Eddie & Iris :: Tears of an Angel (1x23)

- You are, Eddie. You’re my hero.
- That’ all I ever wanted to be.

(video by me)

I really need a Doctor and Rose Tyler’s Spin off.

Yesterday I was staring at my mum, trying to not crying because of The End Of Time p.2, running on TV.
Through my tears, I figured out that I really need to know. To know what happened to Tentoo and Rose in Pete’s world. To see their kisses (we only see one, and believe me, it’s not enough). I want to see them running, to save bilions of people, to save Earth from a kind of aliens and to see them together.
I miss their smiles, their looking, I miss their passion, their wonderful relationship, the way how they save each other.

I miss Ten and Rose, from the Russell T Davies Era.

Don’t you miss them too?