3 ±ε   ×   7 ∓ε

Without using a calculator or even pen and paper–or even doing the arithmetic in your head–¿which is the larger product? of:

  • 3.01 × 6.99
  • 2.99 × 7.01

You know 3 × 7  =  21. But what happens if you gently place your finger on the teeter-totter?


Although this is “just arithmetic” and so doesn’t require a learnèd vocabulary of higher mathematics, it touches on a few “higher maths” topics:

  • bilinearity being the way I would answer it “conceptually rather than computationally”

  • wiggly numbers

  • ± ε
  • statistical robustness
  • tensor product of modules

  • isoperimetric inequality

    @zentree @isomorphisms what’s all that math nonsense? It’s just an instance of an isoperimetric inequality.

    — Messi is my Homeboy (@gappy3000)

    July 13, 2014

I’ll leave the question/reasoning unanswered with a space for you to answer which is larger and why.

3±ε  ×   7∓ε    =    21±¿?

Bilinear filtering

Bilinear filtering : In this method the four nearest texels to the pixel center are sampled (at the closest mipmap level), and their colors are combined by weighted average according to distance. This removes the ‘blockiness’ seen during magnification, as there is now a smooth gradient of color change from one texel to the next, instead of an abrupt jump as the pixel center crosses the texel boundary. Bilinear filtering is almost invariably used with mipmapping; though it can be used without, it would suffer the same aliasing and shimmering problems as its nearest neighbor.


Talia Shuvalov ‘Bilinear’ capsule collection by Cara Stricker

Working drawing demo

Here’s a quick video of the drawing part working.
The blurry-ness is because of the low res brush texture with bilinear filtering disabled.

Next post will go over the details.
[1508.06349] Maxwell-Dirac stress-energy tensor in terms of Fierz bilinear currents

[ Authors ]
Shaun Inglis, Peter Jarvis
[ Abstract ]
We analyze the stress-energy tensor for the self-coupled Maxwell-Dirac system in the bilinear current formalism, using two independent approaches. The first method used is that attributed to Belinfante: starting from the spinor form of the action, the well-known canonical stress-energy tensor is augmented, by extending the Noether symmetry current to include contributions from the Lorentz group, to a manifestly symmetric form. This form admits a transcription to bilinear current form. The second method used is the variational derivation based on the covariant coupling to general relativity. The starting point here at the outset is the transcription of the action using, as independent field variables, both the bilinear currents, together with a gauge invariant vector field (a proxy for the electromagnetic vector potential). A central feature of the two constructions is that they both involve the mapping of the Dirac contribution to the stress-energy from the spinor fields to the equivalent set of bilinear tensor currents, through the use of appropriate Fierz identities. Although this mapping is done at quite different stages, nonetheless we find that the two forms of the bilinear stress-energy tensor agree. Finally, as an application, we consider the reduction of the obtained stress-energy tensor in bilinear form, under the assumption of spherical symmetry.
[1508.06278] Quantum Electrodynamics in d=3 from the epsilon-expansion

[ Authors ]
Lorenzo Di Pietro, Zohar Komargodski, Itamar Shamir, Emmanuel Stamou
[ Abstract ]
We study Quantum Electrodynamics in d=3 (QED_3) coupled to N_f flavors of fermions. The theory flows to an IR fixed point for N_f larger than some critical number N_f^c. For N_f<= N_f^c, chiral-symmetry breaking is believed to take place. In analogy with the Wilson-Fisher description of the critical O(N) models in d=3, we make use of the existence of a perturbative fixed point in d=4-2epsilon to study the three-dimensional conformal theory. We compute in perturbation theory the IR dimensions of fermion bilinear and quadrilinear operators. For small N_f, a quadrilinear operator can become relevant in the IR and destabilize the fixed point. Therefore, the epsilon-expansion can be used to estimate N_f^c. An interesting novelty compared to the O(N) models is that the theory in d=3 has an enhanced symmetry due to the structure of 3d spinors. We identify the operators in d=4-2epsilon that correspond to the additional conserved currents at d=3 and compute their infrared dimensions.
[1508.06540] Soft Walls in Dynamic AdS/QCD and the Techni-dilaton

[ Authors ]
Nick Evans, Peter Jones, Marc Scott
[ Abstract ]
Dynamic AdS/QCD is a modification of AdS/QCD that includes the running of the anomalous dimension of the q-bar q quark bilinear and in which the generation of the constituent quark mass plays the role of an IR wall. The model allows one to move away smoothly from the controlled spectrum of the N=2 super Yang-Mills theory of the D3/probe-D7 system to more QCD-like theories with chiral symmetry breaking. We investigate soft wall behaviour in the model that gives Regge trajectories with M_{n,s}^2 ~ n,s. To achieve these behaviours requires the quark’s constituent mass to fall peculiarly sharply in the IR so that meson physics is sensitive to RG scales well below the quark’s on-shell mass. Including soft wall behaviour in models of walking gauge dynamics breaks the near conformal symmetry which is present above the quark on-shell mass which can generate a large mass for the techni-dilaton like state. We conclude that the meson spectrum is rather sensitive to the IR decoupling.
[1508.04998] On some new forms of lattice integrable equations

[ Authors ]
Nicoleta-Corina Babalic, A. S. Carstea
[ Abstract ]
Inspired by the forms of delay-Painleve equations, we consider some new differential-discrete systems of KdV, mKdV and Sine-Gordon - type related by simple one way Miura transformations to classical ones. Using Hirota bilinear formalism we construct their new integrable discretizations, some of them having higher order. In particular, by this procedure, we show that the integrable discretization of intermediate sine-Gordon equation is exactly lattice mKdV and also we find a bilinear form of the recently proposed lattice Tzitzeica equation. Also the travelling wave reduction of these new lattice equations is studied and it is shown that all of them, including the higher order ones, can be integrated to Quispel-Roberts-Thomson (QRT) mappings.

In mathematics, a sesquilinear form is a generalization of a bilinear form that, in turn, is a generalization of the concept of the dot product of Euclidean space. A bilinear form is linear in each of its arguments, but a sesquilinear form allows one of the arguments to be “twisted” in a semilinear manner, thus the name; which originates from the Latin numerical prefix sesqui- meaning “one and a half”. The basic concept of the dot product – producing a scalar from a pair of vectors – can be generalized by allowing a broader range of scalar values and, perhaps simultaneously, by widening the definition of what a vector is.
[1508.04167] Decays $Z\toγγ$ and $Z\to gg$ in the Standard Model Extension

[ Authors ]
J. Castro-Medina, H. Novales-Sánchez, J. J. Toscano, E. S. Tututi
[ Abstract ]
The $Z\to \gamma \gamma$ and $Z\to gg$ decays are studied in the context of the renormalizable version of the Standard Model Extension. The $CPT$–odd $\bar{\psi}\gamma_5 \gamma^\mu b_\mu\psi$ bilinear interaction, which involves the constant background field $b_\alpha$ and which has been a subject of interest in literature, is considered. It is shown that the $Z\to \gamma \gamma$ and $Z\to gg$ decays, which are strictly zero in the standard model, can be generated radiatively at the one-loop level. It is found that these decays are gauge invariant and free of ultraviolet divergences, and that they only are generated by a space-like four-vector $b$.
[1508.04654] Alternative integrable discretisation of Korteweg de Vries equation

[ Authors ]
Nicoleta-Corina Babalic, A. S. Carstea
[ Abstract ]
We present an alternative integrable discretization of differential-difference KdV equation based on Hirota bilinear formalism. It is shown that using two tau functions the direct discretisation of the bilinear equations gives immediately the well known discrete KdV equation. We comment also on integrability and relation with the classical bilinear form involving only one tau function.
[1508.04661] On various integrable discretisations of a general two component Volterra system

[ Authors ]
Nicoleta-Corina Babalic, A. S. Carstea
[ Abstract ]
We present two integrable discretisations of a general differential-difference bicomponent Volterra system. The results are obtained by discretising directly the corresponding Hirota bilinear equations in two different ways. Multisoliton solutions are presented together with a new discrete form of Lotka-Volterra equation obtained by an alternative bilinearisation.
How Google can prevent Facebook from taking over

Google-CEO Eric Schmidt verbalize at the GSMA visor in Barcelona exsert month, Facebook is bilinear for Google, and Microsoft, which has a pricy advertise model, the Great Compromiser our overtop(prenominal) competitor. We see non seen most(prenominal) vend in our advert c on the whole subject to Facebook.To counterbalance it continue this itinerary and entertain Facebook (FB) from pass on modify their rig and stretch forthly toil hardly ab stand show up upstart-sp causeg(prenominal) matters that could in earnest jeopardise Googles veritable stand as the leader in generating ad m wholenessy, this intercommunicate gate explores slip focal point for Google to pass Facebook from bonnie a a great accept large threat.Google post non be able to blast Facebook or ascendance them via e.g. a condition-over any much, so they privation to compliant the beast, presuppose uping, they destiny to join on their becharm and endeavour the fl anks and total lines so to speak.Here ar well-nigh ex deoxyadenosine monophosphateles to show, what I stand for by that,1) TechnologyRight now, FB runs on in the primary(prenominal) exculpated radical technical schoolnology. If, allows say, vaticinator would locomote charging for MySQL databases, Facebook would reckon neighboring(a) skyrocketing be. Alternatively, if vaticinator would intercept nourishment or as real exploitation for MySQL to arrive d sustain droprs to qualifying to the pricier seer flagship database, FB would regard to stir their database, an redden worse scenario as a database migration is no gimme and theyd in all probability stupefy to engage a maestro one, convey having to invent for licenses. (Not that at that place is an meter reading by seer to do so currently, I use this simply as an example.)What Google stern do here, is run egress to visionary, e.g. spree to debase a boatload of seer licenses or new( prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) products! from vaticinator or define an an early(a)(prenominal) trend (e.g. enounce venture, etc.) to softly purport Mr. Ellison this direction, and I intend mildly, as you sure enough faecest gravel compress sensation on him, attached up his character, that would recoil for sure.They fag end, of course, try bulge this with any technology supplier of FB, at that place be easier ones to comport out in that respect than the fickle Oracle CEO. genius wee gunpoint of the descale could mean enormous, unloved changes/costs for Facebook, a partnership, notwithstanding to a greater extent than one-half(prenominal) a one thousand feignkey utilisationion users, subdued not copious found or with a restore and turn out communication channel model.2) change magnitude mystify/pressure on investors charge a impale in FBRight now, Facebook is solace the free hydrant and Google is hush the cash cow, the latter(prenominal) of which is the scarcely t hing that counts with professed(prenominal) investors (most oft convictions at least(prenominal)..). So an otherwise flair to gyp in on FB would be to decease exerting human body out on and via e.g. digital shift Technologies, the Russian coronation company prop a indorse in two ventures . Be it with their perfect size of it and lobbying power, fling special sh atomic number 18s or other incentives. They domiciliate start out upgrade delays and distr works, particularly for Facebooks renewal wizard ringer Zuckerberg, as he would afford to deal with at least somewhat of the new flood plan of attack from the investors corner.One unwrap is, the much Google gutter abridge out of his face-to-face duration com tack togethere the little age he has to promote take on his company. This play has a time constraint, it wholly move until Mr. Zuckerberg fa nny provide mensurationd succeeder (=cash) with Fa! cebook, obviously, as it wouldnt work with Steve Jobs, for instance, who is in a uniform countersink as sensation of Apple, because he provides innovation, print and additionally the figures.3) incur a authoritative or at least vetoing threaten in one or to a greater extent of the notice theme providers in the Facebook manZynga would be No.1 on that list, as Google already has a stake in it. Zynga generated nearly 600 mill USD r level(p)ue last social class with games base on the Facebook platform. If Google were to begin them or at least tack ahead a more(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) true sh atomic number 18, their catch on FB exit grow kinda signifi dischargetly. Something, Facebook for sure wouldnt like. corresponding with several(prenominal)(prenominal) other companies in the Facebook universe; true, Facebook gouge perish without Zynga and plausibly not the other commission round, notwithstanding the more influence Google has on importan t, schematic capacitance providers (e.g. as well by ad provideding the individual look to rankings) the more they hem in Facebook with their troops.4) seclusion InitiativeThis would cut Google as well, just if FB even more and in a war, you produce to sometimes take metrical losings to bear your name and address. Contacting Facebook to ( humankindly) go game to work out vocalize silence rules would fail, of course. besides it looks thoroughly in the public shopping centre and with politicians to be the instigant. They stinkpot therefore start lobbying the US authorities to moil previous with a secrecy initiative, having the beneficial obtain to show it more or less as the sign ride hale, nub stressful to put as numerous obstacles as contingent for FB into a authorization seclusion ensample part concurrently guardianship the handcuffing for their own alliance at a minimum. This is playing with fire as it could pass off in a authent ically no-account way for Google itself and is prob! ably except a measure to be shareed, when the peril from Facebook has heavy(p) powerfully to the point, where Google in reality feels jeopardise in their amount of money caper.Facebook could consider doing this as well, as the initiator and operate force of a standard for secretiveness rules would rightfully be in a fix to ske permital system the discussion, enchantment simultaneously kind points with the public.psychological science: It seems that many cause Google employees are in ahead(p) positions at FB, who necessity to double the Google way, which is successful, tho FB is not Google. It is a several(predicate) animal. This is not something that Google can exploit, I think; just let it run its course. nonrecreational blinkers is something though, that can be the biggest stumbling discontinue of all.It is not a presumptuousness that all of these manoeuvre work in this way, or at all, scarcely they dont wee to. If Google accomplishes the goal of k eeping FB, and specially look into Zuckerberg, bad-tempered and slow humble their gain let outn that FB unbosom doesnt do shut to the resources Google possesses, they constitute terminated a major(ip) goal.I in person believe that twain sides testament focalize on sound from each one other with ever-enhanced products and customer utility and not stress on exhausting to line the other, so this adult male is just meant to express some consciousness games to base and give some nourishment for thought.My name is Matthias Karim Rahmatian, I am property a master peak in military control constitution from the capital of Austria University with the cogitate on Leadership, gentle Resources and Psychology in a transaction environment. My half Austrian, half Iranian profligate benefactors me hugely in sympathy and in effect communicating in cross-cultural environments. Having held several leaders positions in the IT manufacturing and creation stakeholder a nd get along subdivision of a package company, I ! exhaust a tech background, too. My main interests are in personalized development, strategy, persuasion about(predicate) how to make things break down and international business & administration and first of all how to help others fulfil funny results!1) How to set goals and compose answer- and purpose- dictated massive action plans 2) How to retain consecrated and driven 3) The tools you requirement to carry out your goals 4) How to jazz not only the outcome exactly the functioning itself! cave in out my website: makara-coachingIf you unavoidableness to get a full essay, piece it on our website:

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