About stan and who he really is!!

we don’t know what stan is going to do or what he has done. We don’t even know if he really is “stan”

He cared for DIPPER by
Spending time with him (on a boat).
Taught him to fight for himself and show he is strong.
Been there during the zombie attack.
Keeps pictures of the kids even in his work room
Told dipper the truth but not all of it to protect him.
He like it when dipper challenges him and talk back.
He loves him

He cared for MABEL by
Laughing at all her jokes
Supported her odd interests
Playing with her
He even said he would miss her if she stop making joke and making him laugh
He save her pig.
He made her feel better and supported her against pacifica.
He showed Mabel that he does love people of this town and he has a soft side that she can reach.
He loves her.

What he cares for SOOS by
Being like a father to him.
He tried to change soos birthday.
He never gets angry at soos weird sayings or actions.
He included soos in a lot of there family activities.
He cares for him.

He cares for Wendy by:
He hired her yet won’t fire her when anyone else would and he probably know all the junk she gets into.
She knows where a lot of his person items are (like his secret stash is/ his memory foam pillow is)
He and Wendy work together to cheer up soos.
There may not be as much as the other but there is an underline connection of caring there.

In the end Stan will probably not be who we knew but we can’t forget the real him and what he really did for those he cared about.

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HC: There's a re-incarnation of Bill (eventually) who decides to get into demon summoning, but all the other demons find the idea of Bill Cipher being a human so hilarious that they laugh him off every time. (And the one time he actually does make a deal, he of course gets screwed over terribly. If he ever comes back as a demon, he never lives it down).


I love how Dipper never let’s the fact that he’s just a twelve year old kid stop him from being the brave, resolute and resourceful nerd we all know and love. Dipper may be a total wimp, but that never stops him from holding his own against all the Gravity Falls weirdness.  When the world fights, Dipper fights back and that’s what really makes hims such an awesome character.