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Summary: The Company thinks you’re a man so when they find out that you’re not, one dwarf isn’t too pleased.

Warnings: Swearing. Multiple short time skips so it might be a jumbled mess, there is a part where some might get offended: please don’t. I didn’t mean it like that.

Pairing: Dwalin x Reader

Word Count: 2,844

A/N: Holy shit this was longer than I expected. I didn’t expect it to be this long, but as I kept writing, I had a hard time finding a way to end it so this happened. This is probably the longest one shot I’ve ever written. @fandomnationwhore I do hope that this is what you wanted. IF it’s not, let me know and I’ll write another one. Its so bad lmfao

Also, I don’t know if you guys realize this but my requests are always open lmfao


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“Thinking it unnecessary to disturb your esteemed repose, we have proceeded in advance to make requisite preparations, and shall await your respected person at the Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, at 11 a.m. sharp. Trusting that you will be punctual, 

  “We have the honour to remain
          “Yours deeply 
                   “Thorin & Co.”

Run Bilbo, Run!!!

Prompt by Dear Anon Number 4 who said: : “Oh! Would you please draw fem!Bilbo as a modern thief? Maybe all black like Catwoman or in a fancy dress she bought with stolen cash. Maybe cop!Thorin if it’s not too much?


I choose the fancy dress she bought with stolen cash (IT HAD TO BE AN ELIE SAAB INSPIRED DRESS IT JUST HAD TO BE) and idk if you feel me but the part I enjoyed the most was Thorin’s butt. (also, I’m still insecure about his face but it’s already  too late to angst over my ability to mess up richard’s unbelievable factions) 

Greed and Hope

Prompt: “I can’t believe you did that!” with Thorin Oakenshield.

Part 1 - Part 2


It had been long since you looked upon the great halls of Erebor. Having only been a young dwarrow when you left, you could hardly remember it being this magnificent. If only the King was as magnificent as his surroundings.

You had gotten to know Thorin weeks before he set out on his quest to reclaim Erebor, and had immediately decided that he would not leave you to worry over him. Instead, you would go with him. That, of course, had led to a great deal of protest within the company itself. They were right to doubt you, for you had had little experience with war before this quest, but you turned out to be a surprisingly quick learner - picking up skills to help you left and, or right. Now, a little under a year later, you stood filled with pride as you gazed upon the halls of home. In your right hand, you held one of the elvish daggers you had picked up in the troll caves during the begin of your journey. In your left, you held the Arkenstone.

“Bilbo,” you murmured softly as you gazed with fond eyes at the Hobbit in front of you. Throughout the journey, you two had gotten closer than any would have expected, and you saw him as your unofficial brother. “You must understand why (y/n),” Bilbo started, face paling when he noted your disbelief at the situation. “I do,” you answered gently, handing him back the King’s gem. “But you cannot leave yet,” you pointed out, nodding to an anxious Thorin that stormed into the room. Your heart filled with dread at the unrecognizable look on his face. Quickly, Bilbo slipped the Arkenstone back into the pocket it had come from. “Use the cover of nightfall,” you whispered as you sidestepped around the Hobbit, cautiously making your way to the King. You were the only one who still approached the stubborn dwarf out of free will, the others would not dare go near him unless they were left with no other choice. You could hardly blame them, after all, they were watching him succumb to an illness without a cure.

“My King,” you spoke softly as you approached him, dipping your head to show your respect, even though it was slowly dwindling. “What? What is it you need more than I need the Arkenstone? For every second we speak, we are not looking,” Thorin said harshly. Your hand clenched around the dagger, and you quickly slid it back in its sheath before you responded to Thorin. “I merely came to ask how you were faring, my King,” you spoke softly. Mentally, you also added that you were giving the Hobbit time to move it so he would not be confronted by Thorin. Thorin’s gaze did not soften, as it had done so on your journey to Erebor whenever you inquired about his health, instead it hardened. “How do you think I fare, daft girl, with Elves at my door and my gem not in my hands?!” and with those words said, Thorin dissapeared deeper into the mountain, his royal cloak bellowing behind him.

Evening fell quickly, and you joined the quiet company at the dinner table. No one spoke a word throughout dinner, but every once in a while someone would cast an anxious glance in Thorin’s direction, as if they hoped they were somehow stuck in a dream. As if they hoped, that if they blinked really fast, their Thorin would return. Lost in your thoughts, your head jerked up at the sound of wood scratching over stone. Bilbo had impatiently pushed his chair back and now stood abruptly, the eyes of the members of the company focused on him alone. “I do not feel well,” he said softly, and then added “I hope I may retire for the night, Thorin?” All eyes flitted between King and Burglar, and then, the King nodded once and the Burglar took his leave. With Bilbo gone, the company returned their attention to the dinner, and the tense atmosphere returned even thicker than before.

After dinner, you made your way up the walkway above the newly-sealed gates of Erebor. There, you found Balin gazing out over the vast land below. “Evening, master Balin,” you spoke as you stepped in place next to him. “Evening lass,” he answered, eyes quickly flitting to the rope the halfling had left. “No need to worry,” you assured him, “I know where he went, and with what he left.” Balin turned to you with a surprised look. “But, you are so loyal to Tho-” you interrupted him with a laugh “to a fault even, and it is for that reason that I let Bilbo leave.” Balin nodded, seemingly having understood what you meant. “Will he return?” you frowned, and then nodded “he will, and it will not be safe for him.” Balin turned and walked back to the set of stairs, “we best be ready then, for anything.” As he made to walk down the stairs you turned your head to look at him, “Balin, did Thorin ever find his One?” Balin nearly fell down the first step when he heard your question, “lass…” A soft look overtook your face, “no need to be careful with your words, I just need to know…I need to know if I should hold hope or not.” Balin smiled gently, “not that I know of lass, not that I know of” and then he walked down the stairs, muttering something in Kuhzdul about young love. Your eyes took in the plain before you, and in the distance you swore you saw Bilbo slipping into the city ahead. “Make haste, Bilbo, make haste,” you muttered softly as you turned around and went back down the steps.

Morning was an unwelcome visitor most of the days you had spent in the mountain, leading only to tiring hours on a search for something already lost. Today was different. But not in a good way. It was Fili that came for you in the early hours, nearly dragging you out of your bed and straight up to the walkway. Only for you to kick him out and quickly change before following him, weapons strapped carefully at your side. It was only when you reached the top of the walkway that you realized the gravity of the situation. Outside of the gates of Erebor, a large number of Elves had gathered, all dressed for war. And from the ranks of the soldiers, a man and an elf rode forward. Your eyes quickly went to Bilbo, between the two twins, and took your stand next to him. Leaning down you gently tapped his shoulder, “(y/n)?” you hushed him, “get yourself ready to run, Bilbo, for he will not be happy.” Bilbo swallowed nervously and then nodded, hands balling into fists at his sides. And then, the elven king and the leader of man were upon the gates. At first, all seemed to be well, until Thorin drew an arrow and fired it before the hooves of their steeds. In return, all the Elves in the vicinity drew their own arrows, and you anxiously ducked behind the banister. “Thorin, lower your bow” you hissed at the dwarven king. He narrowed his eyes at you, and you quickly decided to not speak. And then, the shock of what the bowman was holding hit him. He roared, utterly furious. And then as if the storm had met strong winds, and was blown away. He laughed, “it is a trick! The real stone is within this mountain!” And before you could stop Bilbo, all hell broke loose.

Your hands dug into Thorin’s shoulders as he made a grab for the Hobbit, who had just admitted to giving the Arkenstone away. As if you had started an avalanche, the dwarven king whirled around in disgust and struck you across the face. Tears gathered in your eyes at the painful sting, and Dwalin yanked you back to stand between him and his brother, eyes wide and disbelief on his lips. And he was not the only one who voiced his disbelief, all of them did. But Thorin heard none of it as he grabbed Bilbo and pushed him so that he was hanging on the side of the balustrade, feet dangling off the floor. And then Kili and Fili spoke in unison, I can’t believe you did that! Striking your One as if it was a lowly Goblin!” Silence fell among the company, and Gandalf shouted at Thorin to let Bilbo go. And before you knew it, you were being ushered to the rope Bilbo had left on the floor last night. And then, over the wall.

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: You get hurt both physically and emotionally.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 8

Next Chapter: Chapter 10

You pull yourself up from the fallen tree as you see Bilbo stand as well. You try to not look down since you were afraid of heights, but you can’t help it as a strong wind blows and knocks you down. You cling to the trunk and look up, watching in terror as the orc moves closer to a struggling Thorin.

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Title: Gifts

 Summary: Bilbo expected it to be any day like the others, but the dwarves had other plans.

 Warnings: Fluff!!! :D

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Originally posted by kaipurge

Today was a fairly standard day, Bilbo thought as he rose from his bed, wrapping his robe around himself before padding down to the kitchen.  No reason for any fuss, he added mentally, trying to decide if he wanted to risk going down to the market today for some fresh ingredients.  

It wasn’t that he was deliberately trying to avoid anyone in particular, except perhaps Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, he just didn’t want any fuss today.  It was just another day, and he didn’t want anyone to treat him any differently because of it.  

But he knew, deep down, that if he stepped foot out that door, every passerby, every neighbor would be there to greet him and to give their congratulations.  And why would they you ask?  Because today was Bilbo Baggins’ birthday, of course!

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Half-Elven Dunedain: Chapter 3

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Part 1     Part 2    Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9        Part 10

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Originally posted by blurryfandoms

You had all awoken and gotten ready for the journey, leaving Bilbo at his home. You all were riding your horses in silence, when you heard a voice call out from the distance. You slowed down, unsure of what you were hearing. You then saw Bilbo running from behind, and saying that he signed it and that he wanted to go. So, Thorin got him a pony, and he was seated on it, after a little bit of help. Then, the dwarves began to toss money bags all around. You reached your hand up and caught the one that came from behind you. You grinned, and heard that Bilbo was asking what that was all about.

“My dear Mister Bilbo. We all made a bet as to whether or not you would be joining us. I could see the brightness in your eyes, the crave for the adventure. Which, is what led to my having received some gold.” You respond, and grin when he asks Gandalf if he thought he would come. Gandalf didn’t say anything as he caught the bag of gold for himself. You all were riding all day.

“We make camp here.” Thorin declared, stopping at a ridge that was sheltered slightly. Dinner was made and eaten in silence. Most everyone was asleep, though Bombur was snoring loudly. You could hear Bilbo moving around and getting up. You huffed before getting up yourself and moving your things. You climbed up the tree with ease, while still being close to hear their voices, but it helped drown out the others’ snores. You watched Bilbo go over and give his horse an apple, and then you heard it. Orcs. You jumped down, and you were overlooking the cliff when you heard Bilbo ask what that was.

“Orcs.” Kili replied.

“Orcs?!” Bilbo repeated. You turned your head at the rushed movement and saw Thorin was awake.

“Throat cutters. There’ll be dozens of them out there. The lowlands are crawling with them.” Fili replied.

“They strike in the wee small hours when everyone’s still asleep. Quick and quiet. No screams. Just lots of blood.” Kili said, and then after a moment, him and Fili both were slightly laughing. You scoffed and got up back to your tree. “What’s up with her?” Kili said, but it was almost interrupted by Thorin.
Thorin asked, “Think that’s funny? You think a night raid by orcs is a joke?”

“We didn’t mean anything by it.” Kili replied, sobered up when he was reprimanded.

“No, you didn’t” Thorin said, and walked past Bilbo to be away from the group. “You know nothing of the world.”

“Don’t mind him laddies. Thorin has more cause than most to hate orcs.” Balin said, and he went and told the story of how the orcs killed Thror, and killed many of his people. While you were lost in thought about the night your mother died. It was an orc raid in the middle of the night. You were still fairly young, but you loved sleeping in the trees. It was good you did. Otherwise you would’ve died that night as well. You closed your eyes, and fell into a restless sleep.

It was the next day and it was raining. You followed after Gandalf mindlessly. You heard them talking about the other wizards and he mentioned Radagast. You had spent time with him briefly.

“I would agree with Gandalf. He’s special in his own way, especially with how he connects with nature and all that.” You said. Then the conversation was in a lull. After more time of riding, you all came across and area that was pretty and sheltered. Gandalf was mumbling to himself when he called out to Thorin.

“I think it would be wiser to not stay here, keep moving. We could make it to the Hidden Valley.” Gandalf said.

“I will not seek the help of the elves. I will never go there. They never have and never will help us.” Thorin replied. You missed the last part of their conversation, but Gandalf ended up getting angry and frustrated. He stormed off to his horse and went off to be alone.

“You made him mad. And that’s actually very hard to do.” You said to Thorin, as you walked next to him.

Bombur had made dinner, and you wanted to go out and around to explore the area more. So you told Thorin this, and you saw a random fire. You dismounted your horse and went into the trees, being stealthy and looked to find who was there. And it was trolls. They were set up nearby to where Thorin and the others were. You had to go and warn them.

Cats Day 11

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: Snow day

A/n: This will be my last update for this series for a while

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 12

“Amad! Amad! Amad! It’s snowing! Can we go out in the snow today?!” Frerin shouts excitedly, jumping on the bed. Thorin let’s out a yelp and scrambles onto your face, scratching it in the process. You let out a yelp as well, turning on your side, making Thorin fall off of the bed.

You turn to glare at Frerin and he looks at you sheepishly. You sigh, turning to lie on your back. That was one hell of a way to wake up in the morning.

Thorin leaps up on your bed and licks your face, purring apologetically. “It’s not your fault love. I know,” you say and he gives you last lick before turning to sit up and look at Frerin. You learned quickly that that was his “not happy” stance.

“I’m sorry Adad I thought you both would’ve been up by now,” Frerin says, lip trembling as you sit up. Thorin pads over to him and stretches so that his paws are on both of Frerin’s shoulders. There is a second of your boys just staring at each other before Thorin licks Frerin’s nose, causing your son to laugh.

You smile as you sit up.

“What time is it?” You ask. “Well after sunrise which is why I figured you’d be up. Can we please go outside to play?” Frerin asks as Thorin takes a seat in his lap.

That causes you to frown. You had a lot to do today. Meetings to hold and dignitaries to deal with.

“Frerin I’m very busy today,” you say and the smile immediately drops off his face.

“But- but you’ve always taken me outside on the first snowfall because Adad was always busy,” he says pout now becoming a frown and eyes now watering. Oh you could not let him cry. Not after seeing him cry two days ago.

“And I will not break that tradition,” you say and immediately his face brightens,”go and get dressed. I shall be ready in five.”

Frerin gets up quickly causing Thorin to fall onto the floor yet again and you laugh as Frerin runs out the door. You pick Thorin up and place him on the bed.

“You my dear husband are joining us today for once in your life,” you say, putting on your clothes. He just Meows.

By the time you get out of Erebor, there are many children human and dwarf alike. Fili, Kili, Dwalin and Thorin were following right behind you while Frerin carried Balin and you carried Gandalf. That old geezer needed to get out anyway.

You smile as Frerin goes running towards Tilda, Sigrid and her eight year-old daughter. They were basically his only friends, at least that’s what you heard from Bain and it made your heart warm at the fact that Frerin had someone even if they were twice his age or half his age.

You smile as Fili tries to launch himself at Dwalin, but Dwalin ducks, making Fili land in the snow. It’s obvious that the snow is deep because you can no longer see him. You put Gandalf down and walk your way over to Fili, pulling him out of the snow. He licks your hand before you place him on the ground. You look for Thorin and he’s sitting a few feet ahead of you with Balin.

You bend down to make a snowball and with your aim, you hit Thorin in the back of his head. Thorin looks at you slowly, snow falling off of his head. You smile as he leaps and gets stuck. It takes him five minutes to reach you because the snow is so deep. You catch him as he launches himself at you.

“Seems like you were having some issues, love,” you say and he meows. The both of you turn to watch everyone. Kili and Fili were currently circling Dwalin. They both pounce at the same time and Dwalin ducks, causing Fili and Kili to knock heads. Balin was currently chasing around a dwarfling and Gandalf was spinning in circles trying to catch snowflakes.

You look for your son and he was currently building a snow fort with the help of Bilbo, Ori, and Sigrid’s daughter, Elaine. Thorin jumps out of your hand and runs over to them, bowling into the half made fort causing Frerin and Elaine to groan. Before Thorin can run off, Bilbo grabs him by his collar, looking very put off. Before he can start his ranting, Fili, Kili, and Dwalin tackle him to the ground, causing Thorin to drop.

You and Frerin laugh at Bilbo’s misfortune and go to help them. The cats may be a pain in your ass, but they still brought join to those around them and that is all you could ask for.

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you know the common thought is bilbo cuddling up to thorin and laying his head on his chest which makes sense because is smaller but consider

thorin cuddling up to bilbo and laying his head on bilbos chest. bilbo running his fingers through thorins hair until he falls asleep. bilbo reading a book while thorin rests on his chest

What Needs to be Said

Title: What Needs to be Said

 Summary: No one, except Bofur, had understood Bifur for so long.  Now that the axe is out of his head, he is able to speak with everyone…and there are some things that needs to be said.  

 Warnings: Language. Ships.

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Originally posted by thorinkingoferebor

Bifur couldn’t believe it.  He had spent so many years like this, and now…he was back to how he was before Moria.  He could talk, actually talk with people, using common tongue, not that ancient language most didn’t even know.  Sure, the dwarves spoke the language, but his words got jumbled so much, only Bofur could translate.

But he didn’t need Bofur to do that anymore.  The axe was gone, and the battle was won.  He had so much to say…so much, and it was time he was finally able to say it.

“Bofur,” Bifur looked to his cousin with a smile, “thank you for everything.  You have always been patient with me, and taken the time-.”

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ksclaw  asked:

Here's an AU for ya, which I blame solely on a standup comedian: AU where Bilbo works at a massage parlour and gets Thorin as a customer (but only because Thorin lost a bet with Fili and Kili). And Thorin is so super tense, that he has to come back for several appointments.

Ohhh my god masseuse AU’s may be my secret trash?????

Thorin thinks this is crap. Massages are crap and someone else is gonna be touching all over him and how is he supposed to relax when he’s flopped out on a table while someone he doesn’t know is kneading his back??? That just sounds more stressful fuck his nephews they think they’re so funny with their “Maybe you’ll learn to relax for once” jokes. THORIN IS VERY GOOD AT RELAXING. HE CAN BE THE MOST RELAXED. JUST BECAUSE HIS VERSION OF RELAXED IS REREADING REPORTS AT 5AM BEFORE GOING FOR HIS 6AM RUN DOES NOT MEAN HE NEEDS MASSAGES

Then he sees the little man they sent him to (because ok more than a parlor I can see Bilbo running his own little practice from his adorably rustic home where he makes tea or lemonade for customers) and ok it’s nice that there’s no weird relaxation music but who the fuck plays Mozart at a massage practice what the actual hell???? And how is this tiny bustling man supposed to have the arm strength to even work out lumps of dough much less actual muscles??? He may be adorable but Thorin is here under duress and he is getting so many glares.

And god speaking of can you imagine the underhanded SASS from Bilbo.

“I don’t need massages I’m only here because my nephews made me. I’m not tense.”
“Goodness no. You seem like a man perfectly accustomed to relaxation.” Bilbo deadpans, looking at Thorin sitting in the plush armchair as if he’s been impaled all the way through then sat on a stone bench. Thorin just glares at him.

ANYWAY Thorin is finally coerced into getting stripped down and onto the table (Bilbo is very professional but also is like “I need to find his nephews and send them a thank you card. goodness”). Bilbo is like IS YOUR BACK ACTUAL ROCK. HOW CAN YOU BEND AT ALL?! 

He realizes this may be his greatest challenge yet. He gets out his best oils, he rolls up his sleeves. He gets to fucking work.

By the end of it Thorin is an incoherent, floppy mess who can barely move or function and also he may be a little bit in love. Bilbo was not tolerating any of his growling and I imagine there was more than once that Thorin was swatted on the shoulder for tensing back up or squirming and Thorin just muttered about “You’re not supposed to hit your patients” to which Bilbo would snip “And my patients are supposed to be PATIENT now hold still while I work on reminding your trapezius that it’s supposed to be able to move.”

Stay here, don’t make a sound and don’t blink come out until it’s safe. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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The Good Fight

Originally posted by moved-to-middle-earth

Requested by @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor, where the reader is “caught between Thorin and Dwalin, who are competing for her affection.” Thank you for your trust, my friend. Thanks also to @heilith for brainstorming ideas with me and for @fromthedeskoftheraven for getting me talking about my husband’s latest home improvement project, which served as an inspiration. 

Incorporating imagines from @imaginexhobbit and @imaginethorin. Posting them here will reveal spoilers, so the corresponding links are in the story.

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[The Hobbit] Tattoos

@ickaimp​: Okay… but… what if Bilbo got tattoos?
@rinpin​: oooooooooooohhhh
@rinpin​: Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss
@ickaimp​: Dwarven tattoos.
@ickaimp​: Thorin may or may have not designed one that reads ‘Property of Thorin Oakenshield’.
Bilbo will kill him if it turns out to be true.
644 words.

Bilbo was not losing his patience. He was not. He loved his husband dearly, he loved the Company who had grown to be the family of his heart, and he’d grown to love Erebor, and the beauty of dwarrow culture and customs.

What they’d share of it anyway. It wouldn’t matter how long he lived with the dwarves, there were always going to be some things that they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell. And he was okay with that.


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