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kanye wests famous video is fucking disgusting. he is ONCE AGAIN?!? being an unapologetic misogynist by adding naked doppelgängers of women in what was supposed to be an orgy. this includes his ex-girlfriend amber rose (who’s expressed her discomfort with him continually mentioning and slut-shaming her YEARS after they broke up), taylor swift (who’s continually expressed her discomfort with him taking credit for her career, calling her a bitch and insinuating she owed him sex), rihanna (who is pictured in bed next to her abuser), caitlyn jenner (who is probably being targeted bc she is a trans woman) and anna wintour (i’m guessing this has something to do with his failures in the fashion industry?).

and they are pictured with, get this, the biggest scum in the world… bill cosby (an admitted serial rapist), chris brown (an abuser/ misogynist who said the mother of his child was using him as a “meal ticket” among many MANY M A N Y other things), george bush (??¿¿?), and donald trump (…………..) not only is this fucking disrespectful to all the women involved, it’s SEXUAL HARASSMENT. no one other than him and his wife consented to this portrayal. so how bout y'all stop excusing him and that nasty song/ video because you hate taylor swift?


I let race trump rape

“Like many of the women who say they were assaulted by Bill Cosby, it took me two decades to gain the courage to reveal it publicly. His accusers – mostly white, so far – have faced retaliation, humiliation and skepticism by coming forward. As an African American woman, I felt the stakes for me were even higher. Historic images of black men being vilified en masse as sexually violent sent chills through my body. Telling my story wouldn’t only help bring down Cosby; I feared it would undermine the entire African American community.

…Admitting that Cosby is a rapist would feel like giving in to white America’s age-old stereotypes about black men. It would be akin to validating fears that African American men are lustful and violent. It would be taking away one of our greatest and most inspiring role models – one many African Americans feel we can’t afford to lose.

…Soon after I told my story, I ran into a successful African American photographer who asked me, ‘Sister, is it true?’ The tone of his question made it sound like our father had died. ‘I’m sorry, brother, but it is true. Do not let this weaken you in any way,’ I told him.

Cosby was once a source of hope for many African Americans. But fictional icons like him should not wield so much power over our collective spirit. Our nation’s greatest African American heroes have been on the front lines of Civil Rights efforts, not in our television sets. They are in the mothers and fathers who fought real-life challenges to raise us and in the teachers and professors who worked long hours to educate us. Bill Cosby did not lead the March on Washington, and ‘The Cosby Show’ didn’t end racism. The only legacy at stake is of one entertainer, not of black manhood, as I once feared.” Excerpted from an article by Jewel Allison for the Washington Post.

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Photo by Yana Paskova for The Washington Post

Cosby already admitted to getting quaaludes to give to women so he could have sex with them. Posting shit like “I stand with Cosby” at this point does not make you pro-black; it makes you anti-woman. This is not worthy of a “black lives matter” hashtag. Hashtagging “black lives matter” in defense of a confessed rapist belittles your position.

Larry Wilmore on Fresh Air:

“It was the Cosby issue that made me realize how much I really cared about women’s issues and how much I realize it’s important for me to be an advocate for issues that aren’t necessarily my own, to be an ally for issues. I think it’s one thing to be for your own issue and owning your own issue … but I think it’s also important to be an ally for an issue. … I think me being an ally for women’s issues is probably the most important thing that I feel I’m doing on the show.”