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When Jimmy Carter became president, he put his small Georgia peanut farm into a blind trust to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

Bill and Chelsea Clinton were both going to step down from their positions in the Clinton Foundation if Hillary Clinton won.

Donald Trump is just going to let his children run his international real estate empire and doesn’t want us to worry about the billions he owes to Russian and Chinese bankers.

Family Business

Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis

After arriving in 2012, there’s some basic necessities to get out of the way–namely a complete physical and vaccinations that weren’t available in 1946.  But a trip to the local SHIELD office holds other surprises for Peggy and Jarvis.

A/N: We started working on this verse before season 2 of Agent Carter aired, so there’s some pretty huge deviations from the characters that were presented on the show.  And we left it that way because we like ours better.  If you have any questions about our view of Peggy’s backstory or her brother Bill, please feel free to shoot us a line.

“Do we really have to do this?” Peggy asked irritably, and Jarvis snorted.

“Really, Miss Carter,” he said, shaking his head.  “I have seen you fight men twice your size armed with little more than a lunch tray, and you’re afraid of a few pin pricks?”

“I just…don’t like shots,” she sniffed, looking out the window, and Steve grinned and put an arm around her.

“You know, I seem to remember you telling me to buck up when they were taking a fifth of my blood–”

“That was important,” she insisted.  “This is just–”

“So you don’t die from diseases your body has never seen, or accidentally kill anyone else by carrying diseases that have been gone for years,” he countered, and she glared at him. “Sorry.  If it helps, I’ll buy you ice cream afterwards.”

“I’m not a child, Steve.”

“What does that have to do with anything?  It’s ice cream.

Peggy blinked at him, then shook her head and laughed.  Even Jarvis smirked a little before looking out the window again as Steve planted a kiss on Peggy’s head.

Fury was waiting outside for them as they pulled up to the building, and Steve took Peggy’s hand as they strolled up to the doors, and she glanced down before squeezing gently.  It was a nice feeling, being able have little touches like that anywhere, after years of keeping themselves in check.  Of all the adjustments that came with being hurled to another time decades in her future, this was by far her favorite.

“Agent Carter,” Fury said, reaching for the door handle.  “Welcome to SHIELD.”

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anonymous asked:

Jimmy Carter said last night that he voted for Sanders in the primary. Does this surprise you?

No, not at all. President Carter was saying many of the things that mainstream Democrats are largely just beginning to say now way back in 1976. Carter’s problem was that he was a flat-out terrible politician when it came to the skills necessary for getting things done. I mean, Carter took over the White House in the wake of Watergate, Ford’s pardon of Nixon (still unpopular at the time), and the messy end of the Vietnam War, and had SIGNIFICANT Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate throughout his entire term, but he rubbed so many people the wrong way that a Congress which could have basically rubber-stamped his agenda basically didn’t want to work with him.

But Carter has long been far more progressive on most (but certainly not all) issues than either of the Clintons, so it makes sense that he would have supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries last year. Plus, Carter and the Clintons have always had a very complicated, often downright antagonistic relationship, and that dates back to when Carter was President and Bill Clinton was the young Governor of Arkansas. That’s nearly 40 years of thinly-veiled political tension between Carter and the Clintons, and my understanding is that they’ve never liked each other on a personal level and haven’t worked too hard to try to change that. So, even if Carter’s politics aligned more closely with Hillary Clinton’s than those of Bernie Sanders, I imagine he wouldn’t have been too excited to support her last year in the primaries.

(Incidentally, Jimmy Carter has had complicated relationships to varying degrees with all of his fellow Presidents from Nixon to Obama. Oddly enough, the best relationship that Carter shared with another President was with Gerald Ford, who Carter defeated in the particularly bitter 1976 election. And, even then, Ford actively disliked Carter for several years until they bonded while flying together to-and-from the funeral of assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.)