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Just a question. Why is almost everyone complaining Francois is not handsome enough? Ok, he has a weird nose enface, but that is the only bad thing I can think about his looks. His acting, from what I’ve seen so far seems amazing, and I do find him handsome. I still love David Oakes more (but then again, I ADORE David Oakes, he’s definitely in my top10), but in this show he is playing a coward and I think I will be more interested in Cesare than Giovanni-Juan.

K, I just watched the Social Network, and all I have to say about it is I was only interested when Andrew Garfield was on screen, or even the twins. I wanted to fastforward the Mark and Sean parts. I think Andrew was the scene stealer in this movie, he portrayed every emotion perfectly and had adorable awkward moments. After this I am REALLY surprised the guy playing Mark got an Oscar nom, since he left no impact on me, I felt like he was just ”there”. I don’t think the acting in this film was so demanding as to justify an Oscar nomination, but if ANYONE deserves it, it is Andrew.