writer 1: ok so in this scene this girl intimidates rory by threatening paris

writer 2: how about she says, “if paris thinks she can ignore what i have to say, she’s out of her mind” or “she needs a wake-up call”

writer 1: hm no how about like… “if paris thinks she can ignore what i have to say, she’s in for a major bikini wax”

writer 2: i’m uh, 100,000% sure that’s not a real expression todd

writer 1: no it’s like, hip, it’s what the teens say

writer 2: i mean like… ok, but what does rory say in response to that? she can say “gross” or “that’s rude” or something.

writer 1: no she’s gonna say “thanks for the visual”

writer 2: what? like she just… we’re implying rory is standing there painting a mental picture of paris’s vagina?

writer 1: sure

writer 2: look let’s… let’s just have her say, “if paris thinks she can ignore me, she’s wrong” and then rory says like, “you’re not going to get away with this”

writer 1: no. fuck you. this girl is going to say “paris” and “bikini wax” in the same sentence and rory is going to process that mental image and think about paris rubbing aloe vera on her freshly waxed pussy and then she is going to say, “thank you, random ginger bowl cut girl, for blessing me with this vision”

writer 2: isn’t that a little like… homoerotic

writer 1: next season i’m gonna make paris kiss rory on the mouth

writer 2: what the fuck

writer 1: [now spraying silver spray paint directly into his mouth] witness me

I used to have this fantasy that is some distant Star Wars sequel, we’d finally stop all the shooting and yelling at each other and would go to a shopping-and-beauty planet, where the stormtroopers would have to get facials, and Chewbacca would have to get pedicures and bikini and eyebrow waxes.
—  Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking

anonymous asked:

Lol its actually 4:30 am right now for me but i couldn't miss an ask opportunity. Love your writing! Gom, kagami, Kiyoshi NSFW reactions to their s/o surprising them with a Brazilian bikini wax?

Generations of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi appreciates you suffering through a Brazilian wax just to show off for him, saying that it’s not necessary unless you enjoyed it to that point, before dipping down to kiss you and saying he’d give you a special surprise since you gave him on first.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine tries to continue with foreplay as normal, trying to not act perturbed but says he’s not a big fan of it, and would like it better if you didn’t get one again (he was never one to mince words when it came to sex).

Kise Ryouta: Kise appreciates the smooth skin, complimenting you on how amazing it felt as he runs his fingers over it, eyes sparkling though he slips in that he’s not disgusted by hair or anything (only a real man loves all hair). 

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko tilts his head to the side, asking bluntly why you shaved; after you tell him what you did he just nods and continues to go to town on you as he didn’t care either way, even if he was a bit startled at first.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima appreciates the sentiment mostly for the cleanliness aspect, but doesn’t want you to do things you’re uncomfortable with for him. Although he doesn’t have a preference when it comes to hair or no hair, he did seem to appreciate how much more sensitive you’d become without hair in the way.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara asks you how getting the wax felt, kissing the smooth skin while you explain yourself. He tells you that it’ll probably be really itchy when it’s growing back, chuckling as you swat at him and scold him for trying to ruin the mood you were trying to set.


Kagami Taiga: Kagami stares at your hairless lower body for a little too long, glancing up at you and asking where your hair went and why. When you pout at him he tells you he liked the ‘wild’ look a lot more but shrugs as you can do what you want before diving back into ravishing your body.

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi comments that this look is nice on you, admitting he preferred to see you with a more ‘wild’ look involving your hair, but saying he definitely wasn’t going to be picky. He begins to ask if you’d like to get him to do that, cringing when he thinks of the pain and what he’d be willing to go through to please you. 


Refinery29 Exclusive: Anne Hathaway Is Our Kind Of Cool Girl

Wearing her cropped hair in a messy bun, zero makeup, and an anonymous blue T-shirt, she looks like she just came from yoga class — because, well, she did. Here, she is “Annie,” which is how she introduces herself today. She makes being lost comfortable, with easy conversation. She apologizes for the lack of music in the car: “I was worried if I turned it on it would be Top 40, and you wouldn’t like that,” she says, then makes a confession: “I love Miley.” As two new co-pilots, we chat among a variety of topics: Britney Spears (she remembers the exact hotel she was in when she heard about Britney’s head-shaving breakdown), her two brothers (one older, one younger), good local places to get cheese, and bikini waxes. (FYI, the latter can get awkward when you’re famous.)