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About that spaceship in 4x13: a summary of what we know.

The ship belongs to an organisation called ‘Eligius Mining Company’. This organisation was mentioned in ep 4x05 by Jackson: eh found out Becca originally worked for them and created the Nightblood in order to protect people against radiation on a long space journey;when they were put into hypersleep. We learn that they were mining an asteroid. This is something that is theorized about right now, and is very much possible to do. Asteroids have minerals that are rare on earth, and which we could use for all sorts of purposes. Since asteroids are large, it could sustain us for hundreds (thousends?) of years.

Eligius made use of convicts for their labour (very American, I gather), hence ‘penal mining colony’. (’Penal’ comes from Latin ‘poena’ meaning punishment, for those who are confused. I’m not a native English speaker and it took me a few days to realize.) This means that the people who went to the asteroid can be divided into 2 groups: prisoners and guards. A possible third group is personnel, but it’s of course possible they made use of the prisoners for that too.

In episode 4x02 we see multiple tv screens behind Raven as she’s explaining to her friends what happened to the nuclear power plants and why they’re melting down. On several of them, there are headlines about the mining colony, like ‘contact lost with penal mining colony’. This means that in the days before the apocalypse started by ALIE, communication between earth (and probably a monitoring programme) and the colony ceased. There’s no mention of why or how this happened, or what they did with that information.

That is what we know.

From here I jump into speculation territory: what if communication was cut on purpose, and Bill Cadogan was somehow on it? What if they knew what was going to happen?

OR what if the spaceship that comes down are prisoners that have escaped and got to earth? Even though they’d never been there, they still think of it as ‘home’, or they just want to get away from the colony.

OR something happened on the asteroid that made living there unsafe, so they decided to come back to earth and sent an exploratory team to earth to check whether everything was okay there?

OR something else happened and they came into contact with the new Ark (I’m going to call them Spacekru) and they’re on that ship, either by themselves or as prisoners.

OR … the possibilities are endless.

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