bikini competiton

I've been thinking about post-comp more than the actual competition and it's messing up my focus

I keep following competitors on Instagram and I see them struggling so badly post competition. So many fall into a horrible binging problem and get mentally fucked up from the fact they went from the leanest time of their lives, to gaining 15-20lbs within a week. This is with almost EVERY competitor I follow with the exception of a few. They all become incredibly depressed and try to hide the fact they’re struggling by posting things on Instagram like “back at it again after a terrible week of post-comp binging!” then they still continue to struggle and they’ll confess about it a week or two later.

Mentally I am not that strong. I have a bad past with food and this is what I’ve been attempting to combat all my years of being into health and fitness. I think because I’m extremely familiar with the whole binge-starve cycle already, it won’t hit me as bad and I’ll know how to control it (at least I’m hoping). This is something I rarely talk about on my blog because I like to try to forget my past rather than linger on it.

This could be the reason why I’ve been so incredibly off. I need to find my drive and motivation again. I need to visualize myself as a winner. I am 8 weeks out tomorrow and can’t be doubting myself now.

I would love input from my followers who’ve competed before. What was your experience like dealing with post-comp? If you don’t want to post publicly, can you message me privately please? I just need people to talk to. I have no support system by myself here.