bikini photo shoot

anonymous asked:

I feel like Mackenzie is jealous of Farrah because Farrah has that level of fame and notoriety that Mack wants. No amount of bikini photo shoots and obviously faked news articles about her relationship will get her the level of fame Farrah has. I think the whole porn rumour was just to see if she could pull a Farrah and get money from selling herself. She's frustrated TM3 was cancelled and she's stuck in a sad relationship with 3 kids living no better than before the TM franchise started 🐸☕

I think she’s jealous of Farrah’s fame too. She took the exact same steps Farrah did. She had a sex tape “leaked” to Vivid, got a boob job, took pictures on the beach right w/ paparazzi right after her surgery, was seen outside of Vivid talking to Steve Hirsch…She literally did everything in the same order Farrah did.