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Richie Tozier x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Some jokes, poorly written characters, a plot that goes nowhere, and I wrote this when I was half asleep and I didn’t even proof read it. So enjoy!

  • Okay let’s get into this!
  • Okay, you were close with Bill during middle school
  • And that carried on into highschool
  • And in highschool, that was when he first formally introduced you to the losers club
  • W-well, we have Eddie, M-mike, Ben, Richie, m-me of c-course, Stan, a-and Beverly. Y-you might’ve s-seen her with us I-in middle school, but she moved a-after the s-summer.’ Bill said
  • And when Richie saw you
  • Damn
  • Oh shit did he say that out loud
  • Oh shit he did
  • Eddie punched him in the arm
  • It hurt like hell
  • Eds, what the hell was that for!
  • That, was for hitting on the new girl, and this is for calling me Eds.
  • He punched him again
  • Will you two idiots stop fighting? Let’s set a good example for our friend here.’ Stan added
  • You were automatically taken aback but still, all the boys were friendly and were really inviting. But one caught your eye.
  • You guessed it
  • And you’ve both had a crush on each other ever since.

Fast forward around a year or so

  • Trashmouth
  • Asshat’ he retaliated
  • Fuckstick
  • Shitbag
  • This had been going on for a while at lunch, but it was all in good fun, you and Richie had done this a few times over the past year.
  • Okay enough you two, we don’t need you guys flirting or whatever you two are doing, the entire lunch, some of us are trying to talk about our school lives.’ Ben said feigning annoyance. ’So, how are you guy’s junior years going? I barely have any classes with you guys.’ They continued their conversation on their own.
  • You almost choked on milk when Ben mentioned flirting. Because like seriously, who would want to even flirt with trashmouth?
  • You would, you would like to flirt with him, don’t deny it Y/n
  • ‘Oh, look at that, little y/n was flirting with me! I’m honored!’ He teased
  • ‘Oh yeah, the only reason you’re honored is because no one else flirts with you.’ You scoffed.
  • 'So you agree that you were flirting?’
  • You take a bite of your food, 'Take a hint asshole.’
  • He turned red
  • Like really red
  • 'H-hey, Richie are y-you okay? Y-you look red, do you have a fever?’ Bill said concerned.
  • 'N-no I’m fine,’ he coughed 'I’m just going to get a drink- with y/n.’
  • 'But I’m not thirsty?’
  • 'Yes you are now come on.’
  • You finally agreed and followed him.
  • 'Hey! Use protection you two!’ Mike yelled before you two exited the cafeteria.
  • You both ignored that part
  • You both walked out near the lockers
  • 'So you’re telling me that you have a crush on me?’
  • 'So what? Maybe I do.’
  • 'Oh, so you couldn’t resist my looks huh?’
  • 'Keep joking and I’ll walk back into the lunch room.’
  • 'Well, at least I’ll get a good view.’
  • You rolled your eyes and tried to walk away, how in the world could he just not notice that you actually liked him, all joking aside.
  • But before you could he grabbed your hand turned you around and kissed you.
  • Woah
  • He kissed you
  • The kiss itself was inexperienced, but it was probably the best kiss you’ve ever had.
  • He pulled away first all red and embarrassed
  • Which was totally not like him
  • 'Well, I’ll get going now.’
  • He started down the hall
  • 'Hey! wait!’
  • He turned around looking at you, his red face was calming down a little bit
  • 'My house, Saturday, bring popcorn, 7:00, don’t be late.’
  • He quickly nodded and rushed back into the cafeteria
  • You followed quickly behind him
  • Once you two sat down the rest of the boys were amazed that Richie was quiet for more than a minute.
  • Honestly they were glad that he was quiet and was grateful for however did it
  • But they kept bombarding you guys with questions and they quickly found out that you and Richie had kissed because when they brought it up, both of you guys blushed like crazy.
  • You never heard the end of it, but both or you were glad that you had each other and some wonderful friends behind you and supporting you.

Doctor who + chips

Loser’s High school HC


  • Is involved in so many fucking sports it’s insane.
  • Is on the basketball, baseball, and football teams, plus he dabbles in lacrosse
  • Is in about ten different clubs including the environmental club, animal rights activists, the culture club, cooking club, and the sports club.
  • Has also won class rep every year he’s been in high school because he’s so fucking popular
  • Works at an animal shelter
  • All the teachers love him
  • All the students love him
  • Still manages to be an awesome friend to the entire loser’s club
  • Gives lots of activism speeches
  • Will take in your pets
  • Does a lot of babysitting
  • Can recite literally the entire town’s history
  • Will name random historical facts out of nowhere
  • Is the librarian’s favorite person in the world
  • Can tell you where any book in the library is
  • Volunteers for wayyy too many things, including the library
  • Somehow always finds time to hang out with the Losers
  • Has taught all of the Loser’s how to cook with varying degrees of success (because of Richie)


  • Is president of the women’s club and equal rights club
  • Is confident and proud of being a “Loser”, even though technically she’s so well liked that no body calls her that anymore
  • Strong and independently awesome
  • Has a column in the school paper for fashion advice
  • Will fucking destroy someone who bullies someone else (as the three idiots, who thought picking a fight with Eddie right in front of her was a good idea, soon found out)
  • Does the costume designs for every school play and is absolutely amazing at it
  • Works at a pizza parlor that all the Loser’s hang out at
  • Kicks Richie out of the pizza parlor at least once a week
  • Will totally talk to you about anything
  • Will never judge you
  • Started dating Ben in sophomore year after Bill and her decided they were better off as friends


  • Totally loves Beverly and treats her like a queen
  • Slimmed down a bit, but still acts the same
  • Is the president of both the poetry club and the pottery club- the latter he singed up on accident for (thinking it was the poetry club at first glance).
  • Ben is so kind and nice that even though he can’t do pottery for shit he always helps everyone else in the club, so they all unanimously decided he should be the president
  • His mother is an absolute sweet heart that treats the Loser’s like her babies
  • Always gets conned into giving Richie money that he knows he’ll never get back
  • Coined the term “Once a Loser, Always a Lover”
  • Will stay up all night helping others do homework
  • Will bring cakes for literally every event
  • Is somehow the world’s best speller
  • Will edit English essays for free
  • Knows the lyrics to literally every pop song
  • Is in choir


  • Is still a germaphobe
  • Is the biology/health teacher’s favorite student and can often be found giving the younger kids tutorials
  • Swears he was conned into dating Richie and the only reason they haven’t broken up is because of the discount he gets at the ice cream place Richie works at (even though all of the Losers have walked in on them making out happily)
  • Always has the word Lo(s)ver written on his arm because Richie can’t resist
  • Is still bullied a bit but gives exactly zero shits because, dammit, he faced everyone’s worse fucking nightmare- a stupid bully is nothing
  • Will cry at sad movies
  • Has a small section in the paper called “Eddie’s Health Tip of the Day”
  • Somehow became the lunch ladies best friend, debatably because he always keeps the Loser’s table clean
  • Is secretly (not secretly at all) in love with Richie Tozier


  • It goes without saying that he’s the class clown
  • Has orchestrated the last three senior class pranks even though he wasn’t a senior
  • Will fight anyone who even looks at Eddie the wrong way
  • Life’s goal is to make his rude math teacher’s life a living hell
  • Calls anyone who pulls off a good prank his rival
  • Swears that he will pay Ben back and also didn’t con Eddie into dating him
  • Works at an ice cream parlor
  • Will do literally /any/ dare
  • Is at every single party, no matter what
  • Will DJ your party, even if you don’t ask for it
  • Once managed to play in an entire game of football without that coach realizing he wasn’t on the team
  • MC’s both the school announcements and the football games
  • Sometimes shows up to Stan’s clubs just to make fun of him
  • Is really fucking lucky that Stan hasn’t beat him up yet
  • Is really fucking lucky that /no one/ has beat him up yet


  • Is president of the Bird Watchers club and vice of the Chess club
  • Is involved in the Jewish club, even though he’s not very religious
  • Is treasurer of Student Council
  • Is not amused by Richie’s “Jews are good with money!” jokes
  • Has been in love with Bill Fucking Denbrough since eighth grade
  • Will threaten to slap Richie at least once a day
  • Is also involved with the environmental club
  • Will do all of your math homework if you ask nicely enough
  • Usually buys all of the stuff for the Loser’s
  • Is pretty much the closest thing the Loser’s have to both a conscience and a moral compass
  • Will give the absolute dirtiest looks to people who are mean
  • Can silence anyone with a look
  • Is relatively quiet in class, but when he does answer a question it usually leaves the class speechless
  • Has a column in the school newspaper simply titled Ask Stan where he gives people logical advice about life (it’s surprisingly popular)


  • Is popular but unlike Mike, no one can figure out why; some people say it’s because he plays basketball, some say it’s because he grew up to be rather handsome and very kind, and some say it’s because he goes to a support group for people who have lost loved ones and he befriended one of the most popular girls at school who lost her father
  • But others would swear on their mother’s graves that it’s because one time during lunch Bill slipped on a strawberry, tried to catch himself on a table, and ended up accidently doing a flip over it in front of the whole school to the applause of everyone when he landed it
  • Can often be caught daydreaming about Stanley Uris in history class
  • Has drawn portraits of every Loser that have won prizes (although he’s drawn more of Stan than everyone else)
  • Is so fucking oblivious to his own feelings that the Loser’s (besides Stan, for obvious reasons) had to give him an intervention after his history grades started slipping
  • Heads and writes for the school newspaper and always slips in little poems Ben writes plus short stories he writes plus everything else the Loser’s want in it

I’m in a group on Facebook for fans of the new IT movie & I came across a post that someone made. A friend of theirs was a designated driver for Bill during filming (I’m assuming) and had 3 framed photos as a memory to keep and THIS …. this was one of them:

Pennyboi looks so cute I CANNOT 😭😍

I was low-key in hysterics when I first saw this tho because he looks v mischievous lol

yes hello allow me to introduce you to elemetary school teacher derek malik nurse (aka my shameless excuse to yell about nursey with kids)

  • ik a lot of people see him as a high school english teacher for the Literature Aesthetic but? come on? he’s so good with kids they all love him
  • he’s 24 and teaches 3rd grade and he loves his kids!! so much!!
  • he’s “mr. n” and they all love him bc hes the most laidback teacher theyve ever had in their short little lives and he plays cool music on his phone during arts & crafts

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a traditional gravity falls pic that i’m actually rlly super proud of! it ate up like,, all of my markers and took me like 3 days to finish but i dunno, i rlly like how it turned out! i’m thinkin i might make a digital version of it too? but i dunno yet so for right now i’m just postin it like this



(a what if scenario wherein Ford and Stan are captured by Bill during Weirdmaggedon, and tortured so Bill can get Ford to cough up the equation to free him and his minions. Bill can control space and matter so he can bring the twins back to life as many times as he so desires).

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I never saw this photo before! Ted Bundy reading the Bible while meeting with Bill Hagmaier on January 22, 1989. Hagmaier spent 4 days straight with Bundy, arriving on Friday, January 20, 1989.

You’re like a fisherman who fishes for years and catches a small fish… sometimes a medium fish. You get lucky and get a big fish. But you know there’s a real big fish under there that always gets away. You and your group are going to get a lot of serial killers and they’re going to help you. But with the real good ones, the only way you’re going to know what goes on under the water is to go under the water. The fisherman drowns going underwater. But I can take you there without drowning. If I trust you. And if I decide.” - Ted Bundy to Bill Hagmaier during one of their first meetings in 1986.

The photo was shared by Asia Argento.

modern emo bill headcanon

-bill was 16 when he started his emo phase!

-it all began when he was looking around on youtube and stumbled across a my chemical romance video

-he was really hearteyes for frank. like. He Was In Love

-so naturally he started a fan page on tumblr!

-he was actually one of the first fan pages on tumblr

-he started getting more and more into them and branched out into other emo bands as well

-nobody really noticed this “phase” until one day he showed up to school and his hair was black

-he earned many comments from richie when he started wearing all black

-“who’s funeral are you attending, bill?”

-and stan was actually?? so in love w emo bill

-bill would skateboard and wear all black converse and striped white and black long sleeves and all around it was A Look.

-he’d start putting up band posters like panic! at the disco, mcr, ptv, etc etc

-georgie was kinda confused on why his brother started wearing eyeliner but never doubted that it looked cool

-his mother and father were worried for him tho

-“bill, your phase is worrying us.”

-“mom, it’s not a phase!”

-bill would follow the underground bands all across the country during the summer, much to his parents dismay

-he’d always have merch on



-when stan and bill started dating bill would play songs on the guitar for him, and write him songs, and stan was just over the moon

-mike got him a bass guitar for bill’s birthday with his saved up money!

-bill started crying during the party when mike handed it to him

-he started smoking with beverly but then decided against it because eddie wouldn’t stop his nagging


-stan bought tickets for an underground show so they can go together!


Imagine Bill rambling about you during interviews and admitting you are his celebrity crush, excited when you go to the premiere of his new movie, not knowing you feel the same and are watching the interview.

“So uhm there were plenty of people attending the premiere of- of the newest movie you’re taking part in, am I right?” Ellen asked once the audience calmed down.

“Uh yes, yes many actually. Other than my family, my brothers and actually father too, there were other celebrities too. Some of whom I- I look up to so much I can’t describe! I got to talk to some of them, like- like Harrison Ford, yeah he was actually there, and Antony Hopkins and so many others! I couldn’t believe it at first but I was truly- truly blessed to be able to actually get to have a conversation with them, it was- it was amazing.” he breathed out, a smile spreading on his lips as he nodded his head.

“I am sure you were thrilled, but it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. The movie was expected to be a great hit and it actually happened!” she pointed out with a smile and small shrug “We- we indeed saw Harrison, Antony and Robert Downey Jr there too, right?” she asked and he nodded his head.

“Yeah also, I uh saw Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston too, and uh Ryan Gosling? Yeah he was there too.” he added “I was- I was really happy to see them there and you know even here a small ‘Great job!’ or 'Congratulations!’ meant so so much I can’t describe it! I was thrilled!”

“It certainly means a lot, I can understand! But something tells me we are not bringing up the first, and probably most important, person of the night that oh I am so sure made you feel over the moon!” she said with a smirk and even without saying a single name Bill laughed shyly, looking down, because he understood very very well who she was referring to.

“That- that laugh tells me you already know who I mean?” she asked with a small chuckled and he grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.

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anonymous asked:

I love how Bill has that eyebrow frown-thing that reminds me of your ginny. And all in all they have few similarities and you can see that they are related. I was wondering if you did that on purpose or is it just me? Ps. Are we gonna get more teen hinny

I usually stop drawing a character when my brain tells me “stop, that’s bill”. during the process I really thought of giving some of Ginny’s features for him because they are related and I’m so used to draw her. See for yourself! I wasn’t sure if I had succeed, so this comment was really cool!

And yes there will be more teen hinny :)

bill: *pushes richie during their argument*

richie: next time you fuckin put your hands on me imma fuckin rip your face off BITCH *balls fists*

losers club: what did he do to you