bill fan


Eddie couldn’t believe it. House arrest. Okay, so maybe he could. But it wasn’t his fault. It was technically Bens. They had been driving around in Bens moms car, the Losers Club headed towards town to catch the new Terminator movie when a car came out of nowhere. Ben had tried to slam on the brakes, but it was too late. They nicked the car in front of them. When Eddies mom had found out, she flipped her lid.

“Come on Mrs. K, it’s not even that serious,” Richie said, rolling his eyes.

“You,” she hissed, pointing an ugly finger at Richie, “were the cause of this, I know it! With you’re disgusting little attitude and way of always harming my son, I bet you were the cause of this!”

“Actually, it was me Mrs. K,” Ben quipped, defending Richie.

“You!” she hisses, turning her finger and shoving it in Ben’s face. “And here I thought you were the only responsible one!”

“What about me,” Mike smirked, elbowing Richie.

“Don’t think I don’t know about you Mike Hanlon. You should’ve gone down with your parents, you could’ve at least tried to save them!”

Mike shoved her firmly, her fat ankles and feet flying over each other as she fell into the grass. Beverly and Bill held him back by the arms, screaming at him to stop, even though they quite frankly found it hilarious.

The obese women looked shocked as she stood up, grass stains burning into her white pants and light pink shirt. “You abominations!” she screamed at them, practically dragging Eddie inside. It didn’t help that Richie laughed, slyly handing Stan ten dollars from his back pocket. Eddie laughed, which only caused his mother to shove him in through the front door.

Now he was laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. The clock on his bedside table ticked, driving him slowly insane. He sat up quickly, groaning as he slowly descended back down into his mattress. Why was he even there? It wasn’t like anyone had gotten hurt!


He quickly sat up again, confused. He shrugged, laying back down. Probably just hearing things.


He opened his eyes, somewhat scared now. It sounded kind of like…

“Eddie spaghetti!”

The boy groaned at Richie’s nickname, walking over to the window and opening it only to find the goofy boy hanging by his legs from the tree that branches out above his window. He swung, suddenly grabbing Eddie’s face and kissing him aggressively. Eddie slapped him.

“Richie! Stop it before my mom sees!”

The boy smirked. “Aw, still a mommy’s boy?”

“Piss off,” he grumbled, but Richie laughed, planting a sloppy kiss on Eddie’s cheek. “And don’t call me Eds!”

“Now what’s the fun in that?”

Richie swings downs from his branch, almost slipping as he pulls himself into Eddies room, shoving the shorter boy out of the way. He makes his way over to the bed, flopping down on it, feet hanging over the bottom end.

“Make yourself at home, Rich,” Eddie says sarcastically, rolling his eyes at him.

“Oh lighten the fuck up Eds.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“I’ll take a raincheck on that.”

“I’m serious!” He sat down next to Richie in a huff. Richie took advantage of that, wrapping his arms around Eddies neck and biting at the boy’s neck and ear.

“Come on spaghetti,” he murmurs, undoing on of the buttons on Eddies polo shirt, “have a little fun.”

Before he even realized what was happening, Richie pulled Eddie down onto his back, lying on top of him. Richies lips went around Eddies, locking themselves together. Eddie moaned, his boyfriends lips finding his neck and nibbling at his skin. His fingers moved back to the buttons on his shirt, pulling them loose. Shoving him off, Eddie glared at him, re-buttoning his shirt.

“Let me have a little fun if you don’t want to,” Richie laughed, smirking at Eddie.

“Richie, you have to go. My mom will freak out if she catches us!”

“That’s why she won’t, dipshit.”

“I’m not following.”

“You’re so fucking dumb,” he smiled, “you’ll stay in here and I’ll stay out there.”

“And how the hell do you suppose we do that,” Eddie retorted, finally thinking he’d outsmarted Richie. Eddie may be book smart, but Rich was street smart, weaseling his way in and out of ridiculous situations.

“I’ll sit in the tree while you sit there.”

Eddie frowned. “What if you fall?”

“I won’t fall. Jesus shit you care a lot, don’t you.”

“Screw you.”

Richie laughed, climbing out of the window and sitting on the branch parallel of Eddie’s windows. The other boy followed, swinging his stick legs out of the window. Their legs dangled, feet tangling with one another’s.

“I love you Eds,” Richie smiled, looking a little shy and embarrassed.

“I love you too Rich,” Eddie said softly, cheeks flushing.

Richie grabbed Eddie by the neck, kissing him deeply as the sun fell sunk a foot deeper towards the horizon, casting orange light on the two lovers.