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Hi, I want to get a bikini wax done but what area do they actually wax on a bikini wax and how long will it last before growing back if it is my first wax? Plus I have a lot of pubic hair at the moment do I shave it and wait a bit or just trim it?

There are different kinds of waxing styles that can be done, depending on how much hair you’re like removed.

HERE is a helpful list (and descriptions) of those styles!

A bikini wax (as well as most waxes) usually lasts about 2 weeks before regrowth starts. This can be more or less depending on how fast your body hair grows. It will probably need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks. This doesn’t change as time goes on, so first wax or 50th wax, you’ll need to go back about once a month to maintain your chosen bikini hair look.

DO NOT shave your pubic hair before going in. I would strongly recommend buying a bikini trimmer with clippers and a clipper guard (I use this one, it’s cheap and works well), and just giving everything a once over a day or two before going in for your wax.

Hair should be about ¼ inch long for best waxing practices. That length is long enough that the wax can grip the hair shaft, but short enough that your waxing technician isn’t going to be using extra product to try and coat the hair down to the root. It will also make clean up afterwards much easier.

I actually went to school for skin care and hair removal (a long time ago, mind you), so this is something I know an exceptional amount about. Lucky you!


Extra tip #1: Exfoliate beforehand. After you trim everything with the clippers, exfoliate the area to remove any dead skin which can lead to ingrown hairs after waxing. Your skin will feel pretty tender for a day or so after waxing, so exfoliating beforehand is super important. Once the skin doesn’t feel so tender start exfoliating (not abrasively, but gently) every time you shower. Ingrown hairs are awful and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone, so take care of that skin!

Extra tip #2: No scented lotions! Your skin will get so angry if you rip hair out of it and then slather it in scented lotion. There are great products specifically made for post-wax bikini lines, use those!

xoxo, Shannon

It has come to my attention that libfems think women talking about their vaginas, reproductive systems, etc. for the purpose of alienating trans women and I’m just

Our bodies are so stigmatized? More women than ever are getting bikini waxes and vaginal plastic surgery. The president of the United States was elected after bragging about “grabbing women by the pussy.” In several states it’s now nearly impossible to get an abortion, because as soon as a woman gets pregnant, her body belongs to the state.

Talking about female anatomy has absolutely nothing to do with you. Our fight against stigma and sexual assault is not about sneakily trying to make trans women uncomfortable. When women made and wore pussy hats, I can guarantee you they were not thinking, “this will show those trans women that they don’t belong.” They were rebelling against the election of a rapist to the highest office in the country.

It’s not about you. It’s just not fucking about you, and I’m honestly astonished that anyone could be so self-absorbed as to think it was. 

Fun Times With A Fossil

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Smut (explicit), swearing

Word Count: 1,167

A/N: This is my entry for @bucky-plums-barnes 100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday - my prompt was Bad Sex/Something goes wrong. This is a bit of a different approach for me, so I hope you like it! xx 

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(Let’s just pretend that’s Bucky lmao)

“Honey, I’m home!” You called out, a giant smirk on your face, as you walked into your apartment. The entire day, you had been sending your boyfriend suggesting texts, since you had gone for a bikini wax today. Judging by his responses, he was more than just a little hot and bothered. Once that metal-armed supersoldier was aroused, he was a force to be reckoned with.

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Twin Telepathy

Warning: Smut

Requested: Yes. 
Anon: Can u do an imagine where Grayson and you just meet and you have to spend the night in his room since it’s stormy outside and it ends up becoming sexually?

Tagged: @dolantreehisser Thank you for helping me start it love <3 I really appreciate you. 

@grayson-bailey-dolan-owns-me Here’s your Grayson Needs ;)

Words: 7 pages, 4,276 words total

The sound of thunder rolling through the clouds made you jump. You growled and kicked the wall near your hotel room. The stupid sock on the door meant Aileta had already met up with her guy. Of course she hadn’t bothered to tell you that she was going to fuck the dude in your shared hotel room. You stomped your foot and glared at the sock once more. “FUCK!” You screamed as you heard the giggles on the other end of the door.  

This was so not happening. You hated storms, you hated that you didn’t get your own room when you had a chance and now they were all booked up. Your eyes watered as you pushed your back against the wall and slid down it putting your face in your knees.  

Footsteps sounded down the hall making you look up. You sucked in a deep breath. An Adonis was making his way down the hall. His hair fell slightly in his face as he dug in his pockets looking for his keycard. He stopped at the room just across from yours. Your eyes trailed over his muscular back, those huge arms, thick thighs. Your cheeks began to flush. He even had a nice ass. You ducked your head and groaned softly. “What the fuck was I thinking going to NY with her?” You mumbled to yourself.

“Hey, You alright?” His voice was deep but soft as though he was afraid of frightening you. You nearly snorted to yourself, nothing about that man could scare you. You’d just looked up into the most gorgeous hazel eyes when another round of thunder clashed making you squeak, your heart rate increasing. “F-Fuck!” You stuttered out. “ Here, where’s your room I can walk you there.” You watched him clench his jaw realizing he could see directly down your dress. You sighed softly.  

“This one right there, but my lovely best friend is too…” You paused trying your best to not sound bitter. “She’s busy and I can’t get in. Probably won’t until tomorrow..”  

He straightened up a little as though thinking this over. This once again gave you the full view of his thick thighs in his black skinny jeans. They fit snuggly making you wonder just what kind of working out did he do. “ Well my brother won’t be back until probably tomorrow so You can crash with me just across the hall.”  

You tilted your head back and forth gnawing your bottom lip. Spend the night with this godly being or sleep in the hallway and probably be dragged away by security. You rose to your feet giving him the full view of your black and white cocktail dress that stopped mid thigh. You’d left your silver heels on not wanting to touch the carpet in the hall but as you stood you wished you’d taken them off.  

“That’s a cute outfit.” He complimented a little twinkle in his eye. You didn’t know if he was just trying to distract you or  if he was actually interested in your outfit. You took a hesitant step towards his room then a few more. He now stood off to the right as he slipped his key into the slot. The light turned green, the door beeped and then he pushed gently at the door allowing you to go in first.  

“I’m Grayson by the way.” He introduced himself as he closed the door behind you two. The room was beautiful, even the view from outside was amazing. You moved closer towards the balcony and looked out at the night life that still seemed to be going on. While you were looking out the window however Grayson’s eyes were raking up and down your body. He shook his head reminding himself that he was just helping someone that needed it. He glanced at the two beds, “ I can take the bed closest to the door.”

You turned to face him, the sound of the rain pattering against the balcony behind you.“I’m Y/N, I didn’t mean to be rude Grayson I just..this view is beautiful.” You told him softly just before lighting lit up the sky making you jump and yelp. He chuckled softly but soon the wind picked up.  

“Sorry it’s not funny it’s just..” He trailed off making you sit down on the bed cursing yourself for what you’d gotten yourself into. “You’re adorable when you do that..” Your head snapped to face him your face growing hot. “Grayson..” You said shaking your head laughing a little. “Now why would you even..” You began pulling your shoes off. “Lets not go there because you are so beyond adorable.”  

Where that confidence came from you had no idea, but once your second shoe was off you sighed softly. “ Is it okay if I borrow one of your shirts? I can send it to like a PO Box or something when I can get home to wash it.”  

“Yeah I’ll grab you one, you can take a shower too if you want.” He told you making you wonder if he was being polite or if he really just wanted you to be comfortable. Deciding it was both you watched as he squatted down and grabbed a suitcase. He pulled out a button up shirt and laid it on the bed.  

You pushed yourself up slowly then padded your way over to the other bed. You reached over and grabbed the shirt. You leaned over to kiss his lips just as he turned to look at you. Your lips  brushed against soft plump lips making your eyes flutter closed briefly. “I…I’ m sorry..” You tittered out as he blinked several times before he shook his head and cupped your cheeks.  

He didn’t think twice before he brushed his lips once more against yours. You wanted this, hell you needed this. It had been two years since you’d been laid. A one night stand wasn’t the end of the world. He slowly  began to stand as he licked and nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance. Both of you began breathing just a little harsher as his right hand went to your waist while his left stayed on your cheek.  

The heat of his body soaked into yours leaving you the warmest you’d been in a while inside and out. You were so wrapped up in Grayson that the thunder and lightning didn’t even register to you, no you were already seeing bright lights just kissing him.  

“I am not sorry for that. I definitely enjoyed that.” He told you clearly unashamed. You laughed softly you arms sliding up his toned chest. Your arms moved up and rested on his shoulders, “I..don’t regret that either.Um..Maybe you should join me in the shower?” You asked your cheeks burning once again.  

He grinned and the view alone made you forget to breathe for a few seconds. “I’d be happy to Y/N.” He leaned down and brushed his lips against yours once more before he pulled away. “I’ll grab something to put on after the shower. I’ll meet you in there.”  

Slowly he pulled away from you as though it was a hard thing to do. You bent down and picked up the forgotten button up before you made your way to the bathroom thankful you’d gotten a bikini wax despite how fucking brutal it had been. Once in the bathroom you immediately turned the water on mostly hot because you loved a good hot shower. You grabbed a towel, and what you assumed to be his shower gel.  

You tugged at the dress thankful that it could be easily pulled over your head. You folded it neatly and put it on the counter. This left you in your favorite lingerie. An Emerald green bra and thong. It always made you feel beautiful. It was as you pulled the bra off that the door opened to reveal a flustered Grayson. His eyes ran over your curves hungrily. You hadn’t even covered your breasts as he openly stared at you. “Fuck…” He whispered moving further into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and tugged at his shirt from the bottom. You watched your eyes glazing with lust as his bicep rippled.  

As the shirt pulled over his head you nearly moaned. He was so toned that you swore you could wash clothes on his abs. “What the hell do you do Gray?” You asked unknowingly calling him by his familiar nickname. “I just work out, I take care of my body.” He told you as he moved closer to you. The bathroom was beginning to steam up from the hot water.  

You swallowed thickly the closer he got the more you clenched your thighs as a familiar ache began to settle between them. “Just a shower right?” He asked as he stopped within arms reach of you. You nodded slowly though as you watched him slide off his belt you quickly began shaking your head instead of nodding. You watched as he smirked a little his cheeks red. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed at them. As those thighs of his came into view you bit your bottom lip. But it wasn’t the thighs that made you moan and look to the floor.  

No the man was in box briefs that showed off a very nice package that was so obviously hard. Hearing the moan he looked up at you and offered a small smile. You couldn’t not touch him. You glanced up at him through your lashes and placed your hand on his chest. “Gray..son this will be a one night stand right?” You asked as he studied your face with desire. “Doesn’t have to be. We do have all night.”  

You slowly sunk to your knees then looked up at him as you began kissing and licking at his abs. There was a small hint of salt from him possibly sweating but that was nothing compared to the shiver his body gave from the feeling of your lips on his skin. He looked down at you with his mouth open. His hands moved to pull his briefs down but you slapped at his hands. “You’re going to let me…do this."You whispered up to him, "Please..Grayson..”  

You drug out his name purposely, your voice taking on a slightly sultry tilt. He nodded as though any and all of his thought process was gone. You slipped a dainty finger into the top of his boxer briefs as your lips began to kiss at the head of his member through his briefs. He groaned softly and you could feel him throb already against your lips with each kiss.

You giggled softly as you began tugging down his briefs. “And what you are you laughing at y/n?”  

“You’re eager..but I just want to savor you..” You blushed at your words and continued dragging his briefs down his legs. “I want to savor you too.” He told you earnestly though his voice was so husky you could barely make out the words. You wrapped your fingers around his length then began tugging at him gently noting just how veiny and thick he was. You wrapped your lips around the head making him drop his head back and lean against the countertop to keep himself from falling over. You took your time bobbing your head up and down his length pulling groan after groan from his lips.  

You were already soaked before but this just seemed to make it worse. The noises he was making, the way he throbbed between your lips. You moaned loudly around his length making his hips jerk and his fingers go to the crown of your head. He hit the back of your throat and suddenly he pulled away, “Nuh uh. Not yet. I can’t.” He began to gently thrust into your mouth. “Y/N…” He moaned softly as you hollowed your cheeks. This continued for a few more minutes before he pulled away entirely and leaned down to pull you to your feet. He kissed your lips passionately, his hands cupping the back of your head.  

This kiss made your toes girl, his touch so strong made you feel safe and wanted. This was what you were missing, this was what you needed. “On the counter babe. I want to fucking taste you.” He easily hooked a finger into your panties and slid them down your body. Once they were off he began kissing at your neck.“I want you to jump on the count of three..and I’ll put you on the counter.”  

You nodded slowly, “One.” He said now biting gently at your earlobe and pulling. “Two..” He muttered as his lips began to trail down your neck and to your shoulder. “Three.” He said as he grasped your waist tight and hoisted you up onto the counter. He didn’t waste another moment. He parted your thighs, even going so far as to push you back a little. “Tilt baby.. I want to get all in you.” He wasn’t thinking about what he was saying anymore. He was simply speaking and the way he spoke was intoxicating.  

You leaned back a little giving him a clear view of your dripping sex. He started off just flattening his tongue and licking up and down your folds his hand going to one of your breasts. He gripped your breast firmly and massaged it as he teased your folds allowing the tip of his tongue to slip between them briefly. Pleasure zipped through your which each and every lick making you arch more. “Gray…you’re teasing..” You mumble just loud enough to be heard.  

“Of course I am. I did say I wanted to savor you.” He glanced up at you and once again you were lost within those eyes of his. You watched his eyes as finally parted your folds and gave you the longest lick yet. Your eyes almost closed, your mouth opened as a loud moan left you. The amount of pleasure with that single lick told you that you were in for a long night. He leaned further into your legs adding pressure to his tongue against you.  

He began tracing letters into your clit. “G.” You moaned softly your hips rocking gently against his tongue, your core needing more. “R..” You called the next letter your mind trying to finger out what he was spelling while your body was just trying to get more pleasure. Your left hand went to his hair which you curled your fingers into and tugged making him groan as he slid the next letter over your clit a little rougher. “A.” You barely managed to say that letter but it seemed he would draw a letter then lick up and down your folds four times before the next letter.  

That of course didn’t give you nearly enough time to recover and he knew that. You tried to remember the first three letters Gra. You were sure he was spelling his name but your eyes rolled back as he drew the next letter as slow as he possibly could. “Y.” You squeaked making him chuckle softly. This sent a deep vibration up your clit. “FUCK!” You yelled as your hips began to roll against his tongue as he gave you another four lick lashing. You weren’t sure of up or down or what fucking month it was anymore.  

He started on the next letter your fingers tugging more at his hair making him growl as he traced it. “S..” Your breathing stopped altogether as he used a finger to part those lower lips. Your legs spread even wider to give him more access. “Grayson..” You moaned making him chuckle but he continued his letters. “O.” Suddenly you knew what he was spelling and that made it all the more hotter. It was like he was claiming your body for his own. “N..” You said just as he began to swirl that letter in that.  

His finger began a slowly slide in and out of you making you cry out more and more as he now sucked on your clit while his tongue flicked dangerously fast against it. You didn’t get to warn him as that warmth spread through your body and you came hard all over his finger. If that single finger could work you that way you had to wonder how well the rest of him worked you. Fingers, and tongue had already drove you mad. He took his time licking you clean. Eventually he pulled away and moved towards the shower allowing you to catch your breath though only for a moment.  

Your body was already singing his praises. You’d hadn’t had an orgasm like that since the last time you’d took the time to take cre of yourself which was more than three months ago. You watched as he adjusted the temperature. You wiggled your toes a little and smiled as you slid off the counter. Your legs tingled quite a bit but you managed to make your way to stand just behind him. You wrapped your arms around his back and began rubbing at his chest gently. “I’ll definitely remember every moment clearly.."You told him as your lips caressed his back gently while your hands worked their way down his body memorizing each and every swell of muscle until you got to his cock.

He groaned and put his arm out to stead himself. "You’re awfully hard there baby."You told him as you began to stroke him, your hand barely fitting around him.  

His hips jerked and he took a deep breath,"I need you like now.” He told you as you pulled away from his body. You ducked your head down and climbed into the shower. You watched as he grabbed the wash cloth and hung it behind him after he’d climbed in, “It’s pointless to clean now and then have sex.” He told you as he moved to stand in front of you the water washing over his body.

“Oh my fuck.” You mumbled as he gave you that boyish grin yet again. He pulled you towards him but then pressed your back against the cool wall of the bathroom wall. The warmth of his body and the coolness of the wall were a stark contrast that made you hum softly. Whatever you were thinking however was stopped in its tracks as he lifted both your legs and pressed himself as close as he could be to you. “I’ll pull out.” He told you as he began kissing and sucking at your neck while his hips rocked and rolled against yours.  

He was teasing your entrance which felt so good that you let your head fall back against the wall giving him even more access to your body. He sucked and nipped all over your neck and shoulder leaving you a panting moaning mess. It was then that he finally began to work himself into you. You gave the longest moan as he slowly began to push himself inch by glorious inch into you. “You’re so tight..” He moaned in to your ear. You bit your lip but he wasn’t having that. He slapped your wet ass cheek making you yelp.  

“Y/n don’t hide those moans from me. Scream my name.” He told you making you nod slowly as he began rolling those hips. He rolled them up causing the head of him to hit this sweet spot that made you squeak loudly. Soon his hips was pulling back and he was rolling up with each and every thrust. You leaned forward squashing any room that had been between you previously. Your nails clung to his shoulders leaving an imprint in them as pleasure seemed to flood your every nerve ending which seemed to come to life.  

His groans and the sound of skin slapping filled the entire bathroom. “Grayson…” You called out as that was the only thing that came to mind. The only thing that seemed to be burned into your memory be it from saying it multiple times already or be it from him spelling it on your clit. You were sure you’d never for get his name.  

You began nibbling and biting at his neck and shoulder leaving your own hickies on him. You began rolling your hips  with each thrust of his. The way his smooth chest moved against yours left you nearly screaming. Your nipples were already sensitive but the feeling of his hot flesh against them left them feeling twice as sensitive. “ Please..Please Please Please.” you began betting.  

“Please what baby..tell me…tell your Gray what you want..” He seemed to also be lost in the moment because yet another slap sounded through the bathroom before he pushed as deep as he could within you. “ Please..I..I want to cum..” You nearly cried at just the pleasure alone he was bringing. You knew sex wasn’t always like this, hell you’d had your fair share of romps but nothing had been this amazing. “Then cum. Cum all over my dick.” This must have  been what you needed because cum you did, hard. You clung to him, your tighs quivering as he continued thrusting through your orgasm drawing it out even farther.  

Just as your orgasm ended however he stilled and gave the lowest but longest moan of the night, so far as he spilled himself into you. “Shit..” He groaned as his hips jerked and his head fell back. You weren’t thinking about that though. Instead you were kissing and rubbing at his body as he came dwon from his high.  

Slowly he pulled out of you and let you wobble back and forth a moment before he wrapped an arm around you to steady you. “Mmm I still want more. "He told you as he reached for the washcloth. He quickly lathered it up and began taking his time in washing your body being sure to be extra gentle at your lower parts since he’d already abused them once. He washed your body twice before moved you both back under the stream of the water having somehow worked yourselves a bit farther back to the shower. By the time it was your turn to wash him you most certainly took your time making sure to tease him the entire wash often alternating between your hand and his wash cloth.  

The rest of the shower seemed to go by quickly with giggles and nudges here and there. Already the hickes were beginning to show on both of your bodies but you weren’t concerned about that. Instead you turned the water off and climbed out wrapping one of the towels around your body. You turned to see him watching you biting his bottom lip. "You might as well leave the button up right won’t need it.”  

He scooped you up not even bothering with a towel as he carried your giggling form from the bathroom. He stood you upright at the end of the bed closest to the window. His left hand tugged at the towel freeing you from its grasps that hid the rest of your beauty to him. “I like seeing all of you like this..makes me feel good.”  

You laughed softly and nodded, “Well..I like seeing you like this…it’s my turn.” You told him as pointed for him to get on the bed. He chuckled softly dropping the towel. Still dripping water he climbed onto the bed put his arms behind his head, those biceps flexing, abs flexing . Your eyes trailed over the droplets of water, “God certainly new what he was doing when he made you Grayson..”  

His cheeks tinged red but whatever he was going to say died on his tongue as you climbed up his body. You straddled his waist, a leg on either side of his hips. His hands went to your hips and you rose a little using your right hand to put his length right where you wanted him. You were still soaking wet making this that much easier to continue. You pushed slowly down his length while rolling your hips. His mouth hung open slightly though one of his hands left your waist and went to your beautiful breasts. He began pinching and teasing that nipple as you started to ride him.  

You set a fairly slow pace so that you could enjoy the feeling of him within you. So that you could look back and remember this night when you needed extra motivation. The rest of the night continued much like this. It wasn’t until as the sun was setting that you both fell asleep tangled in the sheets in pure exhaustion.  

It was about 11 am when the door cracked open and in tiptoed Ethan looking to sneak by and not wake up Grayson. Though what he saw shocked him. Grayson was sprawled out in the middle of the bed with a sheet covering his lower half while a smaller woman lay with an arm around his brother’s waist with her head on his chest. The door closed behind Ethan but they didn’t budge. He chuckled and then grinned. He showered and got dressed. Once dressed he entered the bedroom to see Grayson looking around the room thoughtfully. Ethan leaned against the doorway, “Wow  we really do have Twin Telepathy. And here I thought it was just a bullshit myth. I’m going to get breakfast.” He threw a wink at Grayson as he left making him groan and drop back onto the bed hugging the woman closer to his body. “Twin telepathy my ass..” He mumbled still tired.  

lucky number

your first real boyfriend is two inches shorter than you. he smells like mountain dew and hair gel and wears a black and red sweatband around his left wrist. he kisses you in his parents’ garage on the fourth of july with the lights turned off and the hard plastic shell of an xbox controller digging into your spine. your shorts stick to your thighs when you stand up again. his best friend punches him in the shoulder. laughs. calls you “matt’s girl” while you’re watching fireworks, but never actually says your name.

your second boyfriend is older. two years, maybe three; he’s as vague about his birthday as he is about the other girls you’ve seen him talking to. he tells you he was born in switzerland. you buy him an $80 jacket for christmas. he makes jokes about oral sex that you don’t understand until he offers you a practical demonstration. he undoes the clasp on your bra with one hand. you get your first bikini wax. he teaches you how to say “i love you” in german. you meet his parents. after you break up, he shows his friends pictures of you in your underwear. you keep in touch.

your third boyfriend falls in love with you at first sight. he talks to you for hours about nothing; about everything; about what his plans are for your future together. you order a panini on your first date. he always makes his bed before anyone comes over. he uses terms of endearments like they’re easy. like they’re platitudes. like they’re weapons. he lies to you. you lie to yourself. he gives you a tiffany necklace for your eighteenth birthday with his own initials engraved on the attached silver pendant. your friends coo about how romantic he is. he follows you to college. you let him.

your fourth boyfriend is your fifth boyfriend is your sixth boyfriend. they blur together; fade into one long string of mistakes. you hook up with your kickboxing instructor in a grimy bar bathroom. you eat vegetarian pizza in a stranger’s backyard. you feed your roommate’s ball python a frozen mouse. you stop drinking malibu, start wearing lipstick, and have phone sex with someone else’s husband. no one offers you forever. you don’t care. you don’t.

Your seventh boyfriend–

Lean On Me (Pt.1)

Mingyu Scenario #1

Originally posted by kthforjjk

Summary: Inspired by the K-Drama Fight For My Way. The story of Kim Mingyu, a professional MMA fighter who stopped competing after a particularly nasty injury and his love. A story of hardship and the stupid things we do for the ones we love

Genre/s: Romance, Drama, Fluff

Warning/s: Mentions of explicit stuff. ONLY mentions.

A/N: So I was watching Fight For My Way then got inspired and ORIGINALLY this was supposed to be an S.Coups story but then I remembered Mingyu’s little skit for Adore U and thought “HEY HE’S PERFECT!” And so that whole line of thought led to this. I hope you like it! Also wrote this one sitting.

Also for the followers of “Our Halcyon Days” I’ll be updating tomorrow~

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Five minute ficlet

“Holy fuck!” You shrieked as the aesthetician yanked the wax strip from your thigh. “The fuck, Brit? I said bikini, not Brazilian!”

The aesthetician smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, hon. I’m going to have to even this up though.”

“Am I bleeding?” You countered.

“Not really,” she paused. “Well, not much.”

“It’s not like I’m doing this for any other reason than to not be disgusted by my nether-sideburns on shore leave,” you complained. “I’m not trying to impress anyone.”

“Perhaps next time when I recommend routine maintenance every six weeks, you’ll listen?” She teased with a wink. You cringed as she applied more wax to your bikini line.

“I think we both know how that’s going to shake do- OH MY GOD!” You interrupted yourself as she pulled the strip off. You tried not to look at the wax strip, but couldn’t look away, astonished at the result. “How did I not notice how hairy I was?”

“Because you really aren’t that hairy, Y/N. It just looks like a lot. It’s not,” she reassured you. “Besides, now you’re ready for a bikini malfunction too. No escape artists down there anymore.”

“I both love and hate you, Brittany,” you admitted. She smiled and patted your thigh.

“I’ll let you get dressed and meet you up front,” she said and stepped out of the room. When Captain Kirk had announced shore leave on Risa, you realized you hadn’t shaved your legs or underarms in months, and booked in with the ship’s aesthetician. You’d trusted her with your other needs for as long as you’d been on the ship, and when you self-consciously admitted that you were uncomfortable in bathing suits because of your body hair, she’d encouraged you to try a bikini wax. You half wondered if she had just recommended it to be cruel, but she assured you that once the redness and swelling went down, you’d be much happier on the beach. And you trusted her.

There was no way she could have known how badly your skin would react to the treatment. Your bikini line stayed red and swollen for the rest of the day. After a shower and moisturizing, you went to bed, sure it would improve. In the morning, you thought it might be redder, and you had to wear your uniform dress rather than the pants you normally wore because of how tender the skin was.

You walked gingerly into the bridge and saw Captain Kirk’s eyebrow shoot up.

“Y/N, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in your dress,” he commented. “And I know I’ve heard you complain about how impractical it is.”

“Thought I’d try, just to be sure,” you shot back, pertly. He stared at you, not believing you. Waiting for you to crack. You were NOT going to admit that your crotch was on fire from an intervention done for purely cosmetic reasons. You kept your gaze level until finally he looked away with bemusement.

“You’ll crack eventually, Lieutenant.” He commented. You rolled your eyes and sat down, careful to mask the sharp intake of breath as the skin chaffed against your dress. Uhura looked up sharply at you and you shook you head, mouthing “later” at her.

At lunch, you explained the whole sordid story. It was so embarrassing you couldn’t help but laugh at your folly. Uhura stopped giggling long enough to warn you to be mindful of the rash.

“It should have calmed down by the end of Alpha, Y/N. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go to MedBay,” she warned.

“Do you think Chris could -”

“You know she won’t. Maybe M'Benga will be on?” Uhura knew about your unrequited crush on Doctor McCoy, and could easily imagine your horror at having to explain the issue to him.

Unfortunately for you, the rash had begun to spread, and was weeping fluid by the end of shift. You headed to MedBay with dread. When you checked in with Christine, she told you that M'Benga was in surgery and only McCoy was available.

“Chris, I can’t let him assess this,” you begged as she looked the rash over. “Please, can’t you give me some cortisone or something?”

“You know it’s not in my scope to diagnose or prescribe, Y/N,” she chastised with an amused smile. “I feel your angst, really. But you’ve got to get this checked.” She scribbled some notes on her PADD with a stylus and covered you up.

“Drinks are on you when we get to Risa. I’m going to need lots to forget this humiliation,” you complained.

“I know you’re smitten, Y/N, but Leonard is a professional. He’s not going to judge you,” Chris reassured you. “Stay put. I’ll let him know you’re here.”

You laid back and drew in a deep breath, heaving it out in a deep sigh. Your heart was racing, nervous and mortified, and you just didn’t want to confront your crush with a flaming red crotch. He stepped into the assessment bay and flipped the privacy screen on.

“Chapel tells me you’ve got a rash as a result of waxing?” He was looking at the PADD and in the low light, you weren’t sure but you thought his ears might be a bit red.

“With shore leave coming up, I wanted to be beach ready,” you admitted, your voice a little shaky. He glanced up and smiled at that.

“Don’t we all? I’m going to take a quick peek, and see what’s going on down there,” he said, pulling in a pair of gloves. He turned back the sheet across your lap and nodded, touching the skin around the rash and then covering you back up. “I’m going to give you a cream for that. Should clear up mostly overnight. I’ll need you to come back for follow-up before we arrive as Risa. And I’d suggest keeping that skin out of the sun. A burn there would be more painful than what is going on currently.”

“Thanks, Doctor McCoy.” You sat up, unable to meet his gaze.

“Must be one helluva swimsuit,” he commented with a wink.

“Too bad you’re my doc, I might have modelled it for you once this calms down.” You gestured to your lap with a laugh. His eyes snapped up to meet yours and he just stared at your for a minute before looking back at his PADD and scribbling something across it.

“I’ve transferred your ongoing care to Doctor M'Benga,” he smirked. “One piece or a bikini?”

When the Ink Dries III

Rated: Explicit with a warning for self harm references.

Notes:  If you haven’t read the previous chapters, go here.  Also on Ao3.  This is (apparently) a novel length fic so you might want to set aside a minute.  Thank you @icedteainthebag for making me earn this one, @holdthiscat for speedy and insightful feedback and @gazeatscully for your endless encouragement and eagle’s eye proofreading.


Chapter 7

Stella Gibson didn’t make a habit of watching people sleep.  The last time she’d done it was years ago, a prolonged jag that resulted in the purchase of three new sets of bed sheets, a zealous effort to fight memory with thread count.  She’d traded one vice for another, would spend the rest of her life quietly indulging a weakness for pima cotton and crisp corners, a penchant for Italian linen and French embroidery.  But it would be a long time before she settled in beside someone to wait for their eyes to open, the sleep-boiled scent of peaceful slumber coming off their hair, the fragile spot on their neck pulsing with life.  There were some luxuries she simply couldn’t afford.

It still brought Stella a twinge of private embarrassment to recall it so well.  Bridget sleeping on her stomach, dark hair always parted around her pear-shaped ears, clinging to the mattress like a frog in a rainstorm with her lean swimmer’s leg zig-zagged across the mattress.  Stella would stay in bed tiptoeing her fingers up the crease of a quadricep, stroking an ear to its sylphan point.  And long after the woman was gone, the lightning bolt imprint of a leg split the bed down the center, the new sheets continued to bunch in an invisible hand – fleeting images mistakenly committed to permanence by an overly ambitious pair of eyes.  It was a nuisance but not a surprise.  The only other bedroom vigil she’d ever kept had left an even more indelible impression – a child standing graveside, puffy lavender rings sprouted like violets around her eyes, watching her father be put in the ground.

So by the time Stella woke up next to Dana Scully for the second time in her life, she was so practiced in her abstinence that it took hardly any discipline at all to direct the day’s first glance upward, aim her plans at the ceiling.  Shower alone.  Allow guest to wake and begin gathering own conclusions.  Emerge dressed, provide tea and friendly conversation, make end as forgettable as beginning was not.  

She licked her lips before turning over, sealing her resolve like an envelope.

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Thailand Trip with 2 Matured Couple for 10 Days

Today I(Archu) going to tell u about my Thailand trip when I went alone with 2 matured cpls for 10 days… We with 2 more cpls(Ravi 43 Anu 41 & Amit 40 Jaya 38) decided that we will go to Thailand n have fun but unfortunately at the last minute my hubby Sam holidays cancelled due to some important official work….we were upset n cpls too as we had planned so many about how we wanna enjoy whole trip… cpl friends came up with an idea of going alone with them as we have met n had fun too with them…..but spending 10 days alone with them that too in Thailand was not possible for me as I too have a family but my hubby also insists me alot to go along with them as we have booked tickets n hotels too….so finally I also decided to go alone with them…. Before going I had bought many western clothes new lingerie night dress etc…..had bikini wax my body too for the trip…. We all decided we will meet at airport….finally day arrived n me with my hubby went to airport…. we all hugged each other n my hubby told both men to take care of me well as I will not be with him for 10 days so its there responsibility to take care of me….then I bid bye to my hubby n left for security checking….. finally we aboard flight n finally landed in Pattaya after long journey…. Day-1 We went to hotels n checked in our rooms…..both cpls went with their wife to their rooms n I went to my room…. Finally I took long shower n then relaxed in my balcony in towels…..meanwhile both men came to my room n was shocked n surprised to see me in towel in balcony of my room….they make planned that we will spend 3 days in Pattaya 3 days in Phuket n 3 days in Bangkok….. they told that they had amazing bathroom sex with their wife’s n so they thought to spend sometime with me as m alone so dont get bored….finally we had tea together n some planning about how to enjoy….. after spending few hours with them I went to sleep….. Finally all get together for some evening snacks with wine n drinks…. Both men went to receptionist to get information about Pattaya beaches n adult clubs….. Finally after dinner we went to our rooms….as I was changing my clothes Ravi ji came to room n told me to change my dress n come to their room to spend night with them…I also changed in nity n went to their room….. As I entered their room I saw both of them r nude n capturing moments…. as they saw me they invited me to join them n feel free to enjoy openly without any hesitation n shy….. After capturing beautiful moments we all 3 went to balcony nude n sitting n gossiping….. meanwhile Ravi ji started kissing n pressing n having soft fun with us…..finally it ended with great unforgettable 1night of Pattaya…. Day-2 We went to Wong Amat Beach which was secluded n great for relaxing in sunshine….we all ladies were in tiny bikini n exposing ourselves to the passer by….after the long walk on the beach we decided to take sunbathe…..meanwhile some masseur came asked us whether we wanna take massage on the beach or not…..but we decided we will take next day on another beach…..finally after spending 5-6 hours on beach we returned to our hotels…. finally I took bath n went to sleep…. Then at night we planned to go to some adult club n enjoy the night life of Pattaya….. According to the information the show was going to start at 20:00 till 2:00….so we went to the club wearing short n revealing dresses….. As we entered the club I was shocked to see the club with nude cpls n enjoying themselves….. We all went to take some drinks n vodka….finally show started with pole dancer n started teasing me that clothes is not allowed here…..I smiled at her…..finally they started their striptease show n meanwhile all people started shouting n hooting…. Finally all gets nude n dancing…. Then group of men came in their towels n started dancing….one of them came near me of took off his towel n his long thick dick hit my nose n all started laughing…..he insists me to touch his dick n take it in my hand….all were shouting take the meat lady….as I was going to take his dick in my hand Anu took off his clothes n started taking his dick in her hand n pressing it…..meanwhile Jaya also started smooching foreign young guy….I also decided to get nude n enjoy with them….. After few hours of show we all took drinks being nude n started smooching n giving blowjob n enjoying ourselves….. Finally after enjoying the adult club of Pattaya we returned to our rooms…. Then I had threesome with Amit n Jaya n slept with them…. Day-3 We went to Buddha Temple n local market for shopping n buying clothes…. Tasted local dishes of Thailand…. Finally at night we returned to our hotels….we decided we will do nude exhibitionism n tease service boy…. So we called service boy n I n Anu were nude under the blanket… he knocked Jaya went to open the door in just bra panty n after finishing his work he saw our nude ass….finally he went n Jaya saw he got hard on…. Then we all had drinks being nude in the balcony….. Day-4 We left Pattaya with some unforgettable n unimaginable n great memories to Phuket…. It was only 2 hrs journey from Pattaya airport to Phuket… we reached Phuket….we went to our hotels…. but in Phuket only 2 rooms were booked that means I have to share room with one of them so I decided I will share room with Ravi ji & Anu in Pattaya n with Amit ji & Jaya in Bangkok…. So I with Ravi ji n Anu went to their room n relaxed for sometimes n then we all 3 finally bath together nude….after taking bath Ravi ji told me he wish to fuck my ass in front of Anu as she couldn’t took it in her ass….so I said just think m like ur another wife so do whatever u want I dont have any problem…. he just kissed me….then we had great fuck with Ravi ji n meanwhile Anu was busy capturing moments…. Finally at night after dinner we all went for night walk around the city…. Day-5 We went to Patong beach….where we play some watersports….had lunch n seafood at the beach resorts… Finally in evening we returned to our hotels…. While returning both men planned to have a massage of all 3 ladies by best masseur….so they consult receptionist for best masseur for giving massage to 3 ladies… Then a 25 yrs old young smart masseur to give us nude body massage…. After giving massage we all 3 ladies gets fucked by him too n both Amit ji n Ravi ji busy in capturing moments….. Day-6 We went to Phi Phi Islands which is a beach surrounded by jungle n animals….we took ride n enjoyed on different watersports….finally enjoying whole day at Phi Phi Islands we returned back to our hotels…. Then at night we all get together to capture lovely moments with drinks…. Day-7 Finally we left Phuket with some awesome memories to Bangkok for which flight took approximately 90 minutes to reach Bangkok…. After reaching hotel as earlier decided now I have to share room with Amit ji & Jaya….finally we all 3 took nude bath n had great bathroom sex…. Finally at night we decided to go to open beach for having some fun n sex on open beach…. We went to beach at 21:00 n started walking hand in hand wearing tiny bikini n thongs revealing our cleavage boobs n ass….finally we found a secret place where we can have fun in open… we all got nude in no time as we all were excited to experience this….finally one by one started fucking us n one lady busy in capturing n keeping eye on others….finally after fucking all 3 ladies both men said they wanna fuck my ass on open beach so I said m just like 2nd wife to both of u so u r free to anything with me….then finally they both fucked my ass hard which is great unforgettable n unimaginable fuck for all of us…. Finally we returned to our hotels…. Day-8 We went to Siam Park City which is big amusement water park with lots of amazing rides….. After enjoying whole day at water park we returned to our hotels…. While returning we all 3 ladies decided we will surprise Amit ji n Ravi ji with our lesbo session but we will not allow them to fuck us rather we will fuck each other n let them enjoy… Finally after reaching hotels we got together for drinks with music….meanwhile we all 3 ladies started kissing each other to which both men were shocked so I just told them to sit n enjoy the show….we started dancing n striptease ourselves… meanwhile both men started passing comments n saying slag words which made us more n more horny n hot….we started sucking kissing each others boobs pussy n ass…we fuck each others pussy n ass with dildo….meanwhile both men became nude n started slapping our ass n finguring our assholes n said its the best show till now….they said all 3 r my fucking ladies r great open minded slutty wife…. Finally we finished our session…. Day-9 On last day we went to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World which is big marine world filled with different species of water animals….. its just like an aquarium…. finally we went to Buddha Temple in evening n returned back to our hotels…. At night we got together n decided we will have sex one by one with everyone n finally all ladies will get her anal fucked but Jaya was not ready for anal as she didnt do it but on insists she got agreed….. Finally we started fucking each other n whole room was filled with great fucking sounds……we even fucked Ravi ji n Amit ji ass with our dildo…. Finally after fucking each others we took rest for sometime…. After sometime firstly my ass was fucked as I was experienced in taking it… Ravi ji fucked my ass hard n then it was Anu turns which was fucked by Amit ji then finally Jaya by Ravi ji as it was her first time….. then at last Amit ji fucked my ass….finally we captured lovely moments nude n kissed each other n slept nude on same bed…. Day-10 Finally we bid bye to Thailand with some unforgettable n awesome memories…. Finally reaching airport my hubby was waiting there to receive us…. Then we went to hotel n had great sex with my hubby after 10 days….finally we all 3 cpls got together for drinks n shared our experiences n pics n videos with my hubby…. we had group sex too that night….. So it was the story of 10 day long Thailand trip….. I missed my hubby alot during the trip but both cpls took care of me like their own sisters(for Anu & Jaya) & their 2nd wife(for Ravi ji & Amit ji)….. It is unforgettable n unimaginable trip for all 5 of us…. Regards Archu

Forbidden Feelings (Chapter 2)

Summary: Being married to a man you don’t love or want anymore is taking a toll on you, but the way out is nowhere to be seen. When your husband hires a you a new sexy bodyguard, the man suddenly turns your world upside down, giving you hope to step up and take control of your life again. | Bucky x Reader
: reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark (mentioned) and my sweet plum Gen ( @bucky-plums-barnes )
Warnings: none
Word count: 1389
A/N: oh boy


Originally posted by dailyevanstan

You managed to avoid Bucky Barnes for three whole days. You always booked a meeting with a client before he got to the house, which he unfortunately came to every day of the week. When you didn’t have business in or outside of the house, you mostly stayed in your bedroom or in the small reading area Tony built for you in the beginning of your marriage. It’s where you were currently sat, lounging in one of the plush armchairs by the window. The window was slightly creaked open, letting in the warm summer breeze.

You were reading one of your favourite books: Jane Eyre. You were nearly at the end when the sound of a roaring engine filled the room. You sat up straight to look out the window, to see where the commotion was coming from. The view was something you weren’t expecting. A shirtless Bucky was driving around in the backyard on a ride-on lawn mower, steering the machine around easily. Your breath hitched at the sight of his bare torso, glistening in the sun, droplets of sweat running down his broad back. A frustrated sigh left your lips as you sat back in your chair, determined to finish your book, but the image of him wouldn’t leave your mind. His messy medium length hair and slim jeans were every girl’s dream. You shut your book with another sigh; you weren’t going to get any reading done with these thoughts.

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GUYS…I’m sorry, but did my husband read the books behind my back?!? 😍😍😍

Also…no judgement on the bikini wax. I’m a little bitch when it comes to pain of any kind haha.

Annnd tortilla chips is not code. I just really needed to know…


》pairing : kim seokjin x reader
》themes: angst ; suspense ; office / boss!seokjin AU
》chapters available : here
》status : on hold temporarily

Kim Seokjin hates spilt coffee; and he especially hates coffee spilt by you.

You keep your eyes trained on the abstract flower staining the somewhat pearl white tiles you stand upon, and while you continue to observe the flower as it transforms into an incorrigible mess, you can feel his condescending gaze fixed onto you, like a hawk monitoring it’s prey. It goes on like this for several seconds: you, staring at the spilt coffee; and him, staring at you – the human incarnation of the spilt coffee. You’re about certain he’s had just enough of you and you swallow your humiliation courteously, unsure of what to do. You play a game of improvised mental tennis, the ball bouncing between the courts of staying in the room to clean your clumsy production or swiftly exiting his office at once. As he continues to press his eyes into your skull, you realise you don’t win in any circumstance and so proceed to say, “Would you prefer I clean up or leave, Mr Kim?” and when he fails to respond you feel even more humiliated, because you’re trying your best to come off as dignified and respectful at the same time, but Kim Seokjin rips you of your dignity and juggles your capability to respect him like a ball on fire. When he continues to remain silent, long arms folded neatly over each other as he stands above you, you silently huff and turn to his desk for his box of tissues. Bent to the area of the white ground that’s stained with decaffeinated coffee, you run through the events that had transpired today at your new workplace.

When you were told two months ago that you were being promoted you were absolutely ecstatic. Your shared rent with Namjoon had always been manageable, but at the expense of many much-needed items such as pizza, bikini wax and Netflix subscriptions. With the extra cash you could save up to finally be legible to apply for a home loan and transport fees would work out. Hearing the income raise urged you to immediately agree. However, when you were told you would be transferring back to your previous branch you were not ecstatic the least bit. In fact, you were horrified to the core. Because that was the branch run by Seokjin, and Seokjin did not like you. He was the reason you had even transferred to another branch in the first place, and going back to him would be jumping straight into the lion’s den. You had immediately considered rejecting the offer, but for every reason not to go back, there were ten reasons pushing you into Seokjin’s playground. You needed the money, you were sick of Angie, your co-accountant and her peculiar manners and you had needed a more convenient place, closer to home as transport fees ate at least a quarter of your salary for the month. It was inevitable, you were going to be Seokjin and his teams accountant whether you liked it or not, and at that moment you were dreading it.

That morning you wake up a little earlier than usual, your mind is unsettled and your right leg jerks with nerves. Seated at the breakfast table you exercise your right arm in order to get what awaits you today off of your chest. There’s no pain any more, but it’s a struggle for you to grip onto items or even balance them in your palm. Three hours later you’re dressed and ready to go. You walk the distance as it’s a ten minute walk the most and realise that you’ve reached the building half an hour early.

The receptionist informs you about which floor you’re assigned to, which is obviously Seokjin’s branch and advances to tell you that the first thing you should do is meet the secretary of your floor before settling in. With a nod of your head, you make your way to the elevator. As you enter the lift, another girl steps in with you and you notice it is Yoori. A girl who works on the ground floor for a facial product company.

“Y/N?” She asks in bewilderment, not looking the least bit happy to see you.

“Yoori,” you greet with a smile that she eventually returns. There’s an awkward silence you’re confused as to how came into existence, considering you were both good acquaintances, but you try to break it by saying, “missed me?”

She nods far too enthusiastically and it scares you to an extent. The silence persists and you attempt to break it again.

“How is everyone on my floor doing?”

She glances at you slowly, seeming to take a while to put her thoughts in place. “They… Most of them have been retrenched.”

“What? Why?” You blurt out in horror. If they had been retrenched, why were you hired?

“Soekjin said he could manage with a maximum of twenty people.” Hearing his name sets a fire to the lower region of your stomach, but you grip yourself as she continues.

“Whoever wasn’t retrenched had grown a bit too annoyed with Seokjin, they said he had turned rather autocratic, they weren’t up for being controlled… so most left, and new employees were hired.” Yoori shifts uncomfortably as you both reach your floor.

As you step out you notice she does too. Ignoring your curiosity since she had always resided on the ground floor, you continue to further question her.

“Any ideas as to why they needed a new accountant?”

“Well the accountant that had been around for two years had gotten married and moved out of Seoul about three months ago, so Seokjin told me to find someone at leisure as they had to be reliable, I requested the downtown branch to send their accountant as I’d heard she was brilliant, I had no idea that it was you. I’m really sorry Y/N, if I had the slightest hint, I would have never sent for you.” Yoori looks at you in terror, breathing quite weirdly it concerns you. She had gone from casual to hysterical in seconds.

“It’s alright,” you mumble as you grip her hands. “Stop ranting, calm down and take deep breaths.”

But clearly, it isn’t alright. Neither for you or her, because Seokjin has no clue you are in the same building as him, and when he does find out, it won’t end pretty. “Y/N, he’s going to kill me, Seokjin will kill me,” she whispers.

At that moment you stare at her in pity and guilt. You were the reason for her plight. Seokjin was definitely going to kill her, because he hated you. He hated Y/N Y/L/N with all the hate he could manage to harbour. And there’s nothing you can do to help Yoori because while you are the cause of the problem, you can never become it’s solution, never.

“Well, he can’t fire you, so don’t- don’t worry about that. But whatever he decides to do, w-we’ll work around it.”

You had come off even more nervous than Yoori was and you felt like kicking yourself for not controlling your emotions.

“No, Y/N,” she whispers sadly, “you don’t understand.”

You’re about to ask what exactly it is that you don’t understand but before you can, many people rush into the floor. Some are chatting together whilst the rest sit in their respective cubicles. You notice that all of them are strangers and you do not know even one new employee. What rampage had Seokjin gone on two years ago?

Yoori wonders off further into the floor which makes you frown.

“Can I help you?” You turn around to see a man your age, leaning against a cubicle wall, mug of coffee in hand. He’s wearing a crisp white shirt with a silk black tie and his hair is a turbulent shade of dull green and black.

“Uhm, yeah, I guess,” you answer him, realising you needed to meet the sector’s secretary. “Can you take me to the secretary for this department?”

“Secretary?” The man asks more than states. He takes a sip of his beverage. “Well, I haven’t noticed any secretary around, but the boss has a P.A. Maybe she can help?”

“I think that’s her actually, the receptionist downstairs said secretary so…” You turn your hands in a weird circular motion, probably making yourself look like a complete fool.

The man vaguely smirks, probably just as weirded out as you are for just having a conversation over the word secretary and it’s synonym; personal assistant. Removing his left hand from his pocket, he signals you forward.

“This way.”

You follow him down a few hallways until you reach the P.A.’s office. Not bothering to knock, he opens the door and peeps in. He quickly pulls his head out of the doorway and looks at you.

“She’s not in yet, but take a seat, she’ll be here shortly.”

“Thank you,” you say curteously as you step in and he closes the door.

Taking a seat, you pull out your phone to see you have a missed call from Namjoon and immediately call him.

“Hey, Princess,” you hear his voice on the other end of the line.

“Hey, Joon,” you greet back.

“Mary wanted to wish you luck for your first day at work but you left early, here,” you hear some shuffling in the background and soon after a toddler’s voice fills your ear.

“Hey, baby!” You coo in happiness. She continues to mumble incoherent words as you laugh.

“Well, I have to get her washed up for day care, so talk to you later and all the luck! We love you!” Namjoon says shortly after.

“Thanks for the call, I appreciate it.”

You cut the call and look around the room, your left leg jerking once again, a regular habit. You continue analysing the room until a picture frame on the desk catches your attention. Picking it up you squint at the photo. Once you’ve registered the faces shown, your eyes widen in shock. It’s Yoori, standing behind a beautiful scenery of mountains and wild flowers, standing next to her is a familiar face, Seokjin. From the way his hands are placed on her hips to the way she rests her head on his broad shoulder, you figure out they’re now a couple.

“Wow…” You mutter as the door swiftly opens. You stand up to see Yoori at the door, tears staining her face.

“Yoori, I…” You mumble, unsure of what to do. She walks in and begins packing her belongings, which obviously frightens you, because it’s apparent Seokjin hates you more than he loves her.

“He moved me to the downtown branch,” she says sulking, “he said I should go to where you came from.”

“I’m so sorry, Yoori. He didn’t break up with you, did he?” You ask in concern, not wanting to deal with the guilt of ruining Yoori and Seokjin’s relationship.

She looks at you in confusion before glancing at the photo frame resting in your hands.

“No, he said we’ll talk at home, so not yet I suppose.” She picks up her handbag and whatever she could gather into a small box and heads for the door. “Seokjin would like to see you in his office,” she says before leaving the room.

You stand on unsteady legs as you stare at the door in shock. If Yoori, who was Seokjin’s girlfriend, couldn’t escape his wrath, what in heaven’s name was in store for you?

The young man from earlier walks in to the room and glances at you unsurely.

“Y/N?” He asks.

“Y-Yeah,” you breathily reply.

“Seokjin is calling for you, come on.” He signals you with his fingers once again and you force yourself to move.

The man constantly looks back at you in concern, noticing the anxiety emitting from you. He asks if all is good to which you nod your head. You soon both stop in front of a familiar room.

“Obviously I’m unaware of a few things, but considering Yoori was crying, I’m certain Seokjin isn’t in a good mood. So, if you need help, call for Yoongi, that’s me.”

He winks at you before smirking again and walks off to his cubicle hidden between several others.

Taking a deep breath and the Lord’s name, you open the door to Seokjin’s office and step in. You’re met with ice air and silence when you see him standing with his back faced to you, in front of a beautiful painting that has even you basking in it’s glory. You’re unsure as to whether it is an angel or a demon because despite being portrayed as evil, it emits nothing but purity. It’s stuck in an unsettling pose, surrounded by hues of purple, pink and peach. Turning your attention from the painting to him, you’re certain it’s another person. He’s dawning light pink hair and a formal shirt to match with black pants and shiny shoes. You can make out his silhouette easily but he feels completely different.

“I see you’re still an avid paint collector,” you say to make your presence known. He turns his head slightly before turning back to the painting, refusing to acknowledge you. “It’s a beautiful painting,” you try again.

“It’s you.”

You stay silent at that, a hundred thoughts flying through your head.

Me? Does he see me in the painting? Or did he paint it?

You wonder. Either way, it is you, because Seokjin believes you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and nothing can change his perspective.

You continue standing at the door as Seokjin walks to his desk and sits down.

“Take a seat, Y/N,” he orders, and you oblige.

He keeps his gaze glued to the wall behind you and yours is on your lap, staring at the design of your phone. It’s silent for an eternity, but you don’t mind, even though you’re internally unable to breathe.

“So due to Yoori’s carelessness, you’ve landed back here. But I must ask you, Y/N, was this the perfect opportunity for you to come back, or what?” He asks you as if he is speaking to a dog. He probably wouldn’t even talk to a dog in such a crude manner.

“It was the perfect opportunity for me to earn more money,” you rebuff.

He scoffs, something the Seokjin you knew would never do. When you finally look at him, you see him looking at you too.

“You do know I’m going to make your life a living hell, don’t you?”

You keep silent at that, both you and him knowing the answer to his question.

When you look at him carefully, you see how much he’s changed. He’s much paler, or that’s probably the effect of dawning light hair. He looks taller and more mature. There’s no glint in his eyes anymore and you notice a tattoo peaking through his shirt. He wasn’t the Jin you knew so well two years ago, he had changed.

“Stop with the rhetoric language Seokjin, it doesn’t suit you.” He laughs at your words and you roll your eyes.

“As you’re aware, I’ve transferred Yoori to downtown. Once she realises how much leeway she received here, her sorry ass will suffer for bringing you here.”

You’re flabbergasted at how rudely he speaks about the girl he loves in her absence, but you say nothing regarding it. He really had turned bitter.

“She didn’t know, Seokjin,” you say in a trembling voice.

“Well she ought to have known,” he spits back.

“And since I’m in dire need of a new P.A., it’s your job to find a suitable replacement at the earliest, and whilst doing so, you will serve as my temporary P.A.”

“I’m an accountant, I was hired to be an accountant,” you state, shaking your head. This wasn’t happening, you weren’t going to let it.

“And an accountant you’ll be, but you’ll be my personal assistant as well. You’ll be paid for both jobs, I’m not that cruel. But for you, it’s go hard or go home, Miss Y/L/N.”

When he says nothing more, you realise that this is really happening. He was really burdening you with two jobs at once. And if you complained, he’d find his way out of it, because he had his hatred to fuel him.

And that’s how you end up wiping the pretty white tiles of your pretty boss with his pretty tissues. Because you’re the personal assistant of Kim Seokjin, and boy was he already taking you for a ride.

Enchanted Sugar Waxing Tutorial

In honor of the impending holidays here in the states, we wanted to provide for you guys an alternative to shaving that has some extremely alluring pulls – sugar waxing. Some stunning factors of sugar waxing is as follows: its last 3 to 4 weeks which is worlds longer than traditional shaving, sugar wax itself only adheres to your hair as opposed to traditional wax used in salons that adheres to the skin thus making sugar waxing much more forgiving for people with a low pain tolerance. We feel obligated to tell you the cons just in case you’re on the fence; sugar waxing is pretty time consuming but the process becomes easier and faster with each use. We’d also like to make note that sugar waxing at home has a reputation for never quite working out the way you want it too. We’ve all seen it I’m sure, pretty close to the standard recipe for disaster: 2 cups of granulated, white sugar, ¼ cup of lemon juice, ¼ cup of water, heat in a sauce pan at medium-high heat ‘til golden brown and wait of the mess to ensue. Whether we’ve attempted this in the mystical hard wax method (kneading into a ball and rolling onto skin to see the hair magically disappear,) or the soft wax method which is pretty much traditional to the core (smear onto skin with a popsicle stick, put strip of cotton onto of wax, rub, and rip to remove hair,) trust us when we say it just usually doesn’t work. We haven’t even scratched the surface of how to make a working hard sugar wax that really removes all of our hair so we’re only vouching for this recipe as a soft wax but once you have an effective foundation, we encourage experimentation.  

The beauty of this method is that it allows for a gorgeous amount of wiggle room, meaning it you don’t get it right or you don’t have the exact ingredients, you’ll still be perfectly fine but there are some things we want to note prior to getting into the actual sugar wax recipe.

  • • Sugar wax only adheres to the hair so for the smoothest hair removal, you’re going to need to have at least 1/6 inch of hair growth, two weeks of hair growth if you’re a regular shaver, four weeks of hair growth if you’re a regular waxer.
  • • To prevent ingrown hairs and infection, make sure to not shave in between waxes.
  • • The first time you sugar wax, you’ll have some stray hair, so it does help to have tweezers on hand.
  • • When cutting strips to use while waxing, you can purchase some organic cotton waxing strips or you can use something at home. Most tutorials on this suggest an old t-shirt, we recommend against that, as t-shirts are generally stretchy. You’ll want to look for something with little to no give, a fabric like linen or muslin. We recommend an old sheet, we actually use a ribbon, our first time doing this, we were scrambling for a something as the circle scarf that we cut up was just too stretchy, we came to a resolve by pulling out a long, red ribbon from our arts and crafts closet, we chopped it up and it was prefect; we’ve been using that ribbon ever since. Another beautiful thing is you just have to drop these into a basin of warm water, wait for the wax to dissolve, drain, and allow for the strips to dry.
  • • Just as the strips are a breeze to clean, sugar waxing as a whole is a cinch because water easily dissolves sugar, so anywhere you make a mess all you have to do is take a rag dampened with warm water and wipe it down. Same goes with any of your utensils used, just soak in warm water to clean.
  • • The recipe that we present you with should be enough your underarms twice, your bikini area and your underarms, your actual arms, both of your legs, you can double it if you’re going full body, no worries at all but we do recommend that if you’re new to waxing, just using the recipe below because you might not be into it and it is a bummer wasting ingredients.
  • • Sugar is known to cause yeast infections but you can use this wax on the bikini area, just take care to not get it on any of your sensitive areas and you should be good to go. (i.e. bikini wax, not recommended for a Brazilian.)

Our enchanted sugar wax recipe:

1 cup of granulated, white sugar

¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tablespoon of water

Again this recipe has a lot of flexibility. If you don’t have white sugar, you can you brown if you’d like, should you use brown, you’re going to have to pay a bit more attention to the overall consistency as the color will be less of an indicator. If you don’t ACV, you can substitute for a different acid such as lime or lemon juice and you can use bottled, no need for fresh if it’s not as readily available for you. You can experiment with adding honey if you’re non-vegan for some more anti-septic properties, whatever you’d like really.

You’ll want to add all of your ingredients to a medium saucepan and mix (we recommend mixing with a wooden spoon). Once you mix those you can go ahead and sit your mixing utensil aside until the cooking process is over. This is crucial because you don’t want crystallization to take place.

Put the saucepan over a medium flame and allow for the sugar to melt and for the water to evaporate (this is why the usual ¼ cup of water is absolute overkill in the recipe.) Once everything melts together (around 3-4 minute on a medium flame,) the mixture with begin to bubble, this is perfect. You’ll want to take the handle of the saucepan and swirl the mixture around bit every 2 minutes or so; this will be your form mixing throughout the cooking process. You’ll want to keep this mixture going on the heat until it’s golden, just slightly lighter than the color of regular store-brand honey. As you swirl the pot, the mixture should be thick, like half the thickness of molasses and you’re set! This process should take around 30 minutes. If you feel like the mixture is getting worked a bit too quickly, just turn down the stove, if the process is a bit too slow for you, keep a vigilant eye and turn up the heat.

Once the sugar is golden, turn off the heat, allow the mixture to sit in the pan for a few minutes (around 3,) then use your spoon to transfer the mixture to a heat-proof container. At this point the mixture is extremely so make sure to let it cool for at least 15 minutes. This is of the utmost importance that you let the mixture cool for 15 minutes and also that you do a test swatch after the 15 minutes to make sure that the wax is comfortable for you because you definitely don’t want to burn your skin.

While the wax is cooling, get out your strips (again use any fabric that doesn’t have too much stretch and cut to around 2” by 1” strips,) you’ll want to make sure to that you’re waxing clean, dry areas.  We use the slightest bit of tapioca starch to absorb any additional moisture on the skin, you can use baking soda, baby powder, cornstarch, whatever you’d like and have on hand or you can omit this step entirely. Lastly, you’ll want something to apply the wax with (we use popsicle sticks.)  

Once your wax has cooled significantly and you have everything else prepared; just hold your skin taut and apply the wax against the hair growth, put one of your waxing strips over the wax and rub the area (the friction will create warm and ensure that the strip is complete connected to the wax, i.e. hair,) then just pull the strip off with the hair growth.

Continue this process until the hair is removed to your liking. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs and improve the texture of your skin overall, here’s a post on that: Exfoliate

After waxing, we always follow up with a shower. Another plus of sugar waxing is that you don’t have to wait to take warm showers, swim, workout, etc. like regular waxing. Post shower, make sure to use one of your favorite moisturizers, we use our Leighis Body Butter which is stunning for the skin.

Here’s a master post on shaving: Major Key Alert: The Perfect Shave.

If you have any questions at all, just send us an ask!

We’re sending you so much love and so much light,

Curly Leighis

Quill As My Witness [3]

Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. -Unknown

You have to make a list for both sides about the current job you’re at. One for the pros and one for the cons.

Pro One: You have built a strong connection with most people there.

You were staying the night once more to work on your questions again, Pineapple by your side this time. You sat at the island in the mini kitchen with a cup of peppermint tea in hand. Pineapple was eating, you guessed it, a chunk of pineapple. You scratched the back of his neck with a finger, earning a ‘That feels nice’ from the African Grey.

“I’ll give you ten thousand dollars for your parrot, Ms. [L/Name].”

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Apologies and Anniversaries

Prompts- 'Come back to bed’ ‘I wish I could hate you’  'The only thing I want to do now is cuddle up to you and hear about your day’

I was so prepared to write something really angsty but then this happened. Lol. ENJOY xxx

It was yours and Spencer’s first anniversary, and what was supposed to be the celebration of your first year spent together. However, as usual, Spencer was at work. So you had spent this special day alone, drinking wine and flicking through trash shows on the TV.

You decided on an early night, but just after 11:30, you felt the bed dip beneath you and an arm snake around your waist, pulling you in.

‘Happy anniversary, baby.’ Spencer said, nuzzling into your neck.

You immediately pulled yourself out of bed, and heard Spencer whimper at the loss of your touch. You stood at the foot of the bed, hands on your hips, while he looked at you quizzically.

'Spencer. I have spent our first anniversary, alone and slightly…considerably drunk. You said that you had booked the day off!’ You shouted.

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