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So Tracer is getting a new HotS summer skin, that confirms that she's a trunks gal. Do you think that Emily is a one piece or a bikini kind of gal?


But seriously dude, as if Emily’s going near the sun with that skin, she’s wearing sunsafe gear under an umbrella on the sand, lol. 

I won’t deny that Zack and Michael Bay are similar filmmakers but there’s a mile of difference between their attitudes as filmmakers, and hell, as much as I’m not a fan of Bay’s work, I hate Bad Boys I & II, Pearl Harbor was mediocre, Armageddon is a guilty pleasure, and the Transformers films from range from actually pretty decent to God fucking awful, he’s made some films that I love, 13 Hours, The Rock, and The Island are all gorgeous gems though. But putting that aside, why do people lump them together? Bay goes out of his way express disdain for the franchise he’s associated with and has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to come back, while Zack is overwhelmed with love for superheroes and comics! Bay auditioned Megan Fox by filming her wash his car in a fucking bikini! Meanwhile Zack auditioned Gal Gadot by sitting her down for a reading with Ben Affleck one of the best actors working today. Megan literally compared Bay to Hitler whole Abbie Cornish said working with Zack Snyder is the reason she decided to continue acting! Why the fuck do people think Zack Snyder and Michael Bay are of the same ilk! They’re not that similar!

Top 6 Sexy, Sexy Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s weekend is almost here and the craziest thing is it’s still possible to place an order and get it on time. We recommend:

1) Shopbop for next day delivery at $3.99/item with an Amazon Prime account.

2) Nordstrom is offering FREE 2 day shipping if you order by Feb. 12th 3pm EST.

3) Net-a-Porter has Premier Daytime & Evening shipping for same-day delivery in certain states.

And now for the sexiest Valentine’s outfits (and gifts for her):

1) L'Agent by Agent Provocateur “Esthar” Lace Garter Belt 

2) Betsey Johnson ‘Let M Shine’ Lace Garter Bikini

3) Nasty Gal Sweet Deceiver Bodysuit

4) La Perla El Color Rojo Lace and Satin Bra

5) Blush Lingerie Corset and Thong

6) Only Hearts Coucou Chemise in Sheer Mesh

7) And guys, this wouldn’t hurt. 

J.Crew Mini-Hearts Boxers

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