Exo trying to help you study

Exo-M seeing your old yearbook photos

Exo-K seeing your old yearbook photos

Exo-M realizing all your friends are guys

Exo-K meeting all your guy friends

Cooking with Exo

Exo when another member flirts with you

Exo’s daughter having kids

Exo finding out you read voltage

Exos reaction to seeing you in a bikini

Wearing Exos shirt 

Exo finding you asleep in their shirt

Surprising the beagle line with a secret

Exo when someone flirts with you

Exo sneaking into your room

Exo wedding day

Exo leaving you little notes 

Exo when you’re stressed

Exo coming home to a dog

Exo buying you something while window shopping

Exos girlfriend not being so innocent 

Awkward situations


BTS when you tickle them mercilessly

BTS when you’re mistaken as a guy

BTS when their girlfriend is on her period

BTS seeing you fall asleep to their music

BTS leaving you little notes

BTS meeting your parents

BTS when you’e stressed

BTS when your sugar hyped

BTS hearing a foreigner singing dope

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