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When recently asked about traditional hand drawn animation, DreamWorks Animation Chief Creative Officer Bill Damaschke spoke about the hybrid animation in “Me and My Shadow”.

He stated, “Me and My Shadow, which is out in spring of 2014, is a combination of CG and traditional hand drawn animation. There is a reason to tell the story in that fashion. It’s about what would happen if your shadow, that has been following you around and basically just follows what you do your whole life, just stood up and took over. The shadows will be animated hand drawn, and the other characters will be CG animated. There is a reason to do it [hand drawn animation] that felt creatively interesting.”

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Check out the restoration of John Lautner’s 1962 Garcia House. Once described by the New York Times as a “Quonset hut made of glass,” the home on Mulholland Drive was restored by local architecture firm Marmol Radziner and decorated by New York decorator Darren Brown. The home’s owners Bill Damaschke, an executive from DreamWorks, and his partner John McIlwee, an entertainment business manager, explain how they chose to decorate the home: They didn’t want super modern, but also “feared a caricature of mid-century modern.” The home was featured in Lethal Weapon II.

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DreamWorks Animation kicked off Comic-Con with a filmmaker panel moderated by Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly.  The panel featured DreamWorks Animation Chief Creative Officer Bill Damaschke, Madagascar 3 director Tom McGrath, Rise of the Guardians production designer Patrick Hanenberger and The Croods head of character animation James Baxter.

When asked where do the stories come from when making DreamWorks Animation’s animated films, Bill Damaschke spoke about the inspiration for Rise of the Guardians. He said “William Joyce, who wrote the books that the film is based on, is really into the holidays.  His daughter asked him one day, ‘Dad, does the Easter Bunny know Santa Claus?’ The answer was ‘Not only do they know each other, they actually work together and they do all the things that we think they do. They hide the eggs, deliver the presents and collect the teeth but they have another purpose on top of that.’ So actually building on that question leads you to so many things you want to know and so many avenues in the story we want to create.”


John Lautner’s Garcia House | Los Angeles, CA

Garcia House owner John McIlwee (a Hollywood business advisor) discusses the details of his arduous restoration of the Garcia House, a modern masterpiece completed in 1962 by famed Los Angeles architect John Lautner.