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Things Harry Potter Should Have Named His Kid Instead Of “Albus Severus”

Because I have an abundance of saltiness about the name Albus Severus Potter

Remus Rubeus Potter: Remus Rubeus Potter, you were named after a man who fought bravely in the war despite the fact that he had a newborn just so that the world could be safe for his son and the next generation and a man who did nothing but take care of and look after me. 

Arthur Rubeus Potter: Arthur Rubues Potter, you were named after the two best father figures I ever had. Both of which look after me, were always there for me, and only ever cared for me.

Remus Regulus Potter: Remus Regulus Potter, you were named after two of the bravest men I knew. Both of them risked their lives so that future generations could have great lives. One of them was a Slytherin so if you’re a Slytherin then that’s pretty rad.

Dean Seamus Potter: Dean Seamus Potter, you were named after two of the gayest guys I’ve ever met. Me and your uncle Ron shared a dorm with them when we were at Hogwarts. I know they are pretty insignifican but neither of them continually abused me and my friends so…

Fawkes Hedwig Potter : Fawkes Hedwig Potter, you were named after two of the coolest birds I ever met. One literally saved my life and the other was pretty much my only friend in an abusive household.

McGonagall Remus Potter: McGonagall Remus Potter, you were named after two of the best professors I ever had at Hogwarts. Both made sure to look after me and actually teach me useful things like teachers should. THe were both complete badasses and I have nothing but the upmost respect for both of them.

Fred Ronald Potter: Fred Ronald Potter, you were named after two guys who did nothing but make sure I not only had a family but I was extremely comfortable in theirs. 

Remus Remus Potter: Remus Remus Potter, you were named after a guy who was so immensely brave and so incredibly genuine with me that I gave you his name twice.

Florean Potter: Florean Potter, you were named after a guy who gave me free ice cream even though it got him killed by Death Eaters. He was kind to me even through his fear.

Evan Prewett Potter: Evan Prewett Potter, you were named after both my biological mom and the woman who practically adopted me. The were both completely badass and did nothing but love me.

Horace Regulus Potter: Horace Regulus Potter, you were named after two of the bravest Slytherins I know. One of them gave me information that helped me save the world and the other risked his life at 18 years old so that other people could have a chance at defeating Lord Voldemort.

Fred Peeves Potter: Fred Peeves Potter, you were named after two of Hogwarts biggest trouble makers. Raise hell, son.

Hedwig Pigwidgeon: Hedwig Pigwidgeon Potter, you were named after two owls because owls are fucking cool.

Arnold Pigwidgeon Potter: Arnold Pigwidgeon Potter, you were named as a constant reminder to all the people who wonder why Ginny didn’t get to name any of our kids.

Neville Dobby Potter: Neville Dobby Potter, you were named after two incredibly brave beings who were tragically underestimated their entire lives. Also, both of them gave me information that helped me win the death tournament a dark wizard entered me in when I was 14.

Cedric Tonks Potter: Cedric Tonks Potter, you were named after the two bravest Hufflepuff’s I knew. They proved that Hufflepuff’s are much more than nice, they can be incredibly brave.

Remus Tonks Potter: Remus Tonks Potter, you were named after the bravest couple I ever knew. They continued fighting in the war despite just having a baby so that he and everyone else could have a brighter future. 

Nicholas Remus Potter: Nicholas Remus Potter, you were named after two guys who were actually helpful directly after Sirius’ death. One of them was a ghost that you’ll have the pleasure of meeting.

Cadogan Potter: Cadogan Potter, you were named after one of the funniest and tragically unappreciated things that made my teenage years outstandingly better. 

Tonks Potter: Tonks Potter, you were named after the bravest Hufflepuff I ever knew.

•Credence Barbone Potter: Credence Barebone Potter, you were named after a character who deserved better. Come hug me please.

Lee Regulus Potter: Lee Regulus Potter, you were named after two men who despite how young they were still managed to be brave and find a way to impact thre outcome of a war.

Bill Charles Potter: Bill Charles Weasley, you were named after the two Weasley’s that I will never stop wanting to know about.

Tonks Fleur Potter: Tonks Fleur Potter, you were named after to women who managed to look past appearance and still marry werewolf despite the hardships that came with. They were also both gorgeous badasses. Lastly, if someone has something to say about your middle name being girly send a letter to your aunt Fleur and she’ll kick their ass while still having flawless hair.

Oliver Nimbus Potter: Oliver Nimbus Potter, you were named after one of the best Quidditch players I ever met. You better make the bloody Quidditch team.

Alastor Kingsley Potter: Alastor Kingsley Potter, you were named after two incredibly brave men who are often overlooked when it comes to heroes from the war. One of them continued to fight even after being kidnapped. The other was nothing but honest and brave and clever.

Ignotis Potter: Ignotis Potter, you were named after my ancestor who was written about in the Tale of three Brothers. He was humble and clever. I’d like for you to be like him.

•Merlin Newton Potter: Merlin Newton Potter, you were named after two incredibly succesful wizards. They were both very hard working.

Sirius Ludovic Potter: Sirius Ludovic Potter, you were named after the two most dramatic men I’ve ever met. They were both incredibly extra.

Severus Umbridge Vernon Voldemort Potter: Severus Umbridge Vernon Voldemort Potter, I was just gonna name you Albus Severus Potter but I was sitting there and I thought to myself why just give you one of the names of people who’ve abused me. If I and other people are going to be constantly reminded of people who have abused us then I might as well go all in.

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10 great Jazz albums released in 1963  

Charles Mingus - The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady

Thelonious Monk - Monks Dream

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman

Joe Henderson - Page One

Miles Davis - Seven Steps To Heaven

Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue

Bill Evans - Conversations With Myself

Donald Byrd - A New Perspective

Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Max Roach - Money Jungle

John Coltrane - Impressions 10 great jazz albums

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The Burrow

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Venus Dominance

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People with Venus dominance are known for their love. But Venus isn’t just about falling for someone! The Venus archetype is about everything beautiful: clothes, faces, hobbies, talents, people, music, etc.

Venusians are very aesthetically inclined people. They’ll want to be well dressed, in keeping with fashions and usually society too. Often found in fashion or art related jobs, they have an eye for new trends of all medias. They can commonly have softer facial features than other people, and seem to always fit into an idea of “beautiful”.

Having a big stress on love, these people can often not wish to disrupt society (especially so for Venus in 11th) because they’d rather go around loving it. It’s key to note that ‘not disrupting’ it does not mean not standing up for what they believe in. Many Venus dominant people will actually stand up for what they believe is loving, but often it takes a more peaceful form than other dominants. They make a stand in a form of art, or through eloquent language, rather than riots or powerful, aggressive speeches.

The thing about them is that they wish to share their love in all forms. They may write poems, or share make up tips. This can then be radiated on friends and communities. For example, they can be the friend to give you the best birthday present, or the one who advises you on your issues.

Often times, they have a firm idea of love and what it should be. This doesn’t always have to mean they are obsessed with it on a public level. In fact, because they know what they want, they may not be as openly delusional with love as others can be. When in a relationship, they give their all, and tend to love in a more passive way - they aren’t interested in arguments and love/hate moments!

Another thing you will notice about them is their acquired tastes and smells. It’s common they have a love for fine foods and scents, such as wines or perfumes. This is also applicable to materials, taste in music, and art. They like what they like, and they’re a positive critic of their hobbies and interests. Sometimes they can be seen as perfectionists due to this.

Examples: Beyonce, Grace Kelly, Freddie Mercury, Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Charles the Prince of Wales, Shania Twain, Nick Jonas, Johnny Depp, Diana the Princess of Wales, Lana Del Ray, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Rene Descartes, Ella Fitzgerald, Claudia Cardinale, Sasha Grey, Eric Clapton, George Washington, James McAvoy, Thomas Edison, Diana Ross, Bill Maher, Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones, Charles Dickens, Chester Bennington, Anthony Delon, Jimmy Carter, Melanie Thierry

Detective Comics #155 - January 1950

Cover Artist: Win Mortimer


Script: Bill Finger

Art:  Bob Kane (Pencils, Batman and Robin figures only), Lew Sayre Schwartz (Pencils), Charles Paris (Inks)

Characters: Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Vicki Vale; Ed Wedge (detective); Tracks Carlin (villain, flashback); Frank Kelcey (villain, architect); Tilley (villain, Carlin’s attorney)

Synopsis: Bruce subs for a famed detective as he recuperates from appendix surgery. He immediately gets two clients, both of whom want a model train that once belonged to a criminal, Tracks Carlin……and are willing to get it any any cost!

Batman Story #439