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Love Letter

“Matchmaking” square for Red Team Bingo

Grif should never have written anything down. Grimmons, based on this brilliant idea and sketch from @sabishiita​.

Hey Simmons,

You’ll never hear this from me but-

Grif crossed out the note.

Doc wanted me to do this stupid fucking exercise to let out my feelings on paper and I told him it was stupid and now I’m doing it anyway. Fuck.

He didn’t know why Doc was suddenly taking an interest in his mental health. Grif should’ve been wary of him after the last time the group had a therapy session, but Grif really didn’t know what to say to Simmons. This was as good an idea as any.

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I didn’t cry after learning Skip Muck was dead. That would come later. Much later. Not that it didn’t hurt. Hell, I’d never felt pain so deep. He was like my brother. No, closer than my brother. But by January 9, when he’d died in a shelling about one hundred yards east of where I was, I was too mentally numb to really react. Too tired. I didn’t sleep a wink for two nights after Roe broke the news to me. And after seeing Toye and Guarnere carted off, and Compton leaving, it was like dumping ice on a guy who was already frozen stiff.
—  Don Malarkey

Goofball Bill Skarsgård Headcannons (part 2/??)

Author’s note: So, everyone seemed to really like these last time! Depending upon how well this one does, there may be a part 3 (perhaps even 4!).

Bill is a super sweet guy! He loves messing with you, making your blood pressure rise and such. He loves making you laugh.

Riding with Bill in a car,

- Bill is driving, of course.

- He constantly takes his hands off the wheel and screams, “WHOA!” Just to make you jump.

- Pulling up at a drive-thru and speaking full on Swedish, which throws the worker for a loop. You can’t help but giggle at him, which makes him want to do it more.

- When it’s late, he punches the gas down the interstate to see what you’ll do. “bILL!! NOOOO!” Causing him to laugh hysterically as he lifts his foot from the gas.

- Making funny faces at you while somehow still concentrating on the road in front.

- Bill screaming along with the radio as a popular tune comes on. “HOLY CRAP! THIS IS MY JAM!” While he dances in the drivers seat.

Nostalgic Night at the apartment,

- Bill turns on old cartoons from the 90s (Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Animaniacs, etc.).

- You and Bill just can quote all the shows.

- Somehow remembering Every. Last. Word. Of the theme songs.

- It’s fun reminiscing with Bill over something that brought you so much joy as a child.

- 80s Classics are always fun!

- Watching all three of the Back to the Future movies.

- You and Bill TOTALLY act out the Marty and Doc scenes.

- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is such a classic.

- Bill has his entire monologue from the beginning memorized. “Life moves pretty fast-” Causing you to laugh.


- Little did you know, Bill was a huge Star Wars nerd too!

- Bill just having the handsomeness of an 80s teen heart throb.

- Of course, you watch the 1990 Miniseries of IT.

- You can literally quote this entire film.

- From every stutter to the last Beep Beep, Richie, you know it word for word. (Admitting to Bill that Tim Curry was a childhood crush of yours).

- Bill smiles at you and ends up doing his version of Pennywise just to make you laugh.

- “You look like such a nice girl, I bet you have a lot of friends!” As he jumps on top of you and smothers you with kisses.

- “BEEP BEEP, BILL!” Laughing at the fact that you were basically telling him to shut his trap.

- Of course, gotta have some 2000s classics too.

- You both watch all the High School Musical movies. Bill sings along to ALL of it.

- Watching Mean Girls. Bill dies when he realizes you can quote this entire film too.

- You whisper, “It’s like I have ESPN or something.” Grabbing your tit and laughing at the fact the girl thinks she can tell the weather. (Bill’s cheeks turn blood red when you grab yourself)

- Watching the Devil Wears Prada.

- Bill stands up and composes himself just like Nigel.

- Laughing as he puts on a pair of glasses and bringing them to the tip of his nose while pushing his lips out.

- Disney Movies are so much fun too!

- Bill is a HUGE Disnerd!

- You both watch the Lion King and sing along. Bill teared up when Mufasa dies.

- Watching Frozen together.

- You and Bill sing For the First Time in Forever together and laugh once you both finish.

- Singing In Summer like a couple of idiots.

- Watching Tangled and singing At Last I See the Light and kissing at the end.

- So many movies, you can’t even remember them all. You fall asleep in Bill’s arms on the couch while the movies still play.

Going to a movie premiere with Bill,

- He sits super close to during the screening.

- He grips your hand tightly in his.

- He whispers all the lines he remembers to you, causing you to giggle at the theatre.

- You nudge him softly, begging him to stop.

- Of course, he doesn’t. He keeps poking you and licking your cheek throughout the entire film.

- You kiss him on the lips to make him stop.

- Bill’s eyes widen and your plan fails, he believes this is you inviting him for more.

Spending the night with Bill,

- Pillow fights are a thing.

- Bill smacks you in the back of the head with a pillow and you fall onto the bed.

- You begin to fake cry, Bill gets super concerned.

- He grabs you and tries to flip you to see your face. You bust him right back with a pillow.

- Bill laughs and chases you through the house.

- You hide under tables and giggle.

- He finds you and hits you one last time before pulling you into his embrace.

- Pillow forts in the living room, of course.

- Bill pulls all the sheets from the bed and does everything in his power to make the fort capable of holding his entire figure.

- He layers the floor with pillows for you both to sit on.

- He puts bags of chips and cans of soda inside so you won’t get hungry.

- He adds a couple of flashlights to light up the inside of the fort.

- You both lay there and talk for hours on end and eventually fall asleep.

- Waking up to Bill poking you in the face. You pull on his finger and grunt at his touch. “Why… are you… like this?” You mumble in your half asleep state. Bill can’t help but laugh like a moron.

- You and Bill totally have matching onesies!

- They’re the ones with feet in them and everything.

- Bill runs around the living room, sliding on the wood flooring.

- He falls onto the couch and laughs loudly.

- You check to make sure he’s okay and he pulls you on top of him. He kisses you as he continues to laugh.

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OKAY I AM SORRY BUT NOT SORRY. Season 4 RvB lives on my iPhone so I can listen to it as a radio play at work, and it is an absolute gift. I’ve been meaning to make a post about how awesome it is anyway, so here you go:

  • Blue Team Simmons!
  • “Luckily, I am not lazy like a Shizno.”
  • “Not me, I call you Mrs. McCrabby.“
  • Literally every line of dialogue between Simmons and Sheila.
  • Donut getting so competitive against the skull and the wrench.
  • “Now hold still. For science.” “Not the face, not the face!”
  • “Excuse me, is that any way to talk to a lady?”
  • Church wanting to make sure that Caboose’s underwear gets changed.
  • Simmons being SO BAD at being Blue Team.
  • “Another meeting of the pronoun club. Same time next week, folks.”
  • “God damn man, I would love to live in your world for about ten minutes.“ Seriously, the sheer affection in Church’s voice kills me every time.
  • Also Church would canonically hold Caboose’s hand while he screamed himself to death from liquefying internal organs, I AM NOT OKAY.
  • “A password should contain at least one number, and one letter. For example, your password would be 2dumb2live.”
  • “Hmm, it’s quiet… too quiet. [gunshot] Now suddenly it’s too loud.”
  • Doc complaining about the chore system at the evil lair. “And don’t even get me started on the phone bill!”
  • “Years from now, you’ll drive yourself mad wondering, if there was anything you could have done to save him.” THIS IS OMEGA SPEAKING HE KNOWS HOW CHURCH CAN DRIVE HIMSELF MAD I AM NOT OKAY.
  • “I’ve also been told that a twenty dollar co-pay is pretty much standard.”
  • “With heart, and true determination, we can get him through this!” Doc, sometimes you’re pretty fine.
  • Church is willing to explain to Caboose how babies are made. CHURCH JUST LOVES CABOOSE SO MUCH OKAY.
  • Grif trying to cheer up Sarge. “You wanna call me an idiot Sarge? That always makes ya feel better.”
  • ✨ ✨ J U N I O R ✨ ✨

“I think I’ve been spoiled too much, doc.” the chubby Zephyrite said to the doctor examining him. It was time for Kodai’s annual physical and his doctor had given him a clean bill of health as usual. Well, except for one thing that Kodai noticed.

“I’ve already told you: no physical abnormalities, no changes in your genetic make-up, not even any hormonal imbalances. Aside from putting on a little weight, your perfectly healthy.”

“A little weight?!” Kodai exclaimed, jiggling his sizable belly for emphasis. “I’m sorry, but does this look like a little weight to you?!”

“Considering we’ve been monitoring you since the day you were found, I’d say so.” The doctor paused for a moment to chuckle, as something immediately became apparent given Kodai’s situation. “You only noticed it just now?”

“Only in the past… month, or so…” Kodai stammered.

“Well, what’s your diet like?” the doctor asked. Kodai felt his blood run cold. He knew this question was coming up, but he never liked answering it. However, he also knew he’d get nothing out of lying so might as well be honest.

“Just the usual stuff for a guy my age: cheap fast food and sweets. But I do have a salad every now and again!” The doctor immediately laughed at that last statement. It was clear as day that Kodai wasn’t eating the healthiest of meals, let alone consuming them in quantities larger than he could burn.

“Well, there’s your problem! Just go on a strict diet, exercise more often, and cut back on the sweets, kay?” And with that, the examination was over. As Kodai put his clothes back on and left the doctor’s office, a sarcastic thought ran through his head.

“Yeah, knowing my appetite, that’s easier said than done…”





i magine that tsukki and iwaizumi arnt as into doing the do as oikawa and yamaguchi are so like when tsukki isnt feeling up to it iwa joins tsukki on the couch to watch movies wile their boyfriends do the do in the room. iwa and tsukki bond over jeff goldblum movies cuz well jurassic park and wat not and like yeah those two just bonding over old movies and what not. 

Oikawa is the group motivator though when it comes to them feeling crappy about themselves Oikawa just knows what to say to make them feel good. espeically when it comes to yamaguchi and having moments of feeling like hes the ugly one of the four. like oh gosh Oikawa will not stand for their freckled beb to think such stupid things so he always gives yams a talk about how perfect he is and how his flaws are just as great as his best features and what now

 they have weekend arm wrestling matches and yamaguchi actually wins against everyone even Iwaizumi and they all praise and want yamaguchi to protect them. but oh man sure yams is their protector BUT IF SOMEONE TRIES TO FUCK WITH YAMAGUCHI THEY BETTER BE PREPARED CUZ OH MAN THEY DONE FUCKED UP!

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Did I fucking say that I was in BCT? Nope. Nowhere in my message did I do such a thing. I should've said "future soldier" instead. That was my bad, but you still read too much into things. I'm 17 and a senior in high school, so perhaps you're better off not using the "sugar tits" lingo buddy.

Maybe, sugar tit you better grow thicker skin if you think you want to join the army. In the army you are the butt of the joke. Get use to it sugar tit. If you don’t like it, I hear the Salvation Army is looking for some good butt hurt sugar tits to ring bells for them.

@inked-up-devil-doc @bill-11b get a load of this offended one.