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Spy,gangster or historical time period!!!

Here are our possibilities:

  • Spy: Bill plays a rookie homicide detective who becomes so engrossed in a particular murder case, that he spends every possible moment attempting to track down the killer. However, once he finally catches the murderer, he realizes that he agrees with their motive.
  • Gangster: Bill portrays a man who falls in love with the daughter of the head of his rival gang. When he catches wind that his gang intents to murder his lover to get back at her father for a deal-gone-wrong, he leaves the organization to go on the run with her. However, after weeks of trying to escape, Bill’s gang hunts the pair down. Bill is forced to watch his lover die before being cut lose himself. 
  • Historical Drama: Bill plays a young playboy king who hires prostitutes to fill the gaping wounds left from a troubled childhood and stress of maintaining an entire kingdom. Once a war breaks out, a fearful Bill rides out with his army and must become the man he was born to be. He is struggling to fulfil his destiny until he meets a nurse who mends his wounds on a battlefield and changes the way he looks at life entirely. He falls in love, forsaking his womanizer ways, but is faced with another hardship, as he cannot marry a lowborn woman. 
  • Snape: Mr. Potter, why don't you read first?
  • Harry: Alright, Chapter 1; Surviving your fascist Potions Professor who needs to put kids down to feel big.
  • Harry: Oh wow! This is useful guys, we should read on!

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