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She can stay! (At least until February 2018.)

A statue of a young girl that has been staring down New York City’s iconic Wall Street bull sculpture since the eve of International Women’s Day is not going anywhere — at least for another year.

The four-foot “Fearless Girl” statue was installed in front of the bronze “Charging Bull” in time for International Women’s Day earlier this month as a way of calling attention to the gender pay gap and lack of gender diversity on corporate boards in the financial sector, the Wall-Street firm that installed the popular statue has said.

Now the statue, which depicts a pony-tailed girl in a dress defiantly looking up at the bull, will remain at her post until February 2018, New York politicians announced at a press conference on Monday. It was set to be removed on April 2.

Above: Mayor De Blasio, who is 6′ 5″, poses with the statue as the announcement is made Monday. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Mayor Bill de Blasio said NYC will sue if Donald Trump goes forward with Muslim registry

  • On Monday, de Blasio told the anti-hate rally audience at Cooper Union Hall that the city will sue Trump if the proposed Muslim registry database comes to fruition.
  • The “Muslim registry” is reportedly being talked about with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach
  • It would require Muslims to register their name in a database for tracking purposes.
  • De Blasio, appearing with numerous influential faith and community leaders in NYC, also stood up for various communities in his remarks.

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Wondering what a sanctuary city is? Tired of being told sanctuary cities are a breakdown of law and order? Aaaactually, it’s a lot more complicated

Our favorite feminist comedian Samantha Bee broke down the concept of sanctuary cities during last night’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Read on for the good, the bad, and the straight up Fox News lies.

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New York City to provide free tampons and pads in public schools, jails, and shelters

After a unanimous vote by the city council (49-0) Tuesday, the city will soon provide free tampons and pads in all public schools, jails, and homeless shelters, making it the first in the United States to do so.

Though it will not become law until enacted by Mayor Bill de Blasio, he has voiced his support, saying “tampons and pads aren’t luxuries — they’re necessities.”

New York City has a long and  proud history as host city of the UN – from its temporary home in Flushing  Meadows Corona Park, to its permanent home on the east side of Manhattan.  Mayor de Blasio and his administration take pride in the deep and lasting  connections between our global city and one of the world’s premier  institutions.

Another epidemic is reaching HIV-level heights across America

Image from NY Times

As this comprehensive report from New York Times shows, opioid abuse has been rising in America for the past ten years. Deaths from overdoses are reaching HIV-levels at the height of that epidemic, and yet we have not seen the same levels of public attention.

It took a public health approach to curb the spread of HIV, and it will take a similar-scaled approach to cure our country of opioid abuse.

We’re taking this epidemic very seriously. As part of ThriveNYC, this administration is expanding access to medications that prevent overdoses, stop cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms. Read about these solutions by clicking here.


Hi, hi, it’s Lin… We’re gonna do the lotto in person every Wednesday matinee, and we’ll always have a #Ham4Ham show before it. …And we had to get through a lot of city stuff to make this happen. Really, mountains had to move, and so I’m here to welcome our first #Ham4Ham guest, the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio. (x, x)

Lin wrangles the mayor of New York, drinks tea, has laryngitis (no “Hello, hello, hello!”), is smol (x, x)

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#HandsOffTheHomeless: Faith leaders, politicians, community organizers, and civil rights advocates gathered in front of City Hall to demand an end to the NYPD’s “sweeps” of homeless people from public space and other instances of inhumane treatment of the homeless by police.