bill dan

The foxes as bill wurtz tweets:

Neil: sometimes it’s good to start with a huge mistake and then build the entire rest of your life around that

[alternatively: I am trying to fake my death, but people keep finding out I’m alive]

Andrew: a cool arts and crafts project would be falling in love with your mortal enemy and starting a family

Kevin: team goals, quit and make a better team

Aaron: dial 0 to talk to no one

Nicky: make the Yuletide gay again

Matt: found the last piece of the puzzle. now I just have to find the rest of the puzzle.

Dan: the streets are paved with goals

Allison: why spend money on clothes when you can just wear the money

Renee: got some holy water, on the black market. excited to baptize things in my day-to-day life


  Tale as old as time/ True as it can be                                                                                               Barely even friends/ Then somebody bends unexpectedly 

Beauty and the Beast (2017)