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Time of Day      

  • den = day
  • ráno = morning
  • poledne = noon
  • odpoledne = afternoon
  • večer = evening
  • noc = night
  • sekunda = second
  • minuta = minute
  • hodina = hour
  • půlnoc = midnight
  • týden = week
  • víkend = weekend
  • měsíc = month
  • rok = year
  • pondělí = Monday
  • úterý = Tuesday
  • středa = Wednesday
  • čtvrtek = Thursday
  • pátek = Friday
  • sobota = Saturday
  • neděle = Sunday
  • dneska = today
  • včera = yesterday
  • zítra = tomorrow
  • pozítří = the day after tomorrow
Numbers (1 - 10)      
  • číslo = number
  • jeden = one
  • dva = two
  • tři = three
  • čtyři = four
  • pět = five
  • šest = six
  • sedm = seven
  • osm = eight
  • devět = nine
  • deset = ten
Numbers (11 - 20)      
  • jedenáct = eleven
  • dvanáct = twelve
  • třináct = thirteen
  • čtrnáct = fourteen
  • patnáct = fifteen
  • šestnáct = sixteen
  • sedmnáct = seventeen
  • osmnáct = eighteen
  • devatenáct = nineteen
  • dvanáct = twenty
Numbers (21 - ……)      
  • dvacet jedna = twenty one
  • dvacet pět = twenty five
  • třicet = thirty
  • čtyřicet = forty
  • padesát = fifty
  • šedesát = sixty
  • sedmdesát = seventy
  • osmdesát = eighty
  • devadesát = ninety
  • sto = hundred
  • tisíc = thousand
  • milion = million
  • miliarda = billion
  • bilion = trillion
  • leden = January
  • únor = February
  • březen = March
  • duben = April
  • květen = May
  • červen = June
  • červenec = July
  • srpen = August
  • září = September
  • říjen = October
  • listopad = November
  • prosinec = December
  • červená = Red
  • modrá = Blue
  • žlutá = Yellow
  • oranžová = Orange
  • růžová = Pink
  • fialová = Purple
  • hnědá = Brown
  • bílá = White
  • černá = Black
  • sedá = Grey
  • stříbrná = Silver
  • zlatá = Gold
  • syn = Son
  • otec = Father
  • matka = Mother
  • dcera = Daughter
  • dědeček = Grandfather
  • babička = Grandmother
  • sestra = Sister
  • bratr = Brother
  • jméno = Name
  • příjmení = Surname
  • kdy = When?
  • kde = Where?
  • jak = How?
  • proč = Why?
  • co = What?
  • kdo = Who?
  • jaký = What kind of?
  • který = Which?
  • čí = Whose?
  • kolik = How much?
blackpink bios


김제니; you’re my everything.

김제니; the more i see you, the more i want you.


박채영; i do not exist without you.

박채영; in a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.


리사; reason of my smile.

리사; i love everything about you.


김지수; 7 bilion smiles, and yours is my favorite.

김지수; i’ll always choose you.

Am I the only one going between 200% confidence of canon romantic Reylo and pessimism of them getting half a scene together like a bilion times a day? It stresses me out 😂

Why the fuck should I matter to anyone?
Oh, please! You’ve got over 7 bilion other people here…
All more interesting, more inteligent and (not to mention) more good looking, more talented and so on.
Don’t ever claim like I am important and the life won’t
be the same if I was gone. The sun will stil shine and Earth will still spin around.

If you imagine the 4,500-bilion-odd years of Earth’s history compressed into a normal earthly day, then life begins very early, about 4 A.M., with the rise of the first simple, single-celled organisms, but then advances no further for the next sixteen hours. Not until almost 8:30 in the evening, with the day five-sixths over, has Earth anything to show the universe but a restless skin of microbes. Then, finally, the first sea plants appear, followed twenty minutes later by the first jellyfish and the enigmatic Ediacaran fauna first seen by Reginald Sprigg in Australia. At 9:04 P.M. trilobites swim onto the scene, followed more or less immediately by the shapely creatures of the Burgess Shale. Just before 10 P.M. plants begin to pop up on the land. Soon after, with less than two hours left in the day, the first land creatures follow.

Thanks to ten minutes or so of balmy weather, by 10:24 the Earth is covered in the great carboniferous forests whose residues give us all our coal, and the first winged insects are evident. Dinosaurs plod onto the scene just before 11 P.M. and hold sway for about three-quarters of an hour. At twenty-one minutes to midnight they vanish and the age of mammals begins. Humans emerge one minute and seventeen seconds before midnight. The whole of our recorded history, on this scale, would be no more than a few seconds, a single human lifetime barely an instant. Throughout this greatly speeded-up day continents slide about and bang together at a clip that seems positively reckless. Mountains rise and melt away, ocean basins come and go, ice sheets advance and withdraw. And throughout the whole, about three times every minute, somewhere on the planet there is a flash-bulb pop of light marking the impact of a Manson-sized meteor or one even larger. It’s a wonder that anything at all can survive in such a pummeled and unsettled environment. In fact, not many things do for long.

—  Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

Here I am after 7 bilion years with sailor moon fanart

It’s my first time working with pens, and I LOVE IT. Ugghh

I’ve been a little down with my art lately because of school, and my part time job, and also my computer as been acting weird, so I couldn’t do anything digitaly. But now I found the magic of this pens, and it looks really close to what I do in the computer, so I’m really happy 8D

I’ll try to make some Steven Universe fanart soon, and I’ll take sugestions ;)

Republican Greg Gianforte says Noah built a boat at 600 years old so why should anyone retire?

“There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it’s been an accepted concept in our culture today,” he said. “Nowhere does it say, ‘Well, he was a good and faithful servant, so he went to the beach.’ It doesn’t say that anywhere.  The example I think of is Noah.  How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn’t like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn’t hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical.”

Greg Gianforte

How do you even say with a straight face that a 600-year-old man actually built a boat, let alone use that as reasoning to do away with retirement?

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Find a Way to Each Other

A/N: hey bitches! i have so much inspiration lately, that i have to write it down. and here we have a story with our beloved, handsome and sexy Speedster! it’s a little bit sad, okay quite a lot and heart breaking. i hope you forgive me and like it as other stories. sorry for mistakes and tnak you for reading! (look at the pic. i’m so in love with this man!) (credit to the owner of the pic)

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (AOU) x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff

Pietro’s POV

This is the day. The day of our sixth anniversary. Such a long time, but I love her still the same and even more. She is my everything. My better half. She makes me better man. I remember her smile, her sparkling eyes full of love for me. I always feel like she doesn’t see anyone else, just me.

I thought that kind of love was impossible to happen. I thought that I was not born to love anyone, but she helped me realize that I was. She was, no, she IS part of me. She has been since we were born.

And now, she is gone. I feel like half of my heart died. I feel so empty. I tell myself that maybe she isn’t by my side, but she is still alive. Deep down, I know that she lives, because if she isn’t, I would feel that, my heart would break into bilion pieces.

It is all my fault. Only mine. I can only blame myself. I promissed her, I would always be with her, I would never leave her, that we’re gonna be together forever. I feel like I lied to her and I hate myself. I lied to the love of my life.

When we lost our parents, I was so angry. My rage was huge. I wanted a revenge on Stark. That was only thing on my mind then. I couldn’t think about anything else. And I should. I should think only about her. She had only me. And what I did? I chose the revenge above the love of my life. I volunteered for a sick experiments and took into it my sister. Wanda was also angry and broken. She wanted a revenge as well, but she wasn’t sure about it all what we were offered. But I made her agree. I hate myself for that. But the most, I hate myself for leaving (Y/N). She was begging me not to do that, but I wouldn’t listen. I saw only my lost. I didn’t listen to her. I didn’t see that she was broken too and needed me, needed my help. I was so selfish. Forgive me, please.

I remember the day before I left. I proposed to her. I asked her to marry me, to be mine till the end of the world. She said ‘yes’. Despite of those bad things which happened to us, it was the most beautiful day in my life. I remember her smile, when I got on one knee and shown her a gold ring with small diamond. I was collecting money for that ring for so long. I wanted ask her for so long, but I had no courage. She was so perfect and I?

After proposal, we spent a night together. A night full of love and love making. I remember how she was whispering my name. I remember her skin against mine own. So soft, so delicate. I remember her hands tracing paths on my naked body. I remember her every kiss, every sigh, every moment she said ‘I love you, Pietro’. My name on her lips souned so special, full of emotions. We were making love all night. I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want morning to come, because I knew when morning would come, I had to leave her. I didn’t want to think about it then.

Unfortunately, hated morning came. She was sleeping peacefully in my arms, like every other night. We started living together a year before I asked her for her hand. Our parents and Wanda were so happy for us. They said that they knew from the begining that I and (Y/N) end up together as a couple. We were together since we were fifteen. I realized that I love her when other guys started hit on her. I felt so jelaous. I couldn’t let any other guy take her away from me. I was scared to tell her, but Wanda convinced me to show (Y/N) my feelings. I told Wanda that I had no idea if (Y/N) felt the same way and I didn’t want to make a fool myself, but my sister persuaded me that if I would not tell, I would not know. So, I told (Y/N) how I felt about her. At first, she didn’t tell anything and I wasaffraid, she treated me only like a best friend, but then I felt her lips on mine. I was paralized. I couldn’t move for a while, but then I took her waist and pulled her closer to my body. She smiled into the kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck. It was mine, her, our first kiss and not last, until the day I left.

I got up carefully and kissed her bare shoulder. I took the sheets and covered her body. She moved a little bit, but didn’t wake up. I took a quick shower, dressed myself and packed my bag. Wanda should wait for me dowstairs on the street. Before I left, I took a photo of me and (Y/N). I looked at it and smiled. (Y/N) was hugging me from behind. Her hands were wrapped around me and her lips were on my cheek. I was holding her hands and my face was directed to her. We looked so happy. We felt so happy. And then I was breaking her heart and leaving her. I hated myself, but there was no return. I took the door knob in my hand ready to open the door, when I heard her whispering

‘’You don’t even say goodbye?’’ I turned around and saw her pained face. My heart broke into pieces seeing her like that. Her beautiful eyes were sparkling, but only because of tears. Her beautiful body was wrapped in bed sheets. That moment, I wanted to throw everything and took her in my arms.

‘’I don’t say goodbye, because we will se each other very soon, my love.’’ I approached her and hugged her tight, kissing her head.

‘’Come back to me, Pietro.’’ She begged and I felt tears in my eyes.

‘’You know I will. I always am. Just wait for me.’’ I whispered and looked into her teary eyes.

She noded and kissed my lips. I hugged her again and walked over to the door. I looked at her and gave a sad smile.

‘’Te iubesc, (Y/N), toate de mine’’ I told her honestly.

‘’Esti viata mea, Pietro.’’ She smailed and then I left.

That was the last time I saw her. Those were the last words I’ve heard from her. ‘Esti viata mea, Pietro.’ ‘You are my life, Pietro.’

Months later, I thought I would find her in our old flat after I and Wanda joined Ultron. It was what I did first. But what I saw made my heart stop. Our old block was in ruin. There were only cinders. I got on my knees and screamed. I thought she was dead. That she lied under all of those wreckage. I cried so much. I thought, I lost her forever, but then I shook my head and refused to believe that. Maybe she ran away and was safe somewhere. I needed to find her.

All that time when I and Wanda were in that secret facility I thought about her all the time. Thoughts about her kept me alive, kept me sane. I needed to live, because I promised her that I would come back to her and I couldn’t let her down. But when I came back, she was gone. She was gone, but I knew she was alive. I felt it in my heart. If she would be dead, so am I. My life is hers and hers is mine.

After battle against Ultron and joining Avengers, where I almost lost my life, I came back to Sokovia many times. Wanda tried to find my love with her powers, but nothing. I needed to find her, dead or alive. I told myself all the time that she was alive, like mantra. Other Avengers helped me every time, even if I didn’t ask for that. But they were loosing hope for finding (Y/N). Even Wanda sometimes told me to stop, to let her go, to let her live in my memory and heart. But I couldn’t. They didn’t understand what I felt and still feel. (Y/N), the love of my life, lives ans still waits for me. I will be looking for her till the day I die. I promise you, (Y/N).

I am standing on the Avengers Tower balcony and staring at the same photo of me and her. It was all I have. One, old photo. My beautiful fiance. The love of my life. My strenght. My courage. My life. (Y/N).

‘’I know you are somewhere waiting for me, draga mea…’’ I whispered looking at the photo. ‘’I will find you and we will be together again. We will  get married and have kids, like we were dreaming about it. I promise, (Y/N), I promise.’’

I kiss the photo and hide it in my pocket. Then I start staring into the night sky, full of sparkling stars. (Y/N) loves stargazing. We did it as many times as we could.

‘’I love you, baby, wherever you are. Wait for me.’’ I whisperend into the cool naight air.

Wanda’s POV

I am watching my brother through the window of one of the Stark’s labs. I hear all his thoughs and my heart breaks into pieces. I couldn’t watch how my brother fags himself. I knew that Pietro loved (Y/N), but hadn’t got idea, that he loves her that much. It is true, pure love.

‘’Hey, what’s up with him?’’ I hear Natasha walks over to me.

‘’Today is his and (Y/N) sixth anniversary. And it’s one and half year after he asked her to marry him.’’ I explain to her and feel a little bit sad.

‘’Poor guy…He still believes that he will find her?’’

‘’Astfel. He won’t rest untill he finds her. She is the love of his life. I will suport my brother till he finds her.’’ I say fully confident.

‘’You two have mine and rest of the team suport as well. We will find her, don’t worry.’’ Nat smiles.

‘’Natasha, do you know where Vision, Steve and Old Man with Bow went?’’ I ask curious.

‘’I think mission intrected by Fury. They should be back soon.’’ She, pats my back and walks away.

While later, I take a breath and approach my brother. I embrace him around his shoulders and rest my head on it.

‘’How are you feeling, frate?’’ I ask him calmly.

‘’You are asking like you have no idea…’’ He sighs, not looking at me.

‘’We will find her. She was smart and took care about herself.’’

‘’Don’t talk about her in the past, soră. She is alive.’’ He growls.

’’Scuze, frate.’’ I sigh. ’’You will find a way each other. Love like yours can’t end like that.’’

’’I shouldn’t have left her. I shouldn’t have put us all in that situation. If I haven’t done that, me and (Y/N) would be marriage now and probably waiting for our first baby.’’ I see tears in his eyes. ’’We talked about getting marry and having a child often. We couldn’t wait for that. And I ruined all our plans, dreams. I ruined our realationship, because I wanted a stupid revenge on Stark. I chose that stupid revenge above woman I love. How could I?’’

’’Pietro, don’t blame yourself. You just wanted justice. (Y/N) understood that and she loved you and still loves you, that’s why she let you go to avenge our and her parents.’’ I caress his shoulders. ’’I’m sure she was and is proud of you.’’

’’Îmi place, soră, atât…’’ Pietro cries out loud.

’’Come on, frate, you need to rest.’’ I take him by his arm and walk to his room.

He changes his clothes and lies on the bed. I sit on the edge of his bed and start stroking his hair.

’’Dormi, frate. Vis despre ei.’’ I whisper and when i relize that his breath is steady, I go to my room.

Pietro’s POV

I hear knocking on my door. I get up and groan.

’’What’s going on?’’ I open the door and see Old Man.

’’Speedy, dress up and go to the lab on twenty eighth floor. We’ll be waiting for you. Hurry up.’’ Clint says and walks away.

I close the door suprised, but do as I was asked.

Few minutes later I speed to the lab. When I walk in, I see all members of the team. I have no idea, what is the matter. They are standing in the line. One next to another. It’s starnge.

’’What’s going on, again?’’ I ask calmly but suspicious.

’’Pietro, do you know anything about our mission, which we were on with Vision and Clint?’’ Steve asks looking me straight in the eyes.

’’No, I was not authorised, you know that.’’

’’So, first of all, stay calm. We will tell you everything.’’

I just nod.

’’Well, we went to Sokovia again.’’ Steve says and my eyes widen. ’’We went there, because Fury told us that S.H.I.E.L.D.’s satellite discovered quite big source of energy in old HYDRA facility, where you and Wanda were kept and experimented.’’

He takes a deep breath. I say nothing. Just listen.

’’When we got there, we started looking through the facility and in one of the chambers, in the lowest floor, behind the steel door, we have found something, rather someone, who was the source of energy. It was a young woman. She was still alive.’’

My heart skips a beat and my breath stops in my lunges. Was it…?

’’We took her and files which left there with us here.’’ He continues. ’’Pietro, we need you to tell us, if this is (Y/N).’’

When her name leaves his lips, flames of my hope rise. I can’t move, I can’t say anything. Then Steve and rest of the Avengers walk apart and my eyes see a high tests table with a woman lying on it. I hesitate at first, but then I carefuly walk to the table. She is sleeping peacfully. Her chest is rising and falling. I look at her and I would know that face everywhere. It is her. The love of my life. (Y/N).

I feel tears in my eyes and smile on my lips. I take her in my arms and hug. Tears are tracing paths on my cheeks now. I kiss her temple and tell her how much I love her and missed her. I look in her face again and kiss her lips. I feel like energy go through my body, but it’s warm and nice, like she gives me a sign that she knows I’m here.

’’Draga mea, printesa mea…’’ I whisper stroking her, a lot longer, (Y/H/C), hair.

’’I assume that is her.’’ I hear Steve’s voice.

’’It is her. It’s (Y/N).’’ Then I hear Wanda’s voice. ’’I feel that.’’

’’Pietro, we need to tell you something more.’’ Steve takes a deep breath. ’’We read the files and we get to know that HYDRA hijacked her not too long after they started their experiments on you and your sister. She was always next to you, Pietro. All that time. They knew that you were together, because they were following you after you and Wanda volunteered. Those bastards carried out an experiments on her which I think succeeded, because of that energy in her.’’

I breath heavily. How could they do this to her?! How?! My poor, little girl. I should take care of you, not abandoned you. It’s all my fault. They tortured you next to me and I had no idea about it. I knew that everytime I felt my heart ached, it was because of your pain.

I still look at her stroking her hair and giving her light kisses on whole face. Her eyes are still closed. Frumos îngerul meu.

’’There is one more thing.’’ Steve still has the voice.

’’What?’’ I whispered looking at (Y/N).

’’(Y/N) was expecting a child, Pietro.’’ Steve says sadly. ’’They wrote in the files that when they took her to the facility and examined on her, she was over three months pregnant, but during the experiments, she lost the child. I’m sorry, Pietro.’’

I pull her body tight to mine and cries out loud. IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! I lost her and our child. I lost two the most important things in my life. I will never forgive myself. NEVER!

‘’All of this, it’s my fault. I should have stayed with her. I should have never left her side. I should have never volunteered myself and Wanda.’’ I cries holding her to me. ‘’It’s my fault. I am only one to blame!’’

‘’Frate, stop it!’’ I hear Wanda’s voice. ‘’How could you know that things go that way? None of us could, none!’’

‘’I promissed her that I take care of her, that I never leave her. I didn’t keep my promise! And because of me she was tortured and we lost our baby! All of this just because of me!’’

I hide my face in her neck and sob. After a while I feel hands around me and hear a whisper.

‘’Nu este vina ta, dragostea mea.’’ It’s her beautiful, but weak voice.

’’Mea. Doar eu. N-ar fi să te las. Iarta-ma.’’

’’N-am nimic să te iert. Ai facut acest lucru, deoarece mă și sora ta dragoste.’’

I look into her (Y/E/C) eyes and only thing that I can see is love, pure, honest and never ending love. She puts her small hand on my cheek and pulls my face to hers. Our lips connect into a sweet, longing, full of love kiss. And then I realize how much I missed her, how much of a guilt I feel, how much I love her. When we stop kissing, our breathing is heavy. Seconds later we kiss again, but this time more passionate, more wanting each other. I feel her hands in my hair. I put my hands on her cheeks and deepen the kiss. She smiles into it and me too. Then we hug each other so strong. I will never let her go from my embrace. Never again.

’’Te iubesc, (Y/N). I thought I would never see you again, never take you in my arms.’’ I say resting my forhead against hers.

’’Știam că te-ai întors la mine, Pietro. Te iubesc cu toată ființa mea.’’

’’I’m so happy (Y/N) that you finally are with us.’’ I hear Wanda’s voice and feel her embrace around me and (Y/N).

’’We are together again, and forever I hope.’’ My love says and smile. Then she looks at the Avengers. ’’I want to thank you for what you’ve done for Pietro and Wanda, for helping them in Sokovia and for helping find me, even if that was not in your concern. I felt that you wanted to find me, but I was so weak to give any sign, even if I got powers. I felt how much Pietro missed me, how much he wanted to find me, so I tried to concentrate all my strenght to show where I was. And I made it. I’m here with you, here with the love of my life. Thank you for everything.’’

’’We’re happy that we could help you two be together again. Pietro was a huge mess all the time. I have never seen a person so much in love in my life.’’ Natasha says with a smile.

’’Thank you, all of you for helping find my whole world!’’ I say to all Avengers.

’’I don’t want to ruin that beautiful moment, but we need to take care of (Y/N), her health and find out about her powers. If you of course let us do that?’’ Bruce asked shyly.

’’Of course. I want to know, what those monsters have done to me, that I can hear other people voices in my head, make things levitate and the most important lost mine and Pietro child.’’ (Y/N) says strong but sadly.

’’We will do everything. You can be sure of that.’’ Bruce nods. ’’Pietro, you can take (Y/N) to your room for now, untill room for her will be prepare. Clothes for her are waiting there.’’

I nod and take (Y/N) bridal style. I speed to my room and sit her on my bed. She looks at me and smiles.

’’So that is your power after experiments. I quite like it.’’ She cups my cheek.

’’I would turn back time and give that power back just to save you and our baby from that horror. I don’t need anything, only you.’’ I close my eyes and snuggle my face into her palm.

’’My brave, handsome boy. I always know that no matter what happen, we will always find a way to each other. Always.’’

I lean in and kiss her beautiful, smooth and soft lips. Then we lie on the bed and I take her in my arms like every other night in the past. She puts her head on my chest.

’’I missed the sound of your heart.’’ She whispers.

’’Do you still want to be my wife? Do you still see me in your future?’’ I ask shakily.

’’Your life is mine and mine is yours, remember? There is no me without you, Pietro.’’ She says very confident. ’’I still want it, I still want you and nothing is going to change that. I still want to have a child with you, Pietro.’’

’’I promise we will get married as soon as Bruce helps you get better and we will start trying for a baby. I really want it, (Y/N).’’

’’I want it as well, iubit. I really do.’’ She kisses my chest and knuckles.

I hug her tighter to my chest and kiss her head. She is right. We will always find a way to each other.


te iubesc, toate de mine – i love you, all of you
esti viata mea – you are my life
draga mea – my dear
astfel - yes
frate – brother
soră – sister
scuze – im sorry
Îmi place, soră, atât – i love her, sister, so much
dormi, frate. vis despre ei – sleep, brother. dream about her
printesa mea – my princess
nu este vina ta, dragostea mea – it’s not your fault, my love
mea. doar eu. n-ar fi să te las. Iarta-ma – mine. just mine. I should not let you down. forgive me
n-am nimic să te iert. ai facut acest lucru, deoarece mă și sora ta dragoste – I have nothing to forgive you. you did this because you love me and your sister
Știam că te-ai întors la mine – I knew you come back to me
te iubesc cu toată ființa mea – i love you with all of my being

A/N: WOW! you just won a 100 points for surviving to the end of the story! it is quite long, but i hope you like it and didn’t cry too much :) X