bill croelick

The Closer 30 Day Challenge

“Fatal Retraction”, 1.12

Day 24 - Favorite Criminal

It’s a two-fer today! Consider that my apology for taking a month off (well, not “off” so much as “busy working three jobs”, but still. I’m sorry I wasn’t around to make these).

I think anyone who has read my previous answers knows that my favorite criminal is Bill Croelick. I mean just look at them together, they smolder (pun intended). That first interrogation is just so sexy and creepy and hot and scary and sexy and weird.

I mean, I’m so sorry, please don’t take away my feminist card but something about the way he flips the chairs on the table at the end is really hot. And the way they spar and he makes fun of her accent and calls her cute and she’s all intrigued by him and then he threatens her and shows up at her house and OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME **scuttles away to talk to my therapist about this**