bilbo wig

Scenario: The Hobbit Cast going Shopping (requested)
  • Bilbo: Well.. *heads over to the kids section*
  • Bard: Really?? 40 bucks for a shirt? I have 3 children to feed, you heartless shits!
  • Elrond: Why don't you just go upstairs? The Sale section is on the 2nd floor.
  • Thranduil: *flashes visARDA palladium card* Evacuate this place. I would like to reserve the whole shop for today!
  • Feren&Lindir: Ugh..... *carrying 83 shopping bags*
  • Thorin: These prices are rude as fuck and when clothes are uglier than a troll's ass. You guys find me at the thrift store.
  • Kili: Does this coat makes me look taller? What do you think, brother?
  • Fili: Yeah, it does...But are you sure you wanna go with the neon pink one?
  • Gandalf: Nah. I'm not gonna buy it. This hat is just 'me' enough. I'm not feelin' it. You know?
  • Dain: These fuckin lines be longer than Smaug's tail.
  • Azog: *bitchfights with Gollum over a wig*
Running around trying to finish my Bilbo cosplay for Sunday.

Been working on this costume on and off (mostly off) since April and I feel a huge need to get it done before the end of the year.

I haven’t cosplayed since before my surgery  and I want to show you guys something new because it’s been so long!

It keeps me motivated that kami-renee worked magic on my Bilbo wig~

I’ll keep you guys updated but keep your fingers crossed that I finish it all in time for a photoshoot this Sunday.