need a serious fashion upgrade.”

Valerie gave Tony Stark a pointed look as she ripped her suit out of his grubby oil-stained hands.

“It just got an upgrade. The tech on this thing is better than anything you have in your dumb lab.”

Tony feigned emotional distress by putting his hand over his chest and pouting.

“Rude. Very hurtful. I’m going to be crying to Pepper about it for a week.”

“You’re not denying it, though.”

“Yeah, because, as much as it pains me to say this, you’re right. The tech in the suit is years-centuries-beyond what we’ve learned now. Beyond my tech, beyond Bill Gates and our mutual ghost friend, beyond the Fentons. It’s astounding.”

“And you’re drooling,” Valerie added with a smug smile.

“Not the point. Point is, who hooked you up? Did Dan-Dan use the map thingy to fly you through space and time to get nifty little boots that are STILL a horrid fashion statement? Or did you and the Queen of Death go and borrow it from the Abominable Snowman?”

“Neither. And please, I wouldn’t be caught dead talking to the Manson girl alone. Ever. I had help from someone who owed me a favor.”

“And who would that be? Casper?”

“Technus. He actually stole the suit-my suit-from the future. It already had all of the upgrades. It was just sitting In a museum apparently.”

“Wait-Technus?” Tony sounded appaled. “The same Technus that screeches out everything he’s about to do and then gets the shit beat out of him? The same Tehnus that took control of all of my armors not three days ago?”

“Do you know any other Technus?”

“Fair point. Listen, I’ll have Jar-Friday do a couple of tests on the tech later, make sure it’s not infected with anything.”

“Fine by me as long as there are no alterations. Red suits me.”

“HA! It-its funny cause red suits you and-nevermind. Just get out of my lab.”

“Fenton! You owe me ten bucks!”

“What? Why?” Danny said through a slice of watermelon as the peaked his head over the couch. Valerie held up her phone and clicked and button.

“… As much as it pains me to say this, youre right,” Tony’s voice blasted through the small speaker, and Danny’s face fell.

“Damn it,” he whined. “I was gonna bribe Clint with that.”


I accidentally deleted all pics of his actual birthday party but this is Keanu Woodruff, finally of legal age. 

He will move out at the end of the week, so there are a few days left to figure out which job fits best to his limited talents.

He’s extremely pleased with himself over his pancake making skills but is it enough to open a simlish Der Waffle Haus from Dead Like Me (the use of the wrong article still amuses me)? He surely isn’t the next Jimi Hendrix but hey look, he even managed to turn on a computer! There’s probably a new Bill Gates in the making!