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Dream Daddy/Mummy

Written by @saintlyguy who was inspired by a dating sim called “Dream Daddy.”

*Warning - Imminent cuteness ahead!*

Ada: The bumbling mom who’s first priority is to protect her child. Although Ada is fully capable of looking after her child and teach them common sense, she’s not the best cook or cleaner. When she’s not extinguishing the oven fire she started, she’d ask help from her neighbor Codsworth, even for babysitting while she works as an arithmetic (probably for NASA to uncover some hidden figures). Although her house isn’t the most organized place, Ada provides a safe environment for her child despite her doubts and flaws.

Cait: At first, she’d have cold feet; to think she of all people could raise a child on her own. She would need to gradually warm up to the idea, at first being frustrated with providing food and bed for two. Despite her callous personality, Cait would refrain from yelling at her child and forbid herself from laying a hand on them. Coming from abusive parents, Cait would want to be the caring mother she never had. She would need PLENTY of help from Nate/Nora, considering they’re much more experienced in parenting as well as etiquette. That means less drinking (few shots a week don’t hurt), stop getting into (as much) fights and to cut back on swearing. Overtime with assistance of her friends and a swear jar, you could see Cait walking through Sanctuary Hills with her kid in hand. Eventually she would begin to teach them how to fight. She would kinda be like Black Canary in the Injustice series.

Curie: The apex mother; plenty of love, hugs, kisses, cuddles and snuggles. Her child would be pampered emotionally and prepared educationally. Curie would homeschool her child, so well that they will most likely study abroad on scholarships. Mama Curie will always ensure that her child eats healthy, properly maintains hygiene and above all feel as if they can always turn to her for anything. She would do the “Get Out” challenge across a playground in order to kiss her child’s boo-boo. Whenever her child accomplished a feat, no matter how small (especially during potty-training) they would be met with a small applause and a kiss on the forehead. Mama shines especially when taking care of her sick child. “Rest mon cher, Mama will nurse you back to health.” No doubt her child will grow up into a reflection of her selflessness.

Danse: Military dad. Disciplining his child so that they could be much better and stronger than he is. Also the dad to walk around in buttoned shirts with rolled up sleeves. He’d be especially involved in his child’s health and well-being. Willing to spend any expense for his child’s pursuits, so long as he finds them practical and morally sound. An example would be when he closed the door on a recruiter from CIT. “Damn Institute.” Despite his mildly overprotectiveness, Danse’s child will always have a shoulder to cry on; arms to hold them; a rock to lean on. As a baby his child would always be willing to sleep on his broad chest or be carried in a baby harness. Many admirers of him would envy the child for being the apple of his eye.

Deacon: The cool yet irresponsible dad. Always looking for creative ways to have fun with his child; taking them out to conventions, festivals, arcades and amusement parks. He would even go so far as to design his child’s room to their liking; if they love Batman, his child would be sleeping in their own Batcave. How does he afford all this? “Don’t you worry your little head, nothing’s too much when it comes to my little one.” However the father and child would always be covered in bandages, since safety isn’t always taken into account; like that time he dressed up as Bane so that his child could defeat him as Batman/woman, which ended with Deacon having a broken nose and a missing tooth.

Dogmeat: No one, NO ONE will ever harm his puppy. You looking to harm Pupmeat? You will hear the most intimidating snarls and barks in your life. Here’s a translation: “Motherfucker you lay a hand on my pup, I will bite your genitals and ass off. Afterwards my pup and I will tear up your skin. Afterwards, I’m gonna shit in your mouth and leave your corpse to the maggots.”

Gage: Similar to Cait, Gage would have no idea how to handle fatherhood. At first his only concern would be providing basic needs. After seeing how fussy his child can be without any attention, he began to take into account their wants. This would be annoying to Gage as he began to carry his child wherever he went. Soon he became a much more responsible father; telling bedtime stories and teaching his child what he knew. He would however know to give them space here and there so that “They don’t grow up to be a pussy.” As much as he loves his child, if they were to go do something stupid, he wouldn’t be afraid to throw his slipper at them.

Hancock: The ghoul would want to pass on his ideals of freedom onto his child in order to help improve the world, but first he would need to change the man in the mirror first. No more chems. For real. He’d ensure that the vices of Goodneighbor would not corrupt his child; they would be the diamond in the rough. His child would have much freedom in how they express themself; clothing, identity and interests. Anyone would dare bully his child would feel a knife poke into their back as they’re dragged back into an alleyway for a discussion. “‘Boys can’t wear dresses/ Girls can’t wear suits?’ You and I need to have a talk.”

Longfellow: The outdoor dad; type to shop at North Face or Bass Co. Wears fishing vests and hiking boots wherever, whenever. Not shy about drinking in front of his child, although he would hold off on sharing a drink until they’re 21. Takes his kid camping/hunting/fishing once a year. Takes a cross-country trip with an RV to see wonders of nature. He would want to raise his child out of a metropolitan area, probably somewhere like the frontier.

MacCready: Duncan would have someone to share his interests, be it Grognak comics or mutfruit. The lucky kid would always have someone to watch the latest Marvel movie with, sometimes even going in cosplay; their favorite by far is Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2 (for obvious reasons for those who have seen it). MacCready is always willing to roleplay and even larp with Duncan, having plenty of cardboard to cut into whatever they need. Whenever he isn’t playing with Duncan, MacCready is out working his tail at two jobs; despite medical bills for Duncan, the father and son are able to live happily.

Nick Valentine (story time; Lego Batman reference!): After chasing a lead regarding the Mysterious Stranger, Nick returns to the agency for a new case in Far Harbor. Heading to the terminal, Nick researches a disappearance and how he’ll get there. “Fastest route to Far Harbor.” The terminal isn’t responding. “FASTEST ROUTE! Why isn’t this thing working?”

Dun dun duh! “Hello Mister Valentine. I’ve just taken away your terminal privilege.” GASP

“Lucky for me, I got a master password.”

“You mean “ellie_sucks.” Crap. “Nick, it’s time you start taking responsibility of your life and it starts by raising your daughter.”

“I’m sorry, I’m completely lost.”

“The young orphan you let in with you, she’s been living here for a while and I’m quite fond of her.”

“Well I don’t have time to watch a kid. Send her back to wherever she came. Or the orphanage if they still have any.”

“Mr. Valentine this will be great for you. Start getting you back with us socializing people. Let her into your life as you let me in.”

“As someone who doesn’t know how it feels to have a surrogate father, you shouldn’t be telling me how I should run my life, now lift the terminal lock.” Slyly, Ellie opens the door to allow the young girl in. “Ellie, what are you doing?!”

“Letting Piper into your life.”

“Don’t forget Nat!” a squeaky voice announced as the door closes behind Valentine’s new daughter. Wait. Daughters. Ellie may have let that detail slide.

Piper: Having an appropriate job to support her plus one family, she would live in a condo with her child and auntie Nat. Given her punctuality for news, Piper told the best bedtime stories; not ever needing to read from a storybook. Her child’s imagination would soar while their grammar and writing surpasses their classmates’. Nat would be competitive regarding who’s a better caretaker; Piper won this when she brought in Grandpa Valentine dressed up as Santa for Christmas. Eventually Nat will settle for second best; what child could resist Piper showering them with kisses and cooing “Who’s my little pearl? You are!”

Preston: A parent whose care almost rivals that of Curie, maybe even Nora/Nate. Preston would raise his child close to school, the park and their favorite restaurant. He’s the dad who would wear a funny apron while baking brookies for his child and their friends. He may not understand some of the songs his child enjoys, but he’ll put up with them so long as the songs aren’t derogatory; he was on the fence when his child would listen to The Fuxedos. Preston’s concern grew as his child grew. As much as his child understands, hearing “Another college needs your application” daily gets old.

Strong: The dad who wears the shirts that say stuff like “guns don’t kill, dads do.” Everybody wonders how the hell did anyone decide to have a kid with that guy. But they quickly change their minds when they see how Strong scared off some hoodlums with a single stare. He would always be the chaperone for his child’s school trips. Although he may not be that smart and has to use a flip phone, Strong makes up for it by providing safety for his child and their friends. Although no one dares to invite him to their barbeque, he’ll probably eat everything (but ensures to keep two whole steaks for his child.)

X6-88: Being cold on the outside and seemingly apathetic makes it hard to see X6 as a parent. None of his neighbors know his past, or where he gets his income, but this dad is able to provide organic meals for his child as well as get them pretty pricey outfits. Ever since they were a baby, X6’s child would wear gold Rayban aviators, similar to their father. X6 would ensure that his child’s posture and strut just exhausts power and regality. But what most people don’t realize, is that he doesn’t shy away from staycations in pajamas and having lightsaber fights with his kid once and awhile.

Nora/Nate: Fresh cookies baked in the afternoon, homemade costumes/cosplay, a robot butler and faithful dog. This household just gives off family vibes. Nora/Nate would ensure that Shaun would grow up into a person more grand than they are. They would be on top of everything Shaun is interested in. Their family would be the envy of Sanctuary Hills. If only.

Conrad Kellogg: Although this he scares most people, his wife and daughter, Sarah and Mary would feel safe in their bungalow near San Francisco. Although prefers to keep to himself and his family, Kellogg would always take his family out so that they may enjoy themselves and each other. But what’s secret to everyone, even to his family is a secret room where does some pretty shady business.


1) Devilman by Roberto Recchioni aka Rrobe on Tumblr

2) Donald Duck by Francesco Mattina

3) Marty Feldman/Igor by Bill Sienkiewicz

4) Luca Bertacci from “L'ultimo terrestre” by Massimo Carnevale

5) Wolverine by Gabriele Dell'Otto on Tumblr

6) Mazikeen from “Lucifer” by Duncan Fegredo

7) Proinsias Cassidy from “Preacher” by Glenn Fabry

8) The Joker by Dave McKean

9) Alice Cooper by David Mack on Tumblr

10) Captain America from “Paradise X” by Alex Ross

Hello Wreck-it Ralph fans! Welcome to night twenty-nine, the last night of this year’s Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month!!!

This year’s Pin Post Month concludes with the limited edition DSSH DSF/GSF Character Block Wreck-it Ralph Jumbo pin LE400.

This year I wanted to end Pin Post Month with something that included many of our favorite characters from the Wreck-it Ralph movie, and what do you know, I had the perfect pin for the task. Fun fact, this was actually the first Wreck-it Ralph pin to be released this year, back in January; and you can probably bet that by the end of the month I’d struck a deal with someone and got my hands on this pin. I still remember just how excited I was when I first heard of this pin, to see everyone of these characters all together in a single pin just amazing to find. 

Now that this year’s Pin Post Month is coming to an end, I wanted to share this pin that shows all of our favorite main characters from the movie, together. 

With that, I will see you all next November for the third annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Have a wonderful night everybody!

anonymous asked:

Why is Alistair so perpetually poor? Cullen seems to make enough money, and Alistair doesn't really seem to have expensive vices that he spends it on

His “expensive vice” is technically Duncan! The long and short of it is that Duncan is sick (with an unnamed illness) and Alistair devotes a large portion of his paycheck to Duncan’s medical bills. Duncan is, unfortunately, never going to get better and Alistair knows that, but wants to ensure that Duncan is happy and pain-free for the rest of however long he lives.

Duncan was a former Grey Warden in this universe still, though, so you’d think they’d have given him a nice retirement fund or something but whatever they gave him was likely not good enough for Alistair. He ensures that Duncan has probably the best care in Ferelden, better than whatever Duncan’s insurance was covering ahahaha. He still has money but Alistair’s likely adapted to being a bit of a penny-pincher!

When his phone broke, he was probably going to have to save up to get a similar phone, as he has the equivalent of an iPhone (likely a bit of a splurge for him when he got one, and still part of a shitty plan from his provider haha) or he’d have to downgrade to something he liked a bit less. He still has money for bills too (he actually lives in Duncan’s home but y’know, Duncan’s never coming back to it!) but basically he doesn’t factor in what one might consider to be more ‘selfish’ needs. After paying for Duncan’s things and making sure his bills are paid, whatever’s left over goes for food or other essentials, and I don’t doubt he gives his money to people he thinks need it more than him (like if he knew Luana could use the money to help people, he’d be all over that).

He does make a lot more money than most people, that’s for sure, but medical bills are horrendously expensive, and so are house payments!! Ultimately he’s broke by choice and most days it doesn’t bother him, because he gets to see Duncan all the time and Duncan seems happy :’)
- E.



SO I was watching the Back to the Future cartoon (absolutely ridiculous and fun I’d give it a watch if you’re a BTTF fan) 


They have a science segment in episodes and when they cut to an encyclopedia segment 



And so quickly I checked the date of broadcast and found out that the Back to the Future cartoon is where Bill got his start! look!!

The Back to the Future cartoon started in 1991 and ended in 19993. And when did Bill Nye’s show start? 1993 BABY!!!!!

I can’t believe this show started THE Science Guy’s career.

Damn Back to the Future, what didn’t you do?