Gohan was voted most likely to succeed in DBZ and been chilling, making beats for five summers in his mom’s basement. I’m talking “Damn homie, (LITERALLY) in high school/Dragon Ball Z you was the man, homie… the fuck happened to you?” Now if you gonna try and say “oh he got a wife and kid now. He’s a family man.” That ain’t no excuse. He couldn’t dust off the NordicTrack? My man couldn’t hop on Groupon to get a discount at a Bikram yoga class? You mean to tell me couldn’t hope on the anti-gravity Bowflex at all (is anyone even getting these references)?

 I don’t wanna hear y’all blaming his mom Chi-Chi for trying to make him a scholar either. Chi-Chi wanted him to get a good job, which he did, but she ain’t want ’em to be a lame. Chi-Chi knew it was downhill once he started that Saiyaman phase and began to train Goten immediately. The fandom’s also so quick to be like, “Well Goku wasn’t around,” “Goku was training all the time. Died. Stayed dead. Came back–” Lemme cut you the fuck off right there.

How many times did Goku save Earth’s ass? How many times did homie die for Earth? Then he went and trained his son to take over and fucking died when Gohan got cocky with Cell. Bruh, we ain’t blaming that man’s Pops for shit. If my daddy had to train all the time cause Earth was always in danger from ‘roided up rando aliens trying to run the natural resources, I’m not crying about his ass not being there for me, ’cause he’d say, “Oh you wanna pull the my-daddy-wasn’t-there-to-toss-a-football-with-me card? That’s ’cause I was making sure you had a damn atmosphere over your head to even toss the damn thing.”

No, sir. I’m doing push ups ’cause I’m gonna be damn sure able to windmill the rock when he gets knocked and passes it to me. Not Gohan though… this guy legit went from child prodigy to State Farm customer service agent. Look at ya mans now… LOOK AT YOUR MANS AND DEM!

…Man, y’all know why we here. Let’s put this horse out to pasture.

*Sets timer*


“Let Nas Down” should be playing anytime Gohan appears onscreen.

Gohan the dude at work by the water cooler talking ’bout how much he benched in high school.
Gohan the dude at work by the copy printer going through a mid-life crisis.
Gohan the dude at work washing ayebody else’s dishes.
Gohan the dude at work that gets his stapler ran daily.
Gohan the dude at work saying, “Did you try holding Ctrl + Alt + Delete?”

And I know just what the fuck you thinking, “oooh but he still has the mystic power level and–“

Mystic Gohan ain’t do a COT damn thing.
Mystic Gohan is the softest soft drink on Earth as far as I am concerned.
Mystic Gohan is an alternate costume “L” for Gohan to rock.
Mystic Gohan is the fucking Frank Ocean of DBZ and we still waiting on that new power level to show up.
Mystic Gohan is straight up Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff for the Toon Squad in Space Jam.

Gohan is like blueberries, he’s trash in everything except waffles (the Namek Saga) and muffins (Cell Saga).
Gohan’ll have one good round at Taboo and then chokes each turn afterwards.
Gohan’ll be the only dude coming into work on Saturdays.
Gohan’ll have Tobey McGuire playing him in the live action film.

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Yoga Asana of the Day:
Padahastasana, Hands-to-Feet pose


,Calf muscles,
Rectus abdominis.


Sciatic nerve,
Tendons and ligaments of the legs,


Pineal and pituitary glands,

Padahastasana is the first forward bend in the Bikram series. The posture tones and trims all of the most common “trouble spots”: waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
 The posture is particularly effective in resolving abdominal obesity. Padahastasana is also good for sciatic issues, lower back pain and frozen shoulder. 

The posture improves circulation of blood to the brain (good for concentration) and to the legs.

Hands-to-Feet pose involves and works the whole body. It requires–and creates–strength, flexibility and endurance. You pull with your arms to create stretching in the legs, hips and back. Upon completion of this posture, you have stretched your spine in all four directions.

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Uppers and downers

One of the greatest pieces of advice another friend gave me was to walk away from negative people because they have nothing to give you. What if they are the people who are supposed to take care of your health?

I’m back at the Cancer House today and a bit late because I just had a fab raw food lunch with a friend but it’s okay. It’s not Bikram and it’s only five minutes. I settle in. Again, I am one of three women there who still has a head full of non-grays. Ok, maybe I have a few but not a full head. We go through the exercises, they are hard, but I get through them despite the physiotherapist already after me.

PT: No, no, no, that’s totally wrong. Do it this way.

I’m polite. I oblige. I move my hand as instructed. But am a bit shocked by her tone because Danes usually are so accommodating in groups. They want everyone to feel good and have consensus. And she is supposed to be a health professional.

Next up, I do a modified exercise on the wall. PT is whispering corrections to me and ends it with:

PT: You want to do this correctly because you’re traveling tomorrow.

Maybe I don’t really like the fact she knows that, a total stranger. This also means she knows I was so distraught when I was here last time and state of mind was certainly noted in my records.

So we’re done with class, and I have a question. We’re encouraged to ask them. Well, actually, mine concerns the PT I’ve been assigned to. The crabby one is free. I go up to her despite my inner voice telling me not to. I explain to her about my tapes and needing them to get changed. Of course, she has no time to help me. No, don’t worry, I’ve taken photos and we have sports tape at home, clearly not begging her for help. She corrects me, it’s kinesio tape. Of course. Then she comments on my swelling, and ends with:

PT: Since you’re going to the US your greatest problem will be taking care of the fluid. It will be expensive. We prefer you to stay here.

I’m keeping my cool and tell her that I’m keeping an open mind for my oncologist, but it’s really important for me to be with family right now.

I don’t walk away furious, which is what I should be, but sad. Sad for her that she has lost an opportunity to experience her life and grow within the fullest extent of her profession. With open heart and acceptance. Maybe it’s just me, but the moment you start to crave power or praise or ego within the work you do, that is where it begins to take a turn. You no longer do work for sheer pleasure or for what it is. That desire begins to consume you. Either find something else that makes you happy, or rediscover why you do the work you do.

Will I come back to the Cancer House? I’m not sure. I’ve had many tell me it wasn’t for them. I’m beginning to understand why. Too bad. Such a lovely building and concept, but it is dead inside.