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posted 4/16/17

request? yes
   “ Can you write a 13rw fic about Monty, reader and him are dating and Zach is mad at him and tries to get him pissed off by getting close to the reader, basically a jealous Monty fic!? Thank you :-)


  “ Hi! I love your work! Can you do a 13rw where the reader is dating Montgomery and gets jealous when she spends time with Zach?

pairing(s): montgomery x reader , zach x reader , sheri x reader (platonic)

warning(s): pretty crappy writing, oops

a/n: i’m loving all the montgomery requests!! ahhh, thank you! there weren’t a lot of montgomery or timothy gifs so sorry!!
if you have a request, click here

words: 1236

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now it’s just you and me in the dark 

Number five. Inspired by “Motel Pool” by Travis Garland. Take a listen while you read. As always, find more of Teyana and Niall here.

It’s been a hell of a week.

Teyana’s been working a string of long shifts at the bookstore for the past several days, and those shifts have seemed to bring in a rainbow of clientele—terribly sweet but indecisive old ladies who she essentially ended up giving a tour of the whole bookstore, irate college students in summer school who wanted to place the blame on her for the texts they’d procrastinated on purchasing and were now out of stock, dudes tapping on the front display window while she was restocking shelves who found it charming to point at her ass and give her a thumbs-up.

She’s been soldiering through, a half hour left in her final shift before a blessed couple of days off (as a thank you from her boss), and then a small child belonging to a parent too engrossed in their cell phone screen to pay attention manages to take down an entire display of Mo Willems books in ten seconds flat. 

Teyana wants to scream.

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Selphie swimsuit sketch

I bet she’d have a little skirt detail on her swimsuit.  I’d imagine Rinoa having a blue tankini with black boy shorts.  Quisits would have a classic red or coral bikini.  Irvine would have a speedo.  Zell would have huge board shorts.  Seifer would have short shorts.  Squall would have a black wetsuit.  (Have I mentioned these ideas before?)


Life in liquid is a project created with a vision of the revival and restoration of damaged ocean species and coral reefs.

We use a portion of the proceeds from each item sold to aid coral reef restoration and conservation as well as to help reverse the decline of other endangered marine life.