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The Hunter of the Seven Seas

There is a rumour that Captain Bill Cipher can make any wish come true.
The twins seek him out because Mabel wants to be with her one true love, Mermando. Bill grants her wish and turns her into a mermaid but she has to work for him and his crew of monsters as payment.

Dipper, in attempt to free his sister makes a deal with the captain that makes him part of the crew (and a cervitaur) in exchange for knowledge and Mabel’s release. Bill accepts but doesn’t change her back, though, and she is forced to stay with them.

What is Captain Bill’s ultimate goal… and why is Dipper blushing? XD

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I'd like to have a dipper in a dress. Yes as a take out. Pretty pleas- I mean Immediately

I considered the fact that Dipper may not like being in a dress. Then I considered the episode where he and multi-bear bonded over not being traditionally masculine, and figured he would like it in the end. Maybe unsure, maybe nervous. Then like this feels amazing why do i wear pants again???

I have a small collection of sundresses that i wear in spring and summer. I love them about as much as i love my sweaters and flannel. 

I am such trash for this AU and i never knew it.

i am also a sucker for tummy kisses. helllloooo~

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Have any of the Dipper-reincarnations started getting their memories of previous lives back... BEFORE Bill showed up? I know that Bill in that last snippet said it would've been a new record, but I interpreted it as being for a full-recall. Like, maybe some of the incarnations had what they later rationalized as junkfood nightmares after making "Bill Plans", but they didn't stop to analyze the distinct lack of actual fear, hahaha!

Bill did expect a full recall, when he was called a moron! But yeah, some of the incarnations do experience memories, in dreams.

Maybe Bill might not be able to get into their heads, or invade their dreams, but he’s still a dream demon. Memories come through easiest there.  

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Dipper yelped suddenly when his hand was snatched away from Ellis and he was spun around to be nose to nose with Bill, who kept a hold of his hand and an arm around his waist.

Chapter 29 of For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines by charm0nder

My second art for the sequel, guys go read this series!~