bikini comp prep

It’s amazing what a little effort & determination can do 🙌 Today I’m officially 20kgs less than my highest weight, I don’t think I’ve been this tiny since I was about 15, and I’ve sure as hell never had abs like this!! Pretty bloody stoked at how my comp prep is tracking, can’t wait to see what my amazing coach gets out of me in another 10 weeks when I hit the stage!

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Ability is what you’re capable of.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it

Daily intake 8/22

Breakfast 12pm (yay for summer and sleeping in! Lol)
- 2/3 cup oats
- ½ banana
- 2/3 cup frozen blueberries
- 1 tablespoon peanut butter - 1 tablespoon semi sweet chocolate chips

Snack: 2:30 
- Vega bodacious berry protein shake with ½ banana and soy milk

Workout: 3:30
- bikini comp prep workout day 1 (63 minutes)
Burned- 593 calories

Snack 5:00
- apple

Snack: 6:30
- apple

Late lunch 7:00
- high fiber low carb tortilla (2) with:
- hummus
- spinach
- shredded carrots
- lettuce
- ¼ cup black beans split between two wraps.

Snack 9:00
- blended frozen banana, ½ frozen strawberries, 1 tablespoon semi- sweet chocolate chips “icecream”.

Workout 2 9:45 
- Insanity, plyometric cardio circuit

(Didn’t have my heart rate monitor so don’t know my calories burned)

Dinner 11:00
- ½ brown rice (made with basil, garlic, and onion)
- 2 cups steamed: Broccoli , cauliflower, and carrots
- vegan Boca “chicken”

Calories: 1,670
Carbs: 298
Fat: 38
Protein: 79
Sugar: 92 

I have recived a lot of questions about why I dropped my calorie goal. I am adjusting as my body changes. I found that I was not needing 1800-2000 calories anymore, my body was not feeling good. I have dropped to 1,600 and my body feels more balanced and ready to burn through food, rather than feeling slow and full on a regular basis. I am always adjusting as I feel the need. Maybe my body will need more in a few weeks, but I have felt a lot better since making the cut.

Posting another transformation picture since it’s my weekly check in, but I don’t have any good pictures to compare so I’ll change it up this week :)

On the left, was my first ever progress picture I posted, I think that it was in July. I remember being so proud, and in the best shape I had ever been in.

On the right, is three weeks into my bikini comp prep. I am so much healthier now, than I ever was. I am no longer binging, restricting, or obsessing over food like I was on the left. And I eat 5-6 times a day and drink a gallon+ of water a day. I love myself more than over and for once in my life I am confident in my own skin. Being healthy means more than being physically healthy. Mental health, is much more important.

So to those who say I am “too skinny”, to “eat a cheeseburger” that I “need to gain a few pounds” - Go. Fuck. Yourself. I am happy, confident, and working my ass off to accomplish my dreams and that’s all one can wish for for their life. And it’s a hell of a lot more than what you can say about yours while you send someone else hate.