A Tale of Two Stan’s - Gravity Falls teaser

So we all thought we knew the twins didn’t we? Everything down to their appearance and names, but boy were we wrong. Before I begin to theorize what will go down next episode i’d like to point out a small big fact.

In the first few seconds of the preview we see Stanford and Stanley playing just as normal kids would, but what some of us have easily dismissed is their poster hanging in the background. If you take a good look at this poster you’ll find that Stanford is in fact the author, don’t believe me? Take a look at the boy’s fingers. Stanley has five while Stanford has six, mystery solved! Alex definitely knew what he was doing when he added this into the teaser. 

[Possible spoilers] [detailed teaser analysis/timeline]

Before you continue please note I will be referring to the author as Stanford and Grunkle Stan as Stanley.

As the boys grow older we can clearly see a change in Stanley’s face from what we’ve known it to be in the past. In the episode Dreamscaperers We see Stanley and Carla going to the movies together on a date, notice any differences?

During this time Stanley was probably considered a geek among his fellow classmates, we’ve seen him get bullied in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised. After his incident with the thief Stanley probably gained popularity and overall changed his style. Of course there’s a chance I could be wrong but what else could it be? The only other logical explanation would be puberty. 

As months or even years passed Stanley changed into someone else. 

It’s a common problem to be struggling to find your true identity, especially if you’re a teen. Stanley could have been hassled by his father or his beloved brother, who knows. 

We’re not fully sure but as we can see, Stanley was kicked out of the house by his father. How do we know it’s his father? Simple, the arm of the man.

They’re both wearing the same suit with the same colors and skin tone. I know, it’s a long shot but it’s worth mentioning. 

In the midst of being kicked out I suppose Stanley made a run for it. Now i’m not saying he’d leave Stanford behind purposely but  he had no money or belongings, he had to learn how to survive on the streets. 

Stanley also has the same round face as before suggesting him and Carla could have quite possibly been dating this whole time; either Bonnie and Clyde style or long distance. This is also more proof for the G4G theory but i’m not going to go into that right now.

Years passed and Stanford moved to Gravity Falls to record the strange coincidences going on within the town, for all we know he was alone.

Things seemed to be going great for the young man, he was even building his own house! [he’s way smaller than we thought, such a smol nerd]

Stanley had hit rock bottom at this point, or so i’d like to think. There’s a chance the two brothers kept in contact over the years and I wouldn’t be startled if Stanford told Stanley about Gravity Falls. Looking back at the map Stanley had multiple options of where to hide next. Why pick a random state when his brother was in Oregon, one he hadn’t been banned from yet. 

We’re not sure when Stanley was thrown into jail but it was probably around this time if not earlier in his timeline.

As we move on it looks like Stanford had completed his cabin and is currently on book three, guess time flies when you’re surrounded by countless paranormal anomalies.

Around this time would be when Fiddleford started working with the Author, they most likely built the portal together as coworkers but that’s not canonly confirmed yet -for all we know they could have been long time friends.

We can tell Stanley hadn’t made his way to Gravity Falls yet because he’s not in this scene and the author has yet to grow scruff [this will come into play in a minute.]

After many pain staking months he had finally made it. Stanley was home. 

I know what you’re thinking, “A happy reunion? Maybe even a sibling hug?” nope, wrong again! Turns out the two boys weren’t on as great of speaking terms as we thought.

Here’s where the Author’s scruff comes into play. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days let alone kept up with himself, what’s been on the man’s mind to make him do so? 

We can tell these scenes take place close to one another because Stanley is wearing the same jacket as before.

Immediately Stanley is questioned by his brother, his expression looks like one of thought and concentration -my theory is that this was happening to Stanford around the time Bill started messing with his brain, the time when Stanford felt so strongly about his gut that he began to write in invisible ink. Another Theory I saw today suggested Stanford was checking Stanley’s eyes for any sign of bill’s pupils or Bill in general. [ x imaginevelocity ]

[The next frame was too blurry to make out but it seems as if Stanford and Stanley are fighting over journal 1? There’s a slight chance he was possessed by Bill if this is the first time the brothers have seen each other in a long time. Stanley would have no need to steal his brother’s journal form what we know anyway.]

Welp, lets move on.

These frames are crucial to the whole series, yes you heard me right, the whole series. Gravity Falls wouldn’t have an actual plot without them!

When we first got a glimpse of the preview these frames were some of the fastest and hardest to see, it’s crazy how one teaser can change a fandom’s thinking in a matter of seconds. 

As all of you saw in the video, Fiddleford’s hand gets horribly caught in the rope pulling him towards the portal. Stanford tries his best to pull his friend back to safety but is struggling. Somehow in between these two events Stanford is gone, pulled into the desolate future and lost for 30 years.

Now remember this guy?

There had to be a time when Stanford was fooled by Bill; Have you ever considered Bill was in on this little plan? Honestly I think it was his idea in the first place -I mean, who else knows how to con someone like Bill? 

We know Bill’s dark intentions and I think Stanford’s disappearance was one of them; why else would we see this pov? Stanford did’t let go of the rope [while on the ground] because he’s the one who fell through the portal. If his brother was there Stanford would’ve been saved. [aka why Stanley is afraid of heights, he was most likely in town when these events were going on] Meaning only one thing, Bill must have sat back and watched from the shadows.

Without Bill there was no way Fiddleford could shut down the portal in time to save Stanford, he would’ve needed three hands.

In the past we’ve known Bill can see through almost anything shaped like his eye [which the shack is full of may I remind you] so why didn’t he save Stanford if he was genuinely being nice for once. Bill has enough power to do so.

In the journal Stanford wrote, quote, “This odd triangle being has appeared in my dreams every night for weeks.” 

From what we know Stanley had probably moved in with Stanford when him and Fiddleford were working on the portal, so my question is why were there three key slots? If Stanford had moved in halfway through the making of the portal there would be no need for three unless Bill was in on it. 

Bill had the idea, Bill knew how to get his way, but what we don’t know is if Stanford made any type of deal with him.

See Stanford’s car? 

This was the car in the news clipping, this is how they faked Stanley’s death. With Fiddleford and Stanley left to clean up the mess Stanford left behind they had to make it a good story. There would be no other way to explain his disappearance without telling the world about the portal. Things would be chaotic if it slipped!

We know Stanley was a identity thief so it would be relativity easy to take over the mystery shack and the role of his brother.

[Fiddleford was starting to erase his memories because of the great guilt he felt so please understand Stanley might have had to fake his death on his own] 

“I helped him build a machine which he believed had the potential to benefit all mankind, but something went wrong. I decided to quit the project. But I lie awake at night, haunted by the thoughts of what I’ve done. I believe I have invented a machine that can permanently erase these memories from my mind. Test subject 1 Fiddleford.“

And thus Gravity falls today. 

Thanks for listening to my analysis of the newest Gravity Falls teaser! Feel free to post your opinions in the tags or even on the post, i’m willing to talk about the theory[s] i’ve stated above! Thanks for reading! 
[Breaks my poor heart to know Fids felt so guilty he ended up erasing his memories of the event, makes me want to curl up and sob honestly]