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“The dead and the dying. But we shall bar your gaze, if we can.”

So, ah, I finished binge reading Sansûkh earlier. Feels have been had.

Alright! I’ve reached 3k followers and I decided to have a give-away thing!

I don’t know if the things I have chosen to give away (or actually buy and send) are something you guys would want to have, but I certainly would.

So here’s what you need to know:

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The things you can win are the things shown on the picture above:

  • Galadriel flower necklace.
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  • Bilbo button keychain.
  • Sting sword pen and Lenticular 3D bookmark.

niquesse  asked:

ok but hear me out: what if Bilbo planted the acorn at the foot of the Lonely Mountain and nobody knew about it, but it actually sprung to life as the winter ended and as time goes by, dwarves start to notice and rumour springs about how the spirit of Thorin Oakenshield prevailed and is now growing into a beautiful great oak tree to look upon his people, even after he is gone in body. And the Company remembers Bilbo's brass buttons and how he looked pale but strangely content when he bid his

literally every single one of the acorn theories is utterly heartbreaking oh god

this is absolutely wonderful

for some reason barely understandable to even him, bilbo can’t bear the thought of leaving with the acorn, of not leaving anything behind for the dwarves, for the mountain, for thorin

the beginning of winter is an absolutely horrible time to plant ANYTHING, he knows, but he just can’t get rid of this feeling, and so he digs in the frozen earth, digs where no dead bodies lie, digs far away from prying eyes, and places the acorn in the ground, and yavanna herself is probably watching, touched and determined to help him out

it takes years upon years to restore the desolation to its former glory, nothing but thistle and weeds sprouting from the scorched ground, but the oak tree grows into a beautiful tree almost unnaturally quickly, overlooking the slowly rejuvenated fields and the mountain alike, and the dwarves of the company see in it their king and their burglar alike - it both shields them and offers them comfort, a reminder of a warmer, cozier place far beyond the horizon, where tea’s at four and they don’t have to knock

and before long it is in fact called thorin’s tree, thorin’s oak, the king’s real crown, and it survives everything, survives the nastiest weather, and battles, and even more battles, as long as the king himself rests in the halls nearby, and as long as the hobbit who’d planted it remembers - so obviously forever.

I really enjoyed the Hobbit movies and so with the encouragement of a dear fan and uber-Ringer, I started making a couple Hobbit buttons… and couldn’t stop! Smaug is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Can’t beat a dragon with Benny Cumberbatch’s voice. 

As usual these are all done in Open Canvas 1.1. Why I still use that program I have no idea it’s like digital gouache

silvergrasp  asked:

Bagginshield 21 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

21: and then there was tongue

It had been going well, up to that end bit.

Bilbo buttoned up his shirt and, for lack of anything better to do, said, “Why don’t I make us some tea?”

Thorin on the other side of the room, still facing the wall, said, “That won’t be necessary.”

“No, no,” Bilbo said. “I insist.”

“This isn’t a situation that warrants tea.”

Bilbo felt his slightly love-bruised lips and said, “I think this is very much a situation that warrants tea.”

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Bilbo told Thorin he was going to plant an acorn and grow an oak tree to remind him of all the happy times and sad times he’s had with Thorin.

Oak trees represent loyalty and strength. If you look at the oak tree in the bedroom of Odysseus and his wife, it represents sturdy marriage.

Also, Thorin’s last name is Oakenshield.

During this conversation, you get to see a rare moment where broody Thorin genuinely smiles.

“It may not look like much, but when I plant it, it will grow into something majestic.”

Bilbo’s buttons are shaped like acorns.

When Thorin met Bilbo (and his acorn buttons), he insulted him. He called him useless. Too small to help. But as the movies progressed, Bilbo proved himself to be loyal, clever, and courageous - to the point where Thorin trusted him above his family members.

As Kili is seen dying before his lover Tauriel, it flashes to Thorin dying before Bilbo. Parallelism between lovers.

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another amazing bilbo dies au sent to me by trekkiechick:

it’s not legolas who throws a sword to thorin. it’s bilbo. he’s better with his rocks anyway, really, what’s he got to lose? less confident with the smaller blade, thorin doesn’t follow azog along the ice, gets the upper hand, and kills him relatively unscathed. fili and kili are found and buried together. bilbo is not seen. fine, thorin thinks, gandalf is gone too, they left together. he never got the chance to lift the banishment but he broadcasts his forgiveness throughout the land. 

bilbo will find a way back to him. he knows it. and bilbo does come back. or rather, his mithril shirt does, in a caravan of travellers who fished it out of the anduin river and are asking a hefty price. and thorin learns that on a frozen river, there are very few rocks to be found. and beneath the thick ice of a frozen river, a small body is easily disposed of, left to be battered against the rocks until no one but a wizard could determine the cause of death - drowning, freezing, being smashed into unrecognisablilty. 

thorin cannot read the last memories of the bone fragments (all that’s left) but gandalf can.  

bilbo’s ring slipped off at an inopportune moment (foolish creature, so smitten with a dwarven lunatic that he’d throw his own life away, unworthy unfit for a bearer must get away get away g e t  a w a y) and left him entirely defenceless on the ice. 

and a mithril shirt is no protection against having one’s spine snapped over the knee of a laughing orc. 

(gandalf can feel the echoes of blinding agony, of sharp bone piercing soft flesh and a chilling numbness south of bilbos belly button) 

and hobbits are poor enough swimmers even with the use of their legs, so bilbo had little chance after being flung into the angry river. 

the cost paid for thorin’s life was larger than the pain of a single hobbit. the traitorous ring found its way onto the thick fingers of several orcs before settling on one suitable. within a year, they are at war with mordor, and everything that bilbo and fili and kili gave their lives for goes up in flames as it had two hundred years before, with a king mad from guilt and grief rather than gold but falling beneath the sword all the same after watching his home be overrun and his remaining companions fall in his defence.