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Listen I know we all love bilingual Lance and boy oh boy guess who’s here with some bilingual headcanons!!

•Lance used to speak fluent spanish as a child, but when he started going to public school, he just … Lost that ability.
•Lance can understand some words and phrases in spanish but doesn’t really know how to form sentences. (he knows all the cursewords and tries to use them as much as he can bc that’s Cool™)
•He can understand enough words to get the gist of what people are saying.
•Lance started to feel kind of detatched from his family since he couldn’t speak spanish and basically everyone else (save for the younger kids) could.
•His family doesn’t put any effort into teaching him spanish bc they want him to be more American than Hispanic (a sad truth that I unfortunately experienced)
•Lance starts to take spanish classes seriously when he gets to high school. He slowly learns how to form proper sentences, and he’s at the top of his class bc he wants to connect with his family language-wise. He tries hard, and grasps the language without any help from his fluent-spanish-speaking parents.
•One time, he had to do a project in spanish class, but he didn’t know how to form the sentence he wanted. So, he goes to his parents for help.
•Big mistake.
•His parents are from different regions of south america, so they speak different forms of spanish. Whatever he’s learning at school is. Not. The same.
•He had to go back and forth from his dad to his mom for one goddamn question like holy crow.
•"No, no! Your father is wrong! I speak PROPER spanish!“
-That was an actual quote from my mother it’s legit.
•His father ends up being right. At least in terms of School Spanish.
•Lance’s teacher ended up taking points away anyway bc she knew he wasn’t capable of speaking in such eloquent, complex spanish.
•He once went over his vocab list with his fam since he forgot his spanish dictionary at school. Another mistake. Don’t ask your different-spanish-speaking parents for translations when they’re in the same room.
•They spent more time arguing about the translation than actually translating.
•Mom: “Aficion? I’ve never heard that word in my life! It doesn’t exist!”
•"It means ceiling fan, mom.“
•M: “Oh! Then you mean ‘hincha’!”
•Dad: “Hincha?! Are you trying to teach our son slang?!”
•"Wait, that’s slang?!“
•"Well, ya-”
•D: “Aficion es the tiki tiki.”
•M: “No. El tiki tiki es la hincha!”
•They slowly seep into full spanish and Lance is watching on in amusement.
•He ends up texting his aunt about the right answer, and she tells him that it’s aficion.
•Mom loses the argument.
•He has a presentation in class for an oral test. He knows he has a great accent and great understanding of spanish, but when he goes up to speak, he can’t say anything.
•Everything comes out slow and stuttered, but he still gets an A+ bc his pronunciation is on point.
•There’s a non-hispanic/latinx kid in his class. They get straight A’s and speak faster than Lance. Lance is jealous of them. It’s not fair that a person who isn’t surrounded by latin culture can speak it so well, while he can’t.
•They’re the top 2 in the class, but Lance is always second. He’s always second in everything.
•Eventually, Lance learns enough Spanish to understand full sentences. He gets a giddiness in his chest when he can understand EXACTLY what is being said in spanish. He loves it.
•Even when his parents are scolding him in spanish, he tries his best not to smile bc he UNDERSTANDS!! •He tries to get his parents/family to communicate with him in Spanish more bc he’s so proud that he can FINALLY understand them. He feels connected to them again, and loves the feeling of embracing his heritage at last.
•Then … His family asks hin why he never talks back in spanish.
•Lance is still shy and insecure about his spanish, bc sometimes he makes mistakes. And sometimes, fluent speakers are not the nicest when it comes to that. He’s afraid they’ll make fun of him bc he’s still learning.
•He goes to a restaurant that has people who only speak spanish in it. He then has to order from the menu.
•He asks for a soda. When the waitress leaves, his entire family is beaming at him. He asks why.
•They gush about his perfect pronunciation and format. They’re proud of him. They had no idea he knew it so well.
•Lance is almost brought to tears bc his family is just as proud of him as he is - especially on something so important to him.
•He talks and laughs with his family at dinner again after that.
•When he gets in space, he tries to keep himself knowledgeable in spanish. He doesn’t want to forget again.
•He listens to old spanish radio shows and songs all of the time. He listens to sports, no matter which kind, in spanish.
•He tries to teach the other paladins Spanish. He grins when they start cussing under their breath in spanish. Sometimes, the paladins will just slip into it and they’ll forget that they’re speaking another language bc it’s so second-nature to them.
•But Lance notices, and it feels a little more like home.

Check, Please! Headcanon

So, Bitty says “Excuse my French,” after he swears and he’s with Jack, but Jack’s confused cause he speaks French and he says, “But that’s not French???” and then Bitty explains how it’s an American phrase and stuff and theN LATER JACK SWEARS IN FRENCH AND HE TURNS TO BITTY AND SAYS, “Excuse my French.”

I really enjoy reading books where part of the dialogue and even some of the internal monologue are in a different language. I love seeing people switch between different languages, it’s so natural for some people, and it’s cool to get see how a bilingual person thinks and speaks, as someone who is monolingual. And it’s also super educational as well. The other day, I read the first few paragraphs of an article in Spanish and I understood it without having to translate it, and I don’t know Spanish, like at all. It was crazy and super cool and I just really love bilingual books. This is basically me just saying I love bilingual books and they are super cool. 

When the windows like the jackal’s eye and desire pierce the dawn, silken windlasses lift me up to suburban footbridges. I summon a girl who is dreaming in the little gilded house; she meets me on the piles of black moss and offers me her lips which are stones in the rapid river depths. Veiled forebodings descend the buildings’ steps. The best thing is to flee from the great feather cylinders when the hunters limp into the sodden lands. If you take a bath in the watery patterns of the streets, childhood returns to the country like a greyhound. Man seeks his prey in the breezes and the fruits are drying on the screens of pink paper, in the shadow of the names overgrown by forgetfulness. Joys and sorrows spread in the town. Gold and eucalyptus, similarly scented, attack dreams. Among the bridles and the dark edelweiss subterranean forms are resting like perfumers’ corks.
—  André Breton, from “Love in Parchment,” Poems of  André Breton: A Bilingual Anthology (University of Texas Press, 1982)                          
Je t'aime. Aujourd'hui. Ce  soir. Demain. Pour toujours. Si je vivais mille ans, je t'appartiendrais pour tous. Si je vivais mille vies, je te ferais mienne dans chacune d'elles.

I love you. Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever. If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If I were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one. 

from The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

{Reaction} When you’re a new translator in EXO’s company

Hey! I was wondering how would exo react to a new foreign girl working in sm as a translator? Thanks 💙

Note: When I saw this request I was very excited to write it! I hope that you enjoy how it turned out because I really did like this request. I hope you have a nice day/night wherever you are~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol would use every excuse to talk to you, because he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful and talented. He thinks you’re interesting, and he takes a of of time to ask you about your nationality and what your home country is like.

Chanyeol: “Will you take me to your country one day? I would love to see it~”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo was shy when he first saw you within the company. He was reserved, and would give you shy smiles from across the room when he caught your eye. It wasn’t until he you were asked to translate something for him that he had his first conversation with you, and he found himself tripping over his words as he was completely astounded at the beauty you presented before him.

Chanyeol: “Your cheeks are red” *Laughing*

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t hear him as he shyly talks to you about something in Korean*

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun is incredibly sweet and charming. So when you join the company for the first time, he’s going to be incredibly gentlemanly and will ask you a lot of questions about your nationality. He will be interested on what made you want to learn Korean and why you wanted to become a translator. It is the start of a very beautiful relationship.

Baekhyun: “I bet you wanted to become a translator so you could work with the amazing Byun Baekhyun, eh?”

{y/n}: “Sure, sure,” *laughing*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun is going to be in awe as he watches you switch between two - or sometimes three languages. He finds it incredible that languages come so easily to you, and will be compelled by the way you speak. When he talks to you, it seems like he can’t talk at all in comparison to your wide vocabulary even though you aren’t natively Korean, your words are still perfect.

Sehun: “You’re perfect.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Since Lay can speak both Chinese and Korean, he knows how hard it is to learn two languages. Even now, he struggles with Korean still even now, so watching you speaking two or three languages is fascinating to him. He loves to talk to you about your home country, and he’s always asking you when you’ll take him to visit.

{y/n}: “I promise my country is not as interesting as China or Korea, why do you think I moved away?” *laughing*

Lay: “But I want to travel. I’d like you to be my guide too.” *grinning*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Like some of the other members, Jongdae has been made to learn Chinese as well as the Korean that he already speaks. Since he has so much trouble with learning Chinese, he is in awe at how amazing and fluent you are at speaking the languages.

Jongdae: “It would be really cool if you could teach me sometime.”

{y/n}: “Yeah? I’d like that.” *smiling*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok thought you were beautiful the moment his eyes landed on you. He found himself talking to you, his natural charm doing all the work for him. He smiled at his cheeky and charming personality that was causing you to blush.

Minseok: “But of course we don’t need any words, because you can moan in any language.” *this man is nsfw*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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For a while, Tao didn’t even realise that you were a translator. He thought that you were just someone that liked to correct his wrongly spoken Korean on a daily basis. For the longest time he was salty with you, that was until Kris told him to stop being such a hardass on you and that you were only doing your job. 

Tao: “A… translator?”

{y/n}: “Well yeah, why else do you think I come around with you guys?”

Tao: “Oh… makes sense.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Since Suho is the savage member of the group, he would probably take this opportunity to ask you about all the swear words you know in your other language so he could curse the other members without them knowing. He would also use it as an excuse to flirt with you.

Suho: “What’s Daddy in your language?”

{y/n}: “Why?”

Suho: “Future reference.” *Winks*


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Luhan would spend the majority of your first few weeks in awe at you ability to switch between so many different languages. His eyes would widen as he responds to his manager in Korean, then Yixing in Chinese, and then Japanese when you get a call on your phone.

Luhan: “woah, you’re like a magician.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Even though Kai loves your bilingual ability, he also loves the fact that you are so sweet and kind. His feelings hit him like a truck the first time his eyes landed on you on your first day within the company. Now, he will use any excuse to be around you, and to listen to the angelic sound of your voice whatever language you’re talking in.

Kai: “Care to dance? We don’t need language for that.”

{y/n}: “Well okay then.” *smiling*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Since Kris is the master of languages himself, he takes the opportunity to pry on your passion for languages and impress you with all that he knows. Sometimes, he’ll talk to you in a language that the other members around him don’t understand just because it makes him feel special when he can talk to you in a way that no one else can.

Kris: *In Cantonese* “Will you pass the book please, {y/n}.”

Baekhyun: “Stop showing off, Kris. Just talk to her in Korean like the rest of us.”

{y/n}: *Giggling as Kris protests.*  

Ace blowing a kiss, probably to Rolly, la mujer más bella del mundo 💕

Honestly I got super excited to see a Spanish speaking character, since Spanish is my first language, and there aren’t very many bilingual characters that are written well in media, so I’m super happy that Ace is bilingual, and I love how well they’re written.

I love this agender bean so much tbh. Naturally, they had to be the next character I drew!

I’m probably gonna do a bunch more of these with the other characters.

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