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So I’m explaining to my friend how Thorin carries around the oakenshield because it saved his life
Then at the end of AUJ Bilbo saves Thorin’s life & he loses the shield
And she turns to me and says, “Does this mean Thorin’s going to start carrying Bilbo around, too?”

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

Chapter Summary: Badassery by Ms. Baggins

A/n: Honestly, it’s hella short because I just needed to update this series since literally all of my other series have been updated except this one. Also, there’s not much sassy hobbit as there is bad ass hobbit. I just need a bad ass woman in this because we are bad ass. Lmfao I’m done now.

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When you find the troll cave, you decided to stay outside, knowing that it won’t smell too good. 

You take a seat on a rock that’s over-looking the entrance of the cave. You swing your legs back and forth, watching everyone do their own thing. 

 Dwalin, Nori, Gloin, and Bofur have decided to follow Thorin in along with Gandalf. What an interesting mix. You suppose that each of their families had to be represented somehow.(a/n: I legit just fucking noticed that as I was writing this story) 

You look at Kili and Fili who are off, away from everyone and they look like they’re talking in hushed tones as if not wanting to be over heard. They’re obviously plotting something. 

 Fili catches your eye and he gives you a little salute. You narrow your eyes and turn away, still salty about your earlier predicament and their role in it. 

 You try to find your brother and you spot him standing with Ori talking about something. Whatever it is you care not. 

 Thorin comes out not long after with Dwalin right behind him. 

“Enjoying the view?” Thorin asks you. 

“Just got better, sweat cheeks,” you reply sending him a wink. 

He just raises an eyebrow before going to talk to Fili and Kili. 

 Gandalf comes out with two swords. 

 "Bilbo!“ He calls out and your brother makes your way over to him and you know he’s about to give him a speech and you were not interested in that so you stand and turn towards the first. 

You see something moving in the distance and at high speed. 

 "Something is coming!” You shout, getting down from your perch and unsheathing your sword. 

The company runs to confront whatever it was which turned out to be the most ridiculous looking man being pulled along by rabbits. Rabbits that were larger than you but still cute. 

 "Ah. Radagast. It’s Radagast the brown everyone,“ Gandalf announces and the Company still looks apprehensive. 

You are the first to sheath your sword and you bend down in front of the rabbits as Gandalf goes off to talk with this Radagast person. 

You hold out our hand and they sniff it before allowing you to pet them. 

 "They’re the same size as you,” Dwalin states as you rub behind their ears making them thump. 

 "I’m pretty sure they could kill me if they wanted to but look at how cute,“ you say, rubbing under their chin. 

 "I myself am not into cute things if you hadn’t noticed,” Dwalin states before walking away. 

You roll your eyes. Everyone was such a buzzkill. 

 You straighten as you hear a howl. You remove your sword. 

“Was that a wolf?” Bilbo asks and you turn to look at him. 

“That was no wolf,” Bofur says and you quickly draw your bow and two arrows and fire it at the warg about to attack. 

You hear another and grab two more arrows before bending down a bit and firing at the other warg. That one falls dead as well and you look around to find everyone completely shocked. You pull out the arrows from the head and they’re still useable. 

“Who have you told about your quest beyond your kin?” Gandalf asks. 

“No one,” Thorin replies. 

“Who have you told?!” Gandalf shouts. 

“No one I swear! What in Durin’s name is going on?” Thorin asks as you put your weapons away. 

“You are being hunted. We must hurry,” Gandalf says. 

 "We can’t! The ponies. They’ve bolted,“ Ori cries out and you sigh. 

Things were not going good for you today. 

 "I’ll lead them off,” Radagast states. 

“Those are gundabad wargs. They’ll out run you!” Gandalf argues and a smirk appears on the shorter’s face. 

 "These are Rhosgobel Rabbits. I’d like to see them try.“ 

And thus begins a not so fun game of hide and seek. 

You try to quiet your breathing as you lean up against a rock. You could hear the footsteps of the orc and warg above. 

Thorin nudges Kili and looks down at the bow in his hand. Kili notches an arrow, making you roll your eyes. 

That arrow was only going to injure not kill and that’s the exact opposite of what you wanted right now. 

You notch two arrows and before Kili can step out, you do, gaining the attention of the warg. 

You let your arrows loose and the warg falls dead with out a sound, bringing his rider with him and with the dagger attached to your hip, you kill the orc. 

Nice, quiet and quick.

 You replace your arrows and follow Gandalf’s direction. 

You all reach a gigantic rock and you know you’ve been made out because the growling wards are getting closer. 

 "Kili! Y/n! Shoot them!” Thorin yells out and you do as you’re told, trying to aim for the heart. You kill about three before Fili calls out. 

 "We’re surrounded!“ He yells. 

 "Hold your ground!” Thorin replies, swinging his sword around. 

“This way you fools!” Gandalf shouts and you turn your head to find the wizard sticking out of a hole like a weasel. 

The dwarves are falling down said hole so you join them. 

 You slide down the hole using the momentum to stand up as well but your left foot gets caught behind your right foot and you go tumbling into Fili and end up straddling his waist. 

 "Have a nice fall?“ He asks.

 "I’ve had worse,” you say, taking Dwalin’s outstretched hand as you hear a horn. 

Your ear detects arrows and fighting outside and when an orc comes rolling down, you jump a bit. 

Thorin takes out the arrow from the orc and glares at it. 

 "Elves,“ he states before throwing it into the ground and looking at Gandalf with trepidation. 

"I do not see where the path goes. Should we follow it or no?” You hear dwalin ask. 

“Follow it of course!” Bofur calls out and the dwarves start making their way through the path. 

“That would be a wise choice,” Gandalf says and soon you are all following along.

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So I’ve been sick this passed week and yesterday I finally got back into the swing of things so I started this warm up. This was going SOMEWHERE but now I’m not sure so I’m just gonna leave it as a sketch right now. Featuring the Anastasia/Royal/Whatever AU for your viewing pleasure. Tried to do a Smaug in the background there but I kept picturing him like Cruella Deville for some reason. Oh well. :)

Stay tuned. 

Billy Boyd's 'The Last Goodbye'

So I’ve listened to the preview clip several (ahem) times now, and it’s strange, because is it lovely and heart-rending and lyrically important? Yes. Utterly. I think, in time, I shall love it immensely.

But it didn’t give me the feeling of awe that the last two did - and I’ve finally figured out why.

“Misty Mountains” and “I See Fire” are intensely Dwarven songs - explicitly so, and in the music as well as the lyrics. There’s something very dark and deep and alien about them, and they get in the heart and the beat of blood in the veins, and stay with you.

“The Last Goodbye” is no Dwarf song. It’s Hobbit-song, through and through - simpler and kinder. It looks forward, not back. I don’t think we’ve ever had a closing theme so Hobbitish. “Into the West” was very Elvish, and “Gollum’s Song” spoke for itself. “May it Be” - again, very Elvish, I think. This is something entirely new and different.

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: You get hurt both physically and emotionally.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 8

Next Chapter: Chapter 10

You pull yourself up from the fallen tree as you see Bilbo stand as well. You try to not look down since you were afraid of heights, but you can’t help it as a strong wind blows and knocks you down. You cling to the trunk and look up, watching in terror as the orc moves closer to a struggling Thorin.

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Bookshop Part 2 (Thorin X Bilbo)

Bilbo disliked Halloween. With passion.

It wasn’t the costumes or the candy or the fact that he had to make said candy, because bought candy looked cheap, or his neighbors’ superstitions or even complaints that a wealthy neighbor should put more effort into celebration the traditions, God damn those Sackville-Bagginses-

No; it was the endless knocking that started around six (young snotty brats and their overly concerned parents) and continued till ten, sometimes even eleven (annoying teenagers that wanted to brag they got some ‘queer’ candy). Then, of course, there was always the risk of waking up in a house wrapped in toilet paper – or, and that was the true horror – the stench of rotten eggs.

His house may have been the target of the latter more often than he would have liked to admit.

Those endless knockings, however, would drive him mad one day. He knew that for certainty.

So he placed a bucket outside his door and a note, asking politely that each kid will take one cupcake and leave the rest to the other kids. Not that he was expecting much, but he hoped the blue, lamp-like eyes he glued to the nearby window would make the children think he’s watching.

Also, he prepared three trays of sweets as an extra precaution.

And thus, with a nice book and a comforting fire and a steaming mug (spiced just a bit) prepared, he sank into his armchair and prayed that the night will pass without any incident.

It was also likely to snow, a fact which may deter the most mischievous teens. Probably.

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Imagine a ModernAU where Thorin and Bilbo take little Fíli and Kíli out for breakfast at Bombur’s resturaunt. Nothing wrong about that. But imagine what would happen on a crowded busy morning, and our little Kíli has a fun new name for a certain breakfast favorite.

Waitress: Hello! Welcome to Brother’s Ur. May I take your order?


Imagine the entire restaurant just going completely silent, and stare at Thorin and Bilbo’s table. Imagine Fíli sitting there unphased, coloring away in his menu, while Thorin sits back in his chair with his hand covering his face, trying to hide himself from the entire restaurant. Kíli is just sitting there on his knees at the edge of chair, holding his crayon in the air like a mighty sword. Bilbo just clears his throat and leans over to the very shocked waitress.

Bilbo: Eggs. He means eggs.


Thorin: Kíli! We talked about this. If you want eggs, you ask for eggs. If you want bacon, you ask for…?


Battle Ready Baggins. Bilbo needs a hug. Especially after the mishap with the One Ring.Though I’m sure its time to tell the story. 

He doesn’t remember blacking out. All he remembers is Thorin asking him to give him the One Ring. And that one big fiery eye.

Bilbo awoke, the smell of grass and dirt filling his nose. He’s comfortable, he knows that much and there’s something laying on his head. He notices something moving on his chest, and as his eyes adjust he realizes its a butterfly. He watches it a move for a moment, its sitting atop his chest and letting its wings up and down. It looks comfortable as it sits on the fur line of Thorin’s coat -


Bilbo shoots up from where he was laying, but he doesn’t get far because a hand is pulling him back, “Bilbo?” 

He looks next to him and sees the gloved hand holding his shoulder and those blues eyes staring at him with relief, “Bilbo, you’re all right.” The dwarf king is smiling, despite the cut across his cheek that’s still red and healing. 

And that’s where it all starts coming back to him. 

It had been raining, he remembers, and the company stopped to make camp. He remembers being especially frustrated that day, having run into a pack of Orcs and almost falling off a cliff into a raging river. Despite all the training he’s had, he’s still a hobbit and hobbits don’t swim very well. 

They made camp within an old cave, no trolls thankfully. But when the fire was made and dinner being cooked, he found himself sitting by himself near the opening of the cave. Why he was compelled to pull out his - the Ring he’ll never recall, all he remembered was feeling the need to, the pleasure in holding that golden trinket. Something was speaking to him, whispers harsh and pounding in his ears, and something fiery, bubbling. Such power this little thing had, and it was his. His and only, his. 

He hadn’t heard Thorin calling for him, or heard Fili walk over and offer a bowl of stew to him. All he remembers is Fili’s question, “Say Bilbo,” he held the bowl of steaming food to the hobbit, “Might if I take a look at that ring?” 

“No,” was Bilbo’s short relpy.

“Aw Come on Bilbo, I ain’t going to take it from ye-”

“I said NO!” 

Bilbo had smacked the bowl from Fili’s hands, and the dwarf prince backed away a bit, holding up his hands in defense. The whole company was now watching him. 

“I found it,” Bilbo spat, “So it’s mine.”

Kili stepped forward, “Bilbo, it’s all right -”

YOU STAY AWAY!” Bilbo had pulled out his sword. He pointed

Gandalf had stood up, and so did Thorin. Legolas and Bofur sat by though it was easy to tell that they were ready to pounce if the situation called for it. 

“Bilbo,” Thorin’s voice broke in, “Easy now, you are among friends.”

“You stay away! You stay away from me and what is mine,” Bilbo pointed Sting towards Thorin now. 

The dwarf king stopped and he raised his hands, “I am unarmed Bilbo,” he said, “I will not hurt you.” He took a tentative step towards the hobbit, and he watched as Bilbo held his sword with both hands, letting the ring drop and hang by the chain around his neck. 

Thorin watched as the ring hang softly by its chain, then he looked back to Bilbo, “Bilbo, you trust me,” he said, “I will not bring you any harm, but I think you’ve held onto that ring far too long.”

From the corner of his eye, Thorin could see Gandalf was slowly bringing his staff around. 

Thorin took another step forward, “Bilbo, please,” he said, voice calm, “Let me carry it.”

Another step forward, “Let me carry the ring.” 

Bilbo’s eyes were focused on Thorin, his sword wavering just a bit though there was an unusual intensity in his eyes. Bilbo’s mouth curled into a snarl, his teeth seemed sharper then usual - was the hobbit changing? “Stay away,” Bilbo growled out, “It’s mine.”

Bilbo revealed a sharp, toothy grin, “My precious.”

It was as if on cue that Gandalf used his staff to throw a flash of light that showered the cave in a bright, blinding glow. Bilbo held his hand up to shield his eyes but it was no use, and that was Thorin’s chance to take him down. 

When he had dove for Bilbo, the hobbit swung his sword though he was only able to slash a small cut across the dwarf king’s cheek. Thorin had tackled Bilbo, the hobbit dropping the ring as the light faded. Bofur rushed over and grabbed the ring, putting it into a small pouch.

Bilbo was struggling,falling into something wet and splattering against him. Though he must of struggled so much he passed out. 

And here he was, sitting against Thorin’s lap and staring at the dwarf king’s relieved smile. 

Bilbo could feel the lump in his throat, swallowing thickly as the wave of emotions finally crashed into him. He felt so terrible, how he could let that little trinket over power him so? He had endangered the whole mission! He had endangered the whole company! He had endangered Thorin!

And here Thorin was, sitting here and smiling as if what he did was nothing at all. Bilbo let the tears fall and he dove into Thorin’s arms, digging his face into the dwarf’s tunic.

“I’m sorry,” he choked out, hanging onto the fabric tightly, “I’m so sorry.”

Thorin just held him, “It’s all right,” he kept his voice low, “It was that trinket, not you. It’s pure corruption.” Thorin thought back at his own gold sickness, how he failed to stop it from taking control of him. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, “You had no control, I know that wasn’t you.”

Bilbo sniffled, then laid his head against Thorin’s shoulder. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Thorin ran a hand through golden curls, “We’ll be taking turns carrying it,” he said, “To keep it under control.”

The hobbit nodded, wiping his face and looked up to the dwarf, seeing Thorin smiling. Bilbo gave a weak smile, sniffling again when he noticed that this wasn’t his shirt that he was wearing. 

Bilbo looked down, seeing the white albeit a little dirty tunic he was wearing. He turned back to Thorin, “Where are my clothes?”



“Well, you see - you fell in a puddle last night and it was raining - and you were soaked to the bone and I had - we had to get you out of those clothes - “

“What do you mean WE?!

Oof that ran a little too long. But what happens next? I’ll let you guys decide. :)

Stay tuned. 

Thorin/Bilbo bonding moments, and relationship/friendship progress under The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

  • Thorin now trusts Bilbo enough to let him do significant lookouts, and in doing so, now shows he completely trusts his judgment.
  • Bilbo is sleeping second closest to Thorin, after only Kili(seemingly)
  • When Bilbo wakes up at Beorn’s house and walks up to the table, we switch to a shot of Thorin looking Bilbo’s way and then suddenly glancing in a different direction.*
  • When Bofur points out Bilbo’s disappearance, Thorin looks devastated.
  • Thorin apparently refuses to believe Bilbo is dead, and is now confident in Bilbo’s ability as a burglar. Here he shows he trusts Bilbo with his life, whereas in the first movie, he’d have assumed Bilbo had betrayed them.
  • Thorin’s look as he says “not our only hope”. He has placed his faith in Bilbo’s hands, and the way he looks up is filled with beautiful feelings.*
  • Bilbo approaches and opens Thorin’s cage first.
  • While Thorin would obviously be overjoyed anybody saved him at this point, but honestly; the way he looked at Bilbo is the film definition of “He looked as though he could’ve kissed him” or “he looked at her as if he’d never seen her before”. There’s just so much raw emotion there, all for Bilbo to see. I think it’s amazing. It’s as if Bilbo was an angel shining through Thorin’s darkness and misery.
  • Bilbo holds eye contact with Thorin just the bit longer than necessary when opening his door- with the other dwarrows, he barely even glances at them.
  • The way Thorin looks at Bilbo in awe after being freed is so admiring… he looks so overwhelmed.
  • Bilbo sighs and looks pleadingly at Thorin-he now has enough confidence with Thorin he’s able to ask him to do things.
  • Nobody trusts Bilbo’s judgment except Thorin.
  • I will never get over the fact that Bilbo making pleading doe-eyes at Thorin is enough for the dwarf to start ordering the others. It’s just so funny to me.
  • They share a look and a reassuring little head bow.
  • Thorin held back the barrels waiting for Bilbo. As much as he preaches about not risking the fate of the quest, it is exactly what he was doing at that moment.
  • Thorin praises Bilbo good humouredly, with a smile evident in his voice.
  • He grabs Bilbo during one river sequence. For further evidence about this, see x.
  • After the shot of Bilbo slaying the orc, we see a shot of Thorin, looking at Bilbo slaying the orc with subtle marvel.
  • Thorin standing very close to Bilbo during Bard’s attack (?). Bilbo almost seems to be backing up against him.
  • After Bilbo reveals he asked for Bard’s name, Thorin moves position and looks significantly grumpier.
  • Bilbo looks up at Thorin as if expecting he will solve the financial problem.
  • Thorin and Bilbo seem to have developed a system of non-verbal communication; having just exited the barrels, Thorin and Bilbo give each other a little nod before Thorin allows Bilbo to walk before him.
  • Bilbo walks to a brooding Thorin and initiates small talk- this, in the first movie, would’ve been unthinkable.
  • Thorin sends in his two most trusted thieves-Nori and Bilbo- first into the weaponry, thus acknowledging Bilbo’s skills in burglary.
  • When they are presented to the Master, Thorin yet again stands closest to Bilbo.
  • On the boat, Bilbo is seated just behind Thorin’s back, as the Queen would.
  • Bilbo and Thorin once again display a relationship of trust where Bilbo can question Thorin without him being mad about it.
  • “You have keen eyes Master Baggins”, he says standing very close to him.
  • Bilbo is walking just before Thorin up to Erebor, meaning they’d have to assist each other up the stairs. Not to mention, Thorin prioritizes Bilbo’s safety before getting the first gaze upon the door to Erebor.
  • Bilbo pleading Thorin not to give up his dream.
  • Thorin’s hand lingering too long on Bilbo’s chest as he gives him the map.
  • Bilbo desperately trying to help Thorin and the dwarrows to find their home, showing he puts the Dwarrows’ dream before coming home to Bag End.
  • Thorin/Bilbo PG-18 eyesex.
  • Thorin/Bilbo eye contact continues until it is physically impossible for Thorin to pick up the key without breaking contact.
  • Thorin looks wrecked. Of course, he just set loose a dragon and has obvious case for concern, but don’t try to tell me that expression doesn’t also mean he’s super worried for Bilbo.
  • Balin pleading Thorin to save Bilbo, saying that the Thorin he knew wouldn’t hesitate to save Bilbo. Balin knows Thorin really cares for Bilbo, and tries to plead to the side of Thorin to which Bilbo is important.
  • Even as he dismisses the idea of saving Bilbo, Thorin’s voice is thick and shaky. He even seems to have a hard time pronouncing “Burglar”- His two halves are battling intensely.
  • Smaug using “Oakenshield” rather than “The dwarves” when trying to lure Bilbo out.
  • Bilbo desperately trying to tell both Smaug and himself that Thorin does not use him.
  • Bilbo deeply troubled by the madness that is about to corrupt Thorin’s heart.
  • Thorin actually came for Bilbo in the end. Yet again, he risked the fate of the Quest.
  • Thorin breathing “you’re alive” in complete relief, instead of  just a nod which Bilbo would have received in the first movie.
  • Bilbo definitely notices something is off with Thorin, he sees that something is wrong, and that Thorin wouldn’t threaten him under normal circumstances, thus tries to plead “Thorin” to the Thorin that is sane.
  • Thorin stands before Bilbo with his sword drawn to defend him from the dragon.
  • Bilbo and Thorin yet again run just along each other.
  • Thorin rather risking his life than put Bilbo in danger.
  • Bilbo reluctant to leave Thorin, and Balin having to drag him away.
  • Thorin calls Bilbo “Bilbo” instead of “Burglar” as a rectification. Balin told him his name was Bilbo, and Thorin remembers this, and uses Bilbo’s name as a form of apology- he’s not “Burglar”, he’s “Bilbo”- a dear member of the company, and a friend to Thorin.
  • Thorin gently touches Bilbo’s back as he orders him(when ordering Bombur, he simply yells at him, even though they were at the same distance as he and Bilbo.)
  • It could definitely be argued that Thorin leads Smaug away from Bilbo to help him get off the platform with the lever.*
  • “Keep going Bilbo”, yet again, a use of Bilbo’s name. Not only this, but also a sort of “I trust you Bilbo, you can do it!

These are just things I noticed re-watching it the seventh time with slash goggles. Feel free to point out flaws or further moments I missed.

*edited post, i added moments which i had not noticed, but were pointed out to me by a very kind and sharp-eyed tumblr user, Shadow-rue

so i was thinking about the new bilbo poster and his pose in it:

then it hit me that his pose is pretty similar to the ones of the dwarf statues right outside erebor protecting it:

bilbo is kneeling like the one on the right –> bilbo is the dwarves right hand man (hobbit)??


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thorin and bilbo's relationship post botfa

I think that the interpretation that everything would be fine with their relationship post BotFA is  inaccurate, unrealistic, and also relatively lazy. We all love fix it fics, but to ignore everything preceding the Battle of the Five Armies lingers on a border of denial that I’m not comfortable with: that if two people truly love one another, how they have treated one other previously is irrelevant. I don’t think Bilbo would’ve forgiven Thorin instantly after the battle; I don’t think Thorin would trust Bilbo again instantly after the battle. 

There’s a fair number of points people bring up to counter this. But Bilbo forgave him in the movie! But Thorin was dying. Bilbo is petty and grouchy and rude, but Bilbo isn’t needlessly cruel. Denying Thorin forgiveness on his deathbed would’ve been heartless. But what about Ravenhill, they nodded at each other? Yes, in the middle of a battle where both of them didn’t know the other one was alive, let alone safe. I don’t think that camaraderie, the oh god you’re alive would last long post battle, when there is the certainty of surviving and what that entails. 

Because surviving a battle means confronting what lead up to it. It means Thorin must deal with the gold-sickness. It means that he will need to trade to get the Arkenstone back. There are things that cannot be erased by the relief of survival: Thorin still held a sword to Bilbo in DoS when he suspected Bilbo didn’t have the Arkenstone. Thorin still insisted on isolating both of them from the rest of the company. Thorin still dangled Bilbo over a wall and meant to kill him.  And Bilbo isn’t entirely innocent either; he still kept the Arkenstone from Thorin, thus betraying their blind trust in on another that was broken when they reached the mountain. Bilbo still gave the Arkenstone to Thorin’s enemies. And Bilbo did not just steal something; he committed high treason. Surviving means these things must be confronted, and they are not always confronted peaceably.

Do I think Thorin and Bilbo love each other? Yes. Do I think they could forgive each other? Yes, with time and work. But navigating a relationship in the aftermath of betrayal is no easy thing, and it’s even harder when there’s the mania of post-war surrounding you. I think fic writers too often write this off to get that immediate happy ending. And I get it! We look to fiction (especially fantasy) for escape. But at some point we will need to realise that fiction does have a bearing on reality, and that means we must consume and produce it critically. 

Oneshot(Request) Traveling w/ tc to tlm & Smaug is interested in u. He trades u for tlm & Thorin agrees bc he's mad.(U r a skin changer u just don't know)(Thorin doesn't realise what he's done till after and tc is furious) This might be long.

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You treaded through Erebor, as the boys began to take off their armor and place  the dwarvish armor on. You laughed at their excitement. As you walked, you traced you hand along the wall, and thought about the stories Thorin had told you about the mountain. Smaug couldn’t be real, could he?, you thought to yourself. You breathed in through your nose. It doesn’t smell like dragon breath, or charred flesh. You shrugged off the thought of the dragon and walked down some stairs. You could tell your were getting close to the center of Erebor. Suddenly, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see Bilbo.

“Miss y/n, Thorin doesn’t want you to go down there yet.”

“Yet? And I suppose you’re allowed?”, you crossed your arms and looked at him. 

“Well, yes acutely, I am a burglar after all. Now could you please head back to the others?”, he pleaded. You scoffed and began to head back, but stopped as soon as you were no longer in sight of Bilbo. You saw him walk left, then right, then left again. You could tell he didn’t know where he was going. You giggled at his innocence. You began to follow him, but far enough that he could’t see you. I’m not going to sit and wait for some stone to be found, I’ll find it myself, you thought. You really didn’t want to find it, you just wanted to go home. After entering Erebor, you could see a change in Thorin. Balin had mentioned to you of Dragon sickness, but you didn’t believe in it; at least not until you entered the mountain. You were pulled out of your thoughts when your heard a deep rumble coming from Bilbo’s direction. You didn’t realize it right away, but you had stopped walking. You couldn’t see Bilbo anymore, and began to panic. You grabbed your sword and began to run down a hallway. You didn’t know where it was taking you, but there was no time to think, Bilbo might be in danger. The stories can’t be true. Their just silly fairytales. You thought. You began to feel sweat run down your brow. You skidded across the floor, when you saw it. The dragon. It’s long scales reflected against the gold as it moved. You gasped and quickly ran behind pillar. 

“It seems you’ve brought a friend for dinner, barrel rider.”, Smaug hissed. He heard you and was now after you. You took in a big gulp of air and gipped your sword. You knew if you were gonna die, it wasn’t gonna be this way. You ran from the pillar and faced the beast. 

“I’m here you worm! Bilbo run!”, you screamed at the two of them. Bilbo slid across the gold pieces with the shiny, white stone in his hands. You sighed in relief and looked back at the serpent. He looked at you as if he was studying you. He came close to you, inches from your face. He sniffed you and smiled. 

“Who are you?”, he breathed into you. You coughed at the stench of his breath. There it is, you thought. You opened your mouth to speak, but was cut off by the yells and screams of the dwarfs. They were on the opposite side of the huge room, waving at the dragon, so you could run. You looked around the mountains of gold to find Bilbo. He was climbing up some stairs that were covered in the shimmering gold. You looked back at the dragon, whose attention was now on the Company. Nows your chance, you thought. You ran down the hall from which you came and began to make your way to the others. You wiped the sweat off your face, and began to slow down as you came closer to them. You hugged Bilbo and looked down at his hands. You frowned at the sight. You knew it wasn’t his fault that he had dropped the Arkenstone. You looked over at Thorin who was now furious because the Arkenstone was still with Smaug. You stepped in front of Bilbo ready to defend him, when you heard the deep voice of the dragon.

“King under the mountain…what a surprise. I knew the Barrel Rider was in the company of filth.”, he grumbled, as he slithered towards you all. The others got in a fighting stance ready to kill the beast, when Smaug chuckled.

“I won’t eat you..not if you give me the girl.”, his eyes traced towards you and a smile crept upon his lips. Your eyes widened at his request. You stopped your sword and stepped back. Bilbo stepped in front of you and waved his sword at the beast. 

“You cannot take her!”, he yelled at Smaug. Thorin pressed his hand against Bilbo sword, lowering it. He stepped closer to Smaug and looked at him. 

“The Arkenstone, is it there Bilbo?”, he asked as he continued to look at Smaug. Bilbo pointed to the spot of where he dropped it. Thorin looked to the spot and saw the shimmering stone. He smiled, then looked back at the snake.

“The girl, if you want her so much, then you will not kill us and give us the Arkenstone and Erebor.”, he whispered as his eyes began to trace back to the stone. 

“No! Thorin, you cannot-” Balin started.

“Am I not the king?!”, he screamed at the company. They stopped yelling and looked at you. You shook your head in disbelief, as tears began to form in your eyes. You knew there was no way out, if only. You looked at Bilbo, whose eyes were now red with tears of anger and sadness. You forced a smile and hugged him, then hugged the rest of the Company, except Thorin. You walked over to Thorin and looked into his eyes for any sign of sanity, but only found madness. A tear fell from your eye and ran down your cheek. You placed your lips on Thorin’s cheek and whispered in his ear,

“I hope this trade of the girl for Erebor is enough to make you happy.”, you stepped back to see your friends one last time. Your lip trembled at the thought of an eternity with a dragon. You turned to Smaug and closed your eyes. You felt the hard skin of his claw wrap around you, as you were lifted up into the air and placed onto his neck. You gripped onto his scales as a low rumble came from him. 

“I hope you know you just gave away one of the last skin changers in the entire world. Now she is mine…forever.”, he laughed, as his legs began to move, quickly, to the gates of Erebor. You looked back at Bilbo in shock and tried to jump off, but he was too fast for you to jump. 

“Y/n?! You’re a-?”, Bilbo yelled as he ran, trying to stay with you. You shook you head at him, you gave him a face of ‘I didn’t know’. The rest of the company tried to stop the beast so they could get to you, but Smaug rammed into the gate and began to move his wings, up and down. You and Smaug were soon in the air, and all the Company heard was your screams of terror.

(I hop this is okay. I enjoyed writing this. :)  )

(pt. 2 maybe? Message me if you want it.)

So there are two swords behind Bilbo at Beorn’s - one looks like Sting, one is definitely Orcrist. So Thorin - always prepared, armed to the teeth, you-won’t-survive-the-wild-if-you’re-not-tough Thorin - left his sword lying against the wall all night. He’s not any of the dwarves near Bilbo: on the left of the picture is Nori; in front are Bombur and Dwalin

But there is that convenient space next to Bilbo … was Thorin sitting there talking (or awkwardly not talking, likely) until so late that he forgot to take his sword back when he went to bed?