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Reunion (One-Shot Ficlet)

@captaingrayface: (I made a short little thing, but since it borrows your OCs to establish setting I figured I’d send it to you rather than post it elsewhere.)


Bentley was in a foul mood. “Its just annoying, Why can’t she just use my name? It’s always ‘Shooting star’ this and ‘shooting star’ that…”

Dipper hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation until he heard that. “What did you say?”

“It’s Ben’s new co-worker, Toni. She’s got annoying nicknames for everyone.” Torako filled him in.

“And his is shooting star?”

“Yes, And I have no idea why!”

“I do.” Dipper stated, before vanishing from sight without any explanation. Reappearing elsewhere a moment later in his suit and hat.

She froze in fright, when the black clad figure appeared, hovering before her. It took only a glance for dipper to confirm this was indeed the soul he had suspected. slowly he drifted forward, his gaze never leaving her, until they were mere inches apart and he could clearly hear her muttering 'no, please no,’ under her breath, too quietly to even call a whisper.

She had expected to be attacked, or possessed, or to have her soul torn out, but being drawn into a hug? That, she never could have seen coming. He was surprisingly gentle. Confusion surprise relief and fear warred in her as she tried to figure out how to feel. Then the creature holding her began to speak.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t look for you when the next cycle started. I’m Sorry I forgot you. I’m sorry I could never say what you wanted to hear, What you deserved to hear. I loved you, Toby, I was proud of you, and I’m Sorry.”

And with that, the dark figure was gone. No theatrics no fanfare just 'poof gone’, leaving behind an extremely confused woman wondering just what the hell her past lives had gotten up to to elicit a reaction like that from what she was pretty sure was a demon… She didn’t even notice the mismatched name.

Thank you!! This definitely fits with Alcor trying to find his loved ones and connect with them in Bentlely’s arc :)

towerinshiningarmor  asked:

Bentley's father expresses worry over his son's safety. "Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I had a son too, you know." says Alcor in an offhand sort of way. "No, you didn't." The man dismisses immediately, as though arguing with a colleague, then sheepishly remembers who he is talking to. Alcor only laughs at him, "he was really sweet, like you wouldn't believe.....well. Anyhow. He was murdered by some humans. People can be scary. And they think /I'm/ bad."

Why do you hurt us this way?

Lou Reed and his wife, experimental musician Laurie Anderson in 1995 captured at Coney Island by Annie Leibovitz

Bill Bentley, Lou Reed’s former publicist and longtime friend speaks to Fresh Air about Lou’s personal demons he fought through his art:

I think there [were] a lot of questions in [Lou’s] mind of how do you become a good person? How do you fight off the demons and the devils that take you down the other road, and that was his lifelong struggle, but I think that’s also what made him such a great artist because he never backed down from it. He acknowledged it. He wrote songs about it, like what is that line between good and bad in a person? And where does it take you?

Hear the interview with Bentley, which features clips from interviews with some of Reed’s fellow musicians and collaborators HERE


For your consideration | Ensemble Cast - Interstellar

Lou [Reed]’s whole contribution to rock ‘n’ roll was — at the very start at his career he said, 'You should be able to write about anything.’ Anything you could read about in a book, or talk about in a play he felt should be in a rock 'n’ roll song. He set that out as his number one goal, was to change the parameters of what rock lyrics could be.
—  Bill Bentley, Lou Reed’s former publicist and longtime friend reflects with Fresh Air about his legacy as a great “rock ‘n’ roll warrior.”